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Summary of reviewsHotel Rebschule is highly praised for its picturesque and tranquil location amidst scenic vineyards, offering breathtaking views over the Saale and Unstrut valleys. This serene, Tuscany-like setting, combined with its proximity to Neuenburg Castle and Freyburg, makes it an excellent base for hiking and cycling adventures. Although access can be steep and challenging without a car or bicycle, the stunning landscape and peaceful environment provide a perfect retreat for relaxation.

Guests consistently rate the breakfast experience at Hotel Rebschule as rich, varied and plentiful, featuring a diverse buffet with both sweet and savory options. The high quality and fresh ingredients receive special commendation and the option to dine on a lovely terrace enhances the experience. Despite some suggestions for more vegetable offerings, the breakfast setting is widely appreciated for its value and delightful ambiance.

The hotel's dinner service garners positive reviews for its delicious, seasonal and regional cuisine with many guests enjoying meals paired with excellent local wines. The elegant dishes and charming terrace dining experience are well-received, though some diners feel the menu could offer more variety and find the pricing slightly high. Specific dishes, such as "Ox cheeks," are frequently highlighted for their exceptional taste.

Opinions on the rooms at Hotel Rebschule are mixed with guests praising the cleanliness and practical amenities. Rooms are described as cozy and well-equipped with beautiful valley views from those with balconies. However, the rooms are noted to be small and somewhat outdated, although newly updated bathrooms and some larger rooms contribute to comfort. Despite minor drawbacks, such as small TVs and the lack of air conditioning, the rooms provide a clean and pleasant stay.

The hotel's commitment to cleanliness is evident with guests frequently highlighting the spotless and well-maintained environment. Minor issues, such as stains in certain areas, are occasionally mentioned, but overall, the clean atmosphere significantly enhances the overall experience.

The staff at Hotel Rebschule receive consistent praise for their friendliness, attentiveness and helpfulness. From the warm welcome at reception to the courteous restaurant service, the hotel team goes above and beyond to accommodate guests' needs, contributing to a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Parking is another strong point with ample free spaces available for cars and bicycles, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. The parking facilities are convenient and well-received by visitors.

Feedback on the bed comfort varies with many guests finding the beds exceptionally comfortable and conducive to a restful sleep. However, occasional concerns about worn-out mattresses and thin pillows are noted.

For guests traveling with pets, the dog-friendly policy at Hotel Rebschule is appreciated. The hotel provides suitable accommodations for dogs, although they are no longer allowed in the restaurant and a designated dog table is available on the terrace. The presence of fairy lights adds a charming touch to the hotel's ambiance.

In summary, Hotel Rebschule offers a memorable and relaxing stay with its stunning location, excellent breakfast and welcoming staff. While there are minor areas for improvement, the overall experience is positive, making it a recommended choice for travelers seeking leisure and adventure amidst beautiful vineyard surroundings.
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Room Types
Double Room without Balcony Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The double room features a seating area, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, as well as an inner courtyard view. The unit has 1 bed.

Single Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk, a balcony and a private bathroom are offered in this single room. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with Balcony This double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with garden views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Rebschule receives high praise for its exceptional location, often described as picturesque and peaceful, situated amidst scenic vineyards. Guests appreciate the fantastic views over the Saale and Unstrut valleys with references to the serene, Tuscany-esque setting. The proximity to Neuenburg Castle and Freyburg is frequently noted, making the hotel a convenient starting point for hikes and bike tours. The quiet, tranquil atmosphere, away from traffic, enhances the overall experience, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Access can be challenging, especially for those without a car or bicycle, due to the steep approach. However, the stunning panoramic vistas and beautiful surroundings more than compensate for the effort. Many reviews highlight the excellent location for exploring the region and enjoying local wines. Overall, the location of Hotel Rebschule in the midst of vineyards offers a unique and memorable stay for guests seeking both leisure and adventure.

At Hotel Rebschule, guests consistently speak highly of the breakfast experience. The offerings are described as rich, varied and plentiful with a good spread of choices catering to a wide range of tastes. Many reviews highlight the excellent value for money and the high quality of the food, often mentioning the fresh and delicious options available.

The breakfast buffet is frequently praised for its diversity and the inclusion of sweet and savory items, such as multiple types of scrambled eggs, fried sausages, bacon and the ability to customize muesli. The generous selection ensures that there is something for everyone and the abundant servings leave guests satisfied.

Several reviews also note the pleasant setting of the breakfast with the option to dine on a lovely terrace, enhancing the overall experience. The breakfast room itself is described as spacious and comfortable. Whether enjoying a meal with a splendid view or simply appreciating the friendly service, guests find the breakfast setting delightful.

However, a few guests felt that the breakfast was basic and could benefit from more variety, particularly in terms of vegetable offerings. Despite this, the majority of reviews were positive, highlighting that Hotel Rebschule delivers a fulfilling and satisfying morning meal to start the day.

Hotel Rebschule's dining experience leaves a generally positive impression on guests with many praising the delicious, seasonal and regional cuisine. Diners appreciate the well-balanced range of fresh food and the option to enjoy their meals paired with excellent wines from a diverse local selection. The restaurant's sophisticated dishes with a local touch and the pleasure of dining on a lovely terrace with views of the vineyards contribute to the setting's charm.

Guests frequently compliment the food as tasty, very good and even exceeding expectations. The dinner options, though sometimes described as limited, are consistently reported as delicious with particular highlights being the "Ox cheeks" and the overall high-quality preparation of meals.

However, there are occasional criticisms regarding the menu's limited selection and the cost of dining with some guests finding the high price level not entirely justified by the quality. There are also sporadic requests for a broader range of local dishes and simpler cold options. Additionally, certain dishes, like the Würzfleisch, have been noted as unacceptable.

Overall, despite a few areas for improvement and some mixed feedback on specific dishes and pricing, the hotel restaurant's food quality, ambiance and service generally lead to favorable dining experiences for guests.

Hotel Rebschule offers a mixed experience when it comes to its rooms, garnering positive remarks for cleanliness and practical amenities, yet drawing attention to their small size and somewhat outdated furnishings. The rooms are widely praised for being well-equipped, cozy and very clean, making them suitable for longer stays or a long weekend. Many rooms feature balconies with beautiful views, particularly those facing the valley, although rooms facing the courtyard lack scenic views.

Guests seeking modern comfort will appreciate the newly updated bathrooms, despite some rooms still retaining an 80s charm. Large rooms and spacious bathrooms are also available, offering more comfort and space. Practical furnishings and comfortable beds contribute to a restful stay, although the small televisions, absence of air conditioning and occasional defective appliance such as hairdryers are noted drawbacks. For travelers who prioritize cleanliness and practicality over modern aesthetics, Hotel Rebschule provides a reliable and pleasant accommodation experience.

Hotel Rebschule receives varied feedback regarding the comfort of its beds. Many guests have praised the beds for being very comfortable with several noting that they slept very well during their stay. The majority of reviewers mention that the beds were exceptionally comfortable, highlighting a generally positive experience. However, some guests have pointed out issues, such as worn-out mattresses, saggy sections, hard beds and thin pillows. Despite these occasional concerns, the overall impression leans towards a relaxing and restful sleep experience for most visitors.

Hotel Rebschule receives high marks for cleanliness from its guests with many highlighting the hotel's commitment to maintaining a tidy and well-kept environment. The rooms consistently come across as very clean and well-equipped, reflecting daily cleaning efforts. While the facility itself may be somewhat outdated, it is still well-maintained and everything works efficiently. Guests frequently note the overall cleanliness of the entire hotel, describing it as spotlessly clean and nicely taken care of. However, a few reviews suggest there could be improvements in specific areas, such as stains on the heater and carpet or the need for more detailed cleaning in some corners. Overall, the clean and inviting atmosphere contributes significantly to a pleasant stay at Hotel Rebschule.

Guests of Hotel Rebschule consistently praise the hotel's staff for their friendliness, attentiveness and helpfulness. Reviews frequently highlight the warm welcome received upon arrival and the friendly demeanor of staff members across all areas of the hotel, including the reception and restaurant. Many guests noted that the staff not only accommodated their needs but did so with genuine eagerness and politeness. The hotel staff's commitment to providing excellent service seems to be a cornerstone of the guest experience, as they are described as competent, professional and always willing to find ways to add a personal touch to the stay. Whether it's a quick response to requests, service-minded attitudes or a few kind words exchanged regularly, the staff’s efforts create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Overall, the dedicated and consistently friendly staff significantly enhance the appeal of Hotel Rebschule, making it a recommended choice for travelers seeking attentive and accommodating service.

Hotel Rebschule offers excellent parking facilities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. It features ample free parking right in front of the hotel as well as around the premises. Guests appreciate the generous availability of parking spaces, both for cars and bicycles with specific mention of safe storage and a garage for bikes. The hotel ensures that parking is convenient and stress-free with sufficient spaces available at all times.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Rebschule offers a welcoming environment for dog owners with dogs allowed on the property and a designated dog table on the terrace. However, dogs are no longer permitted in the restaurant. There is a cost of 12€ per night for pets. Some guests have noted that allowing dogs in the dining area during breakfast can be disruptive, especially if the dogs are loud or untrained. Despite this, the hotel is generally considered great for dog stays, providing suitable accommodations for guests traveling with pets. Additionally, the presence of fairy lights on the house adds to the ambiance of the hotel.

No, Hotel Rebschule doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Rebschule.

Yes, Hotel Rebschule welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Rebschule.

No, Hotel Rebschule doesn't have a gym.

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