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June 3, 2022 by Akylina Printziou

 Paloma Grida

Summer is well upon us and as the temperature rises more and more each day, so does everyone’s desire to dive into cool waters and happily swim one’s days off away. Most people resort to the beach on such occasions, but if you feel like you need something different yet equally refreshing and water-filled for your vacation, we have just the right suggestion for you: how about a hotel with a water park?

First things first, it might sound a bit pedantic, but what exactly is a water park? Just because a hotel has pools and a water slide, that doesn’t make it a water park. We actually have a separate category for pools with a water slide, so in order to distinguish those hotels that have more water slides we created the Water Park category. Here on Travelmyth we consider a water park any indoor or outdoor area of a hotel with swimming pools and at least 3 water slides. For a hotel to be included in the category, it has to have its own water park on its premises or around it. Apartments or accommodations that are simply next to or near a water park don’t make the cut.

 Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park

Although our criteria are very specific, we have gathered about 1000 hotels and resorts with their own water parks all over the globe. Can you guess which country has the most hotels with a water park on Travelmyth? It’s none other than Turkey, with 203 hotels! Spain comes second with 170 and the US third with 89. Egypt is another popular destination for its large resorts with their own water parks and you can find 44 of those on our website. Of course, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece couldn’t be absent from our list, with 40, 36 and 29 water park hotels respectively.

If you’re still sceptical about hotels with water parks, then bear in mind that you don’t have to settle for a conventional hotel with a water park, either.  Aquaworld Resort Budapest in Hungary features both an outdoor and an indoor water park, while it also has a replica of an ancient Cambodian temple as part of its water park facilities.  Hotel Victory Therme Erding in Germany not only offers an outdoor water park fully equipped with water slides and various water games, but also an indoor oasis with a wave pool, palm trees and a restaurant with boat-shaped tables. On the other hand, at  Atlantis, The Palm in the United Arab Emirates, you can combine the most luxurious accommodation with the resort’s expansive water park facilities for a dreamy vacation with the entire family.

 Aquaworld Resort Budapest

Did we whet your appetite? You can view our full list of hotels and resorts with their own water park anywhere in the world below and start planning the most fun-filled and ‘cool’ holidays right away!

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