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Summary of reviewsLandgoed Ehzerwold is a serene escape situated within a picturesque, rural wooded area perfect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility. The estate, surrounded by natural beauty and historical charm, is an ideal base for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Despite its secluded feel, it's conveniently close to local villages, making it easy for guests to explore the greater Gelderland area. The friendly, helpful staff, clean and spacious rooms and beautiful terraces with garden views significantly enhance the overall experience.

Breakfast offerings receive high praise for their extensive and delicious selection served in charming dining spaces. Guests enjoy a variety of options, including the possibility of cooking their own bacon and eggs, adding a unique touch to their morning routine. The breakfast is well-organized, although a few guests note that a broader selection could add more variety.

Dinner at Landgoed Ehzerwold is generally well-received with many appreciating the varied and high-quality buffet. The offerings cater to different dietary needs, including excellent vegetarian and gluten-free options. Despite some criticism regarding certain aspects such as taste and price, the dinner buffet remains a delightful experience for many.

Rooms at the hotel are spacious and clean, though they could benefit from modernization. Guests appreciate the large, comfortable beds and functional amenities. However, some note that the decor feels dated and the absence of conveniences like air conditioning or mini-fridges is noticeable. Noise issues are reported occasionally, but the overall comfort, cleanliness and room size are well-regarded.

Cleanliness across the hotel is generally positive with rooms and communal areas reflecting a tidy and well-maintained environment. Some guests mention minor issues like dusty floors or areas needing better maintenance, but the overall impression remains favorable.

The staff at Landgoed Ehzerwold is commended for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism, significantly enhancing the guest experience. While there are occasional instances of less-than-professional behavior, the majority of interactions are positive and welcoming.

The WiFi service receives mixed reviews with some guests finding it satisfactory and others experiencing poor coverage or weak connectivity, particularly in the rooms. Despite these issues, when functional, the WiFi service is appreciated for being free.

Landgoed Ehzerwold offers a welcoming environment for families, providing an enjoyable and peaceful setting for short stays. The hotel is particularly appealing for senior guests, offering a safe and calm atmosphere, although it's less geared toward children.
Comfortable beds, despite some guests preferring firmer mattresses, contribute to a good night's sleep. Guests note that the bedding quality generally supports a restful stay, although a few report discomfort due to the softness of the mattresses.

As a three-star hotel, Landgoed Ehzerwold provides amenities and services that generally align with its category, offering a balance of quality and affordability. Some areas show signs of aging and while certain aspects might feel basic, the hotel delivers a satisfactory experience for the price range.

For business travelers, the hotel provides a suitable environment for meetings and a convenient location. While ideal for small to mid-sized gatherings, it may not be perfect for large events.

Accessibility at Landgoed Ehzerwold is relatively good with amenities supporting guests with disabilities. While some areas, such as steep entrances, pose challenges, the hotel offers features like ground-floor accommodation and accessible bathrooms.

Finally, Landgoed Ehzerwold is highly dog-friendly, welcoming pets with open arms and ensuring they are comfortable during the stay. This, combined with its beautiful surroundings and pleasant atmosphere, makes it a standout choice for travelers seeking a restorative and picturesque retreat.
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Room Types
Twin Room This room comes with a bathroom including a shower, toilet, hairdryer and free toiletries.

Single Room Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. This wheelchair accessible single room has a private entrance, a seating area with a flat-screen TV and a roll-in shower. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Landgoed Ehzerwold is nestled in a stunning and tranquil location, perfect for nature enthusiasts and those looking to unwind. The hotel is surrounded by a picturesque, rural wooded area, offering numerous opportunities for hiking and cycling right from its doorstep. Guests frequently mention the serene and peaceful environment, highlighted by the sounds of birds and the rich natural beauty that envelops the estate.

The location is highly praised for its tranquility and idyllic setting, creating a relaxing atmosphere for visitors. The estate itself boasts historical charm and well-maintained gardens, adding to the overall allure. Its position in the middle of nature, adjacent to a nature reserve, provides an excellent base for outdoor activities, making it ideal for short getaways focused on walking, cycling and soaking in the serene environment.

Despite its seclusion, the hotel offers easy access to local villages, making it a convenient spot for exploring the greater Gelderland area. The overall ambiance is complemented by helpful and friendly staff, clean and spacious rooms and enjoyable amenities including terraces with lovely garden views.

Overall, Landgoed Ehzerwold is consistently lauded for its breathtaking surroundings, peaceful ambiance and excellent position as a base for outdoor enthusiasts. The estate's blend of natural beauty, historical charm and tranquil environment makes it a standout destination for those seeking a restorative and picturesque escape.

Breakfast at Landgoed Ehzerwold is highly praised by guests for its extensive and delicious offerings. Many enjoyed the varied selection, which included rolls, croissants, bacon and eggs—with the fun option of cooking your own. The breakfast buffet is noted for being well-organized with a wide array of options that cater to different tastes.

Despite some mentioning that the buffet lacked surprises or had a few basic items, the overall sentiment is that the breakfast is fulfilling and enjoyable. Guests appreciated the plentiful choices, including fresh ginger tea and fresh mandarins. The beautiful dining space, such as the former sanatorium kitchen and a conservatory, adds to the pleasurable dining experience.

While a few reviews suggested that the breakfast could benefit from more bread options or improved variety, the general consensus is positive, highlighting the excellent quality and extensive nature of the buffet. The breakfast service effectively adhered to COVID-19 measures, though a few guests were concerned about shared utensils.

In summary, the breakfast at Landgoed Ehzerwold is considered a standout feature, offering a delightful start to the day with its ample and diverse selections, all within a charming setting.

At Landgoed Ehzerwold, the dinner experience is generally well-received with many guests praising the delicious and varied buffet offerings. The evening buffet is consistently described as well-organized, plentiful and featuring excellent food quality. There are a few standout aspects, such as the wide selection of dishes and the high quality of the food, which leave many guests satisfied and impressed.

The vegetarian options and gluten-free meals also earn high marks, indicating a commitment to accommodating different dietary needs. Despite the buffet's simplicity, it manages to provide a delightful experience for many with mentions of fresh, well-prepared food and delicious pastries.

However, some reviews note that the buffet can be overpriced and lacking in taste with a few guests finding the food to be lukewarm and diner-style. Additionally, the restaurant's early closing hours and the inability to order à la carte are seen as drawbacks.

Overall, while there are areas for improvement, the dinner at Landgoed Ehzerwold is largely viewed as an enjoyable culinary experience, especially for those who appreciate a well-curated buffet with a variety of options.

At Landgoed Ehzerwold, the rooms offer a mixed experience, highlighted by their spaciousness and cleanliness, yet offset by their outdated décor. Many guests appreciate the large and comfortable beds, neat presentation and the functional amenities within the rooms. However, the furnishings are often described as dated with basic and sometimes bare interiors that could use some modern touches and maintenance.

The absence of conveniences such as air conditioning, mini-fridges and coffee/tea facilities often stands out. Rooms can be quite warm and some report noise issues, especially in rooms located near elevators or in outbuildings. Despite this, the spacious showers and the cleanliness of the rooms are generally well-received.

While the rooms might not be the most stylish or modern, they suffice for a comfortable stay. The large towels and good showers add to the convenience, though minor updates could significantly enhance the overall experience. Despite these drawbacks, many find the rooms satisfactory for the price, especially given their size and cleanliness. However, it's evident that some attention to modernization and basic maintenance would greatly improve guest satisfaction.

The reviews about the beds at Landgoed Ehzerwold present a mix of opinions with a predominant tendency toward comfort. Many guests found the beds to be comfortable and praised the bedding, mentioning that they had a good night's sleep. Descriptions such as "sleep wonderfully," "comfortable beds," and "great beds" underscore the positive feedback on the quality of rest.

However, some guests noted that the mattresses were on the softer side with terms like "too soft beds" and "beds were very soft" appearing frequently. This softness was not always appreciated, as it was sometimes associated with discomfort, including remarks about mattresses being "saggy" or "too old." A few guests even mentioned that soft beds led to issues such as back pain.

Despite some negative experiences, the overall impression of the beds at Landgoed Ehzerwold remains positive with excellent bedding and a good level of comfort being the dominant themes in the reviews.

Landgoed Ehzerwold receives mixed reviews regarding cleanliness, but generally trends toward a positive overall impression in this area. Guests frequently describe the rooms as "clean," "very clean," "tidy," and "spacious." The surroundings of the property also reflect a similar standard of cleanliness, contributing to a well-maintained environment.

However, some aspects of the accommodation show room for improvement. While many guests laud the rooms for their cleanliness, others note specific issues like dusty floors, dust particles and bathrooms needing better maintenance. Several guests point out that certain areas, especially under the beds and bathroom fixtures, could be better attended to. Additionally, the dining room's cleanliness received criticism, suggesting that it did not meet the same standard as the guest rooms.

There's a notable mention of rooms being dated and basic with calls for updates and improvements. Despite these points, when it comes to general tidiness, most guests reflect positively.

The hotel garners specific praise for providing a clean and reasonably well-maintained space but must address the inconsistency in cleaning practices, especially for shorter stays and the dated nature of some rooms and facilities.

Landgoed Ehzerwold has garnered a largely positive reputation for its staff, often winning accolades from guests for their friendliness and exceptional service. The majority of the reviews emphasize the staff’s friendliness, attentiveness and willingness to help, contributing significantly to a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. The reception, restaurant and service staff were frequently highlighted as being extremely polite, professional and accommodating. Despite a few mentions of inconsistency, such as instances of indifferent or unprofessional behavior, the general consensus depicts a picture of a staff that is proactive, efficient and personable. This positive interaction with guests is noted to enhance the overall experience at Landgoed Ehzerwold.

Visitors to Landgoed Ehzerwold have had mixed experiences with the hotel's WiFi service. Some guests found the WiFi to be good, noting that it worked quite well and was very good in certain areas. Others appreciated that the WiFi was free. Despite these positive comments, there were several complaints about poor WiFi coverage with some guests reporting that the connection was bad or even nonexistent in their rooms, making activities like streaming Netflix impossible. Additionally, issues such as no Wi-Fi access, TV channel disruptions and the absence of digital links for hiking routes were mentioned. While the WiFi quality varied, those who did experience satisfactory service found it to be neat and correct.

Landgoed Ehzerwold offers a tranquil and beautiful setting, creating a perfect haven for family vacations. The peaceful surroundings captivate guests, making it an ideal spot for a short stay. Families particularly appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, including thoughtful details like treats and blankets for dogs. The presence of a welcoming dachshund adds a charming touch to the stay.

While the decor may not be particularly special, the venue is well-maintained, featuring thick carpets in family areas that contribute to a cozy feel. One notable activity includes the fun of cooking your own bacon and eggs, a simple but enjoyable experience for all ages.

Despite the hotel's appeal to families, it primarily attracts senior guests, indicating that the environment may not be particularly geared towards children. However, the hotel's focus on safety and routine ensures a secure stay for families. Overall, Landgoed Ehzerwold is a lovely choice for family getaways with many visitors eager to return.

3 Star
Landgoed Ehzerwold presents a blend of mixed experiences as a three-star hotel. On a positive note, this hotel offers typical three-star amenities and dining options, reflecting a good quality-to-price ratio. Guests have mentioned that it provides sufficient quality for the fare, making it an affordable option for travelers seeking a budget-friendly stay. It is particularly appreciated for the balance between price and quality, ensuring a good stay without any unnecessary extras.

However, the hotel does show signs of aging with its decor and facilities appearing somewhat dated and in need of refurbishment. Some comparisons are made to a room in a monastery, highlighting a more spartan rather than luxurious experience. The hotel mainly draws a clientele of guests aged 60 and above and while some reviews confirm it meets three-star standards, others argue it falls short, equating it more to a two-star standard. Despite these critiques, it is generally seen as a decent option for its price range within the three-star hotel category.

Landgoed Ehzerwold is a hotel known for its suitability for business travelers. Its spacious environment makes it a well-suited venue for business meetings. The location is also deemed convenient for business travel, catering primarily to business clientele and fostering a professional atmosphere. The facilities are suitable for business stays and trips, though there are mixed reviews regarding large event arrangements. While the hotel is generally adequate for small to mid-sized business meetings, it may not be ideal for organizing large events. Overall, the hotel offers an affordable option for business travelers looking for a conducive setting for their professional needs.

Landgoed Ehzerwold, a charming country estate set in beautiful surroundings, offers a relatively accessible experience for guests with disabilities. The hotel provides a special disabled room, ground floor accommodation and features such as spacious and accessible bathrooms. The garden and terrace are accessible and the location is conveniently reachable from the rooms.

However, certain areas do pose challenges, particularly the steep entrance and slopes, which can make it difficult for wheelchair users to move alone. While the estate is lauded for its overall wheelchair-friendly environment and dog-friendly amenities, it could benefit from additional handrails for better support, particularly in the bathrooms and some areas like the terrace might not be accessible by wheelchair without assistance.

Parking availability varies in feedback with some reviews noting limited parking while others find it ample and easily accessible.

The estate also shines with its extensive and good breakfast options and nearby dining opportunities, making it a pleasant stay despite some accessibility limitations. Overall, Landgoed Ehzerwold is well-equipped for many travelers with disabilities but might require some extra assistance or planning for those with severe mobility issues.

Dog Friendly
Landgoed Ehzerwold is widely recognized as a dog-friendly hotel, welcoming four-legged companions with open arms. Dogs are allowed across the premises, including the terrace, restaurant and designated sections in the dining area. Thoughtful accommodations for dogs include blankets and treats upon arrival, demonstrating an attention to detail that dog owners appreciate. Special dog-friendly rooms and facilities are available, ensuring a comfortable stay for pet guests. Guests frequently note the ample attention given to dogs throughout their stay, making it a highly recommended destination for dog owners. However, some mention the noise from barking dogs and the high dog fees as minor drawbacks. Despite these issues, the hotel's dog-welcoming atmosphere and considerate amenities make it an overall favorable choice for travelers with dogs.

No, Landgoed Ehzerwold doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Landgoed Ehzerwold.

Yes, Landgoed Ehzerwold welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Landgoed Ehzerwold.

No, Landgoed Ehzerwold doesn't have a gym.

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