El Hogar de Chocolate
El Hogar de Chocolate  
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Hotel with Dog Sitting Service

This charming hotel in Ecuador allows guests to stay and bring their canine companions along for an extra charge, providing them with blankets, towels, a place to sleep, a gift basket and special food. There are also some extra amenities for the guests and their four-legged friends, such as dog sitting and walking services for $10 each, grooming services for $20 and training for $200. Guests can also take their pup for long walks in the lush greenery that surrounds the hotel, enjoying the nature together.
Is there an extra charge?
Should the dog owner notify you before check-in?
Yes, By Email
What is the maximum number of dogs per room?
Up to 2 dogs are allowed in each room.
Do you provide any specials, treats and toys (check all that apply)?
A place to sleep
Special food
Gift basket
Are there any leash-free play areas? Yes
Should the dog be kenneled all the time in the room? No
Should the dog be kenneled all the time in the public areas? No
Should the dog remain on leashes all the time in the room? No
Are the dogs allowed on the furniture? Yes
Are the dogs allowed on beds? Yes on special sheets.
What are the basic requirements to accept a dog?
Must not be aggressive
Must be clean
Must not have fleas
Must not bathe in the bathtub
Must have proof of current vaccinations
Owners must clean pet waste immediately
Owners are responsible for any damage caused by the dog
Is there a refundable deposit to guard against damages? No
Are there any dog related services offered?
Grooming: $20
Walking: $10
Sitting: $10
Do you provide any of these?
Waste-disposal bags
Dog Leashes
Kennels: $5
Carriers: $5
Food and water bowls
BEDS: $200
Except for dogs, do you also accept other pets? No
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*Prices above are average nightly rates as provided by our partners for one room, double occupancy and might not include all taxes and fees. Please see our booking partners websites for full details.
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