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Summary of reviewsHotel Weisses Kreuz in Brienz receives overwhelmingly positive reviews across several categories, making it a favored choice for travelers seeking both convenience and comfort. Its outstanding location right across from the Brienz train station, near the harbor and bus stations, is frequently highlighted. Guests appreciate the easy access to public transportation and local attractions, as well as the breathtaking views of Lake Brienz. The hotel's central placement in the village, along with nearby amenities like free parking and a supermarket, further enhances its appeal.

The breakfast offerings are another highlight, often described as good, varied and rich. Guests enjoy the fresh products, including cheese, croissants and bread, citing great value for money. The breakfast experience is generally described as plentiful and extensive, earning high praise despite occasional calls for a broader selection and earlier start times.

Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant is also well-received with guests commending the excellent quality and flavors of the food. The dining ambiance, enhanced by a beautifully adorned hall, adds to the overall positive dining experience. While portion sizes and prices were noted by some as areas for improvement, the cuisine is largely appreciated.

The rooms at Hotel Weisses Kreuz are frequently described as very clean and spacious with a cozy, traditional Swiss-style aesthetic. Many rooms offer fantastic views of the lake, complementing their comfort and functionality. Although some guests mention that the rooms could benefit from modernization and better storage, the overall experience remains positive due to impeccable cleanliness and daily maintenance.

Cleanliness is a standout feature throughout the hotel, praised for its spotless rooms, bathrooms and shared facilities. Visitors consistently note the absence of foreign smells and fresh scents in their accommodations, contributing to a super clean and comfortable stay.

The staff at Hotel Weisses Kreuz are often described as friendly, helpful and attentive. Positive interactions at check-in and throughout the stay leave a favorable impression, although some variability in staff behavior was noted, particularly during breakfast service and in the restaurant.

Finally, the beds at Hotel Weisses Kreuz receive commendations for their comfort and support. Guests find the bedding clean and cozy with many noting a restful night's sleep. Occasional issues with creaking and sound intrusion are mentioned but do not significantly detract from the overall positive feedback.

In summary, Hotel Weisses Kreuz in Brienz delights guests with its prime location, excellent dining, clean and comfortable rooms and friendly staff, making it a preferred destination for travelers.
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Room Types
Twin Room with Lake View Please note that the price is based on 2 guests, maximum occupancy is 3 (see Hotel Policies).

Quadruple Room Please note that extra beds are not possible for this category.

Twin Room with Shared Shower and Toilet Please note that the price is based on 2 guests, maximum occupancy is 3 guests (see Hotel Policies). Please note that this room cannot be reached by lift. It is situated in the annexe building.

Single Room with Shared Toilet Please note that extra beds are not possible for this category. Please note that this room cannot be reached by lift. It is situated in the annexe building.

Twin Room Please note that the price is based on 2 guests, maximum occupancy is 3 (see Hotel Policies).

Guest Reviews
Hotel Weisses Kreuz boasts an outstanding location that caters perfectly to travelers seeking convenience and picturesque surroundings. Situated right across from Brienz train station, the hotel also shares its vicinity with the harbor and bus stations, making it an optimal hub for transport. Guests consistently highlight that the hotel's position is ideal for accessing public transportation, whether it be trains, buses or boats. The close proximity to the Brienz Rothornbahn adds additional allure for those interested in a scenic cogwheel train journey.

The hotel's central placement in the village affords visitors easy access to local tourist attractions, hiking destinations and the charming lakeside promenade. Many reviews emphasize the beautiful views of Lake Brienz, which can be enjoyed directly from the hotel, enhancing the tranquil ambiance of their stay. Additionally, the convenience of nearby amenities like free parking and a supermarket further enriches the guest experience.

This superbly located accommodation proves ideal for various types of travel, whether for exploring the Axalp air show or enjoying boat cruises on the lake. The location, coupled with good service, friendly staff and an uncomplicated check-in and out process, makes Hotel Weisses Kreuz a preferred choice for visitors to Brienz.

Hotel Weisses Kreuz offers a breakfast experience that tends to leave most guests quite satisfied. The breakfast buffet is described as good, varied and rich with several guests highlighting it as very good or even excellent. Many appreciated the complimentary breakfast, noting that it was a great value for money.

Guests mentioned specific delights such as fresh products, cheese, fresh croissants, bread and rolls, which contributed to the appeal of the breakfast. Words like "perfect," "super," and "great" were often used to describe the overall experience. Moreover, the breakfast is seen as plentiful and extensive with special remarks on its quality and the fresh fruits, tea and coffee available.

While the majority of guests had positive feedback, some noted that the breakfast could be improved in terms of offering a broader selection including more fruits and vegetables. A few reviews pointed out that the breakfast buffet was somewhat limited and lacked variety with specific dissatisfaction over the absence of certain items and the freshness of the bread and rolls.

Furthermore, some logistical issues were raised, such as breakfast only beginning at 8:00, which was inconvenient for guests with early schedules. Despite these minor drawbacks, the friendly service and the effort to provide packed breakfasts for early departures were well-received.

Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Weisses Kreuz is well-regarded for its quality, variety and value, contributing positively to the hotel's appeal.

The hotel restaurant at 'Hotel Weisses Kreuz' consistently receives high marks for its culinary offerings. Guests have highlighted the excellent quality and delicious flavors of the food, often describing dinners and lunches as very good, great or even excellent. Both the in-house and hotel's wider restaurant options seem to provide a satisfying dining experience and the beautiful dining hall, adorned with carved wood, enhances the mealtime ambiance.

However, some diners noted certain points for improvement, such as the portion sizes being on the smaller side and relatively high prices. Additionally, there were mentions of inflexible menu options and occasionally unwelcoming staff. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall impression of the cuisine remains highly favorable, making the restaurant a worthy dining choice for visitors.

At Hotel Weisses Kreuz, the guest reviews largely reflect positive experiences regarding the cleanliness and spaciousness of many rooms. Numerous guests appreciated the spotless conditions, describing the rooms as very clean and the shared bathrooms as also well-maintained. Larger rooms, particularly those suitable for families, were often highlighted as spacious and comfortable.

Some rooms, described as ideal for families, were likened to small apartments due to their generous size. Many guests noted fantastic views from the rooms, especially those facing the lake or the parking lot. Traditional Swiss-style wooden rooms added a cozy and authentic touch, which was well-received.

However, several guests mentioned that the rooms could benefit from modern updates and renovation, particularly noting that certain furniture and fixtures felt outdated. The rooms in the annex building were reported to be small and compact, sometimes too tight for groups of four. Limited storage space and somewhat dated designs were also noted, though these factors didn’t significantly detract from the overall functionality and coziness of the rooms.

The shared toilet and shower facilities, though clean, were sometimes less appealing and the furnishings occasionally did not meet expectations. The comfort of the beds and pillows was mixed with some guests finding them a bit too soft or thick.

In summary, Hotel Weisses Kreuz offers clean, comfortable and functional rooms with beautiful views, but could improve the overall modernity and spaciousness of certain accommodations.

Hotel Weisses Kreuz receives praise for its beds with numerous guests finding them comfortable and cozy. The mattresses are not only soft but also back-friendly, contributing to a restful night's sleep. The bedding and overall cleanliness of the beds are often highlighted, adding to the positive experience. However, some reviews mention issues such as loud creaking and occasional sound intrusion. Overall, the majority of guests enjoy a pleasant and comfortable sleeping arrangement at the hotel.

Hotel Weisses Kreuz has earned widespread praise for its exceptional cleanliness. Guests consistently comment on the spotlessly clean accommodations with particular highlights being the immaculate rooms, bathrooms and shared facilities. Visitors emphasize the absence of any foreign smells in the freshly scented rooms. The daily cleaning efforts are evident, contributing to a super clean and comfortable experience. The hotel's central location complements its clean and practical facilities, making it a well-reviewed option for those prioritizing cleanliness during their stay.

Visitors to Hotel Weisses Kreuz consistently appreciate the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. Many reviews highlight the staff's exceptional friendliness, describing them as super nice, cordial and welcoming. Guests also noted the helpful and knowledgeable nature of the team, finding them courteous and available to address any questions.

Check-in experiences are generally positive with specific praise for the friendly reception. However, the breakfast staff received mixed reviews. While some guests found the breakfast staff courteous and attentive, a few others noted that the personnel seemed to rush and display carelessness under pressure. It's worth mentioning that there may be some variability in staff behavior, as some instances of rudeness and unfriendliness were reported, particularly in the restaurant.

Overall, despite occasional challenges, the staff at Hotel Weisses Kreuz generally leave a positive impression, particularly for their cordial interactions and welcoming demeanor. There is a recognition among reviewers that further training could enhance consistency in guest service.

No, Hotel Weisses Kreuz doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Weisses Kreuz.

Yes, Hotel Weisses Kreuz welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Weisses Kreuz.

No, Hotel Weisses Kreuz doesn't have a gym.

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