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La Chanduriere Gites
2 LA CHANDURIERE, Saint-Paul-en-Gâtine, France
   Your accommodation is currently featured as Dog Friendly. All questions below are optional, however providing as many details as possible ensures the best exposure of your hotel on Travelmyth.

Dog Friendly Category Questionnaire

Does your accommodation accept dogs?    
Do you accept dogs in all rooms or at selected rooms?    
Is there an extra charge?         
Should the dog owner notify you before check-in?    
What is the maximum number of dogs per room?    
Is there a maximum weight of dogs accepted?    
Do you provide any specials, treats and toys (check all that apply)?    
Are there any leash-free play areas?    
Should the dog be kenneled all the time in the room?    
Should the dog be kenneled all the time in the public areas?    
Should the dog remain on leashes all the time in the room?    
Should the dog remain on leashes all the time in the public areas?    
Are the dogs allowed on the furniture?    
Are the dogs allowed on beds?    
What are the basic requirements to accept a dog?
Is there a refundable deposit to guard against damages?    
Do you offer any dog related services?

Cost: (€)
Do you provide any of these?

Cost: (€)
Except for dogs, do you also accept other pets?
Do you have a written and comprehensive pet policy available on request?    
Is there anything that you would like to add or clarify?
Could you provide us photos with dogs at your accommodation that we can use on Travelmyth?
If yes, please send them to us by email at, mentioning the code "4nijNFbWsW" on the subject line or drag and drop the files in this area:
Please drag and drop photos in this area to upload them

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