Vivere Suites & Rooms
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Vivere Suites & Rooms  
Hotel in Arco  
Very Good 8.5
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Hotel with Swimming Pool

Where is the pool located? Outdoors
Is it a pool of special type?
Heated pool
Infinity pool
Pool with panoramic view
In the pool there is also:
a pool area designated to toddlers
Pool surface size: 64 Sq m
Pool minimum depth: 1,50 m
Pool maximum depth: 1,50 m
Pool maximum length: 16 m
When is the pool open? From 1 April to 30 October, 24 hours
The pool also has:
Lifeguard supervision
Lifesaving equipment
Sundered sundeck sunset view
Pool activities available:
Around the pool, there are also available:
Spa facilities
Changing facilities
The water of the pool is sanitized using:
DAISY SYSTEM - Bio Free radicals
Are there written rules guests should follow before entering the pool?
Is the pool accessible to persons with disabilities?
Additional information about the pool:
Daisy System: It is a pool and whirlpool water treatment system developed from marine biology studies. The system aims to prevent biological growth instead of killing bacteria using huge amount of chemical treatment. We reach this result trough two instruments:

Using AFM which is a bio-resistant filter material. It prevents bacterial growth, then biofilm formation.

Optimal coagulation and flocculation with APF and ZPM which eliminates nutrition from the water and prevents bacterial growth.

As a result, the amount of chlorine required decreases until 80%. Lower chlorine consumption means less presence of secondary chlorine reaction products as thricloramine for example.
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Hotel with Infinity Pool

Hotel with Swimming Pool

  Pool Bar    Infinity Pool    Heated Pool    Outdoor Pool  

Luxury Hotel

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