GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus

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Summary of reviewsGDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus enjoys a remarkable reputation for its prime location in the heart of Goslar's picturesque old town. Guests appreciate its strategic proximity to the market square, railway station and pedestrian zone, facilitating easy exploration of the historic town and its attractions. Despite its central location, the setting remains quiet and peaceful, making it an ideal base for both sightseeing and shopping. On-site parking further enhances its convenience, making it a top choice for travelers.

The hotel's breakfast has received widespread acclaim for its quality, freshness and variety. Though some guests preferred a traditional buffet setup, the individually portioned meals served at the table were praised for their presentation and richness. The breakfast ambiance is described as cozy and friendly, bolstered by attentive service, creating a pleasant start to the day.

Rooms at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus are lauded for their spaciousness, cleanliness and modern decor. Guests find the accommodations comfortable, well-furnished and thoughtfully designed with practical amenities like well-equipped kitchens and large bathrooms. The hotel manages to blend historical charm with modern comforts, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Cleanliness is a standout feature across the hotel with guests consistently noting the impeccable maintenance and hygiene of the rooms and common areas. This dedication to cleanliness contributes significantly to an extraordinary guest experience.

The hotel staff receives high praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests feel welcome and well-cared-for with staff going above and beyond to accommodate individual needs, particularly noted during breakfast service.

Complimentary WiFi is available and generally appreciated for its speed and reliability, though some guests have experienced connectivity issues and found the setup problematic. Despite these occasional difficulties, the provision of free WiFi is a valued amenity.

Parking options are versatile with reserved, secure spots available for a fee and free options within walking distance. While some guests found parking challenging, the availability of different choices and the helpfulness of the staff in managing parking needs is positively noted.

Beds at the hotel are generally praised for their comfort with many guests enjoying adjustable, motorized features. There are mixed opinions about pillow comfort and mattress firmness, but overall, the bedding contributes to a restful stay.

The hotel's amenities and service often exceed expectations for a three-star rating with some guests even comparing their experience to a five-star level. Studio apartments with mini kitchens add to the convenience, though there is no spa or gym on-site.

Accessibility at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus is well-rated, particularly for wheelchair users. The hotel offers spacious rooms with accessible amenities, emergency buttons and an elevator to all floors. Guests with disabilities find the accommodation clean, comfortable and suitably equipped.

The hotel is also dog-friendly, welcoming pets for a small fee and accommodating them even during breakfast, making it a great choice for travelers with pets.

Overall, GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus stands out for its excellent location, superb breakfast, clean and comfortable rooms, friendly staff and thoughtful amenities, making it a highly recommended accommodation choice in Goslar.
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Room Types
Apartment Modern apartment with a flat-screen TV and a kitchen.

Suite The room features flat-screen satellite TV, a seating area, and has an en suite bathroom with a hairdryer and complimentary toiletries.

Single Room Offering free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This single room has a dining area, a wardrobe, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as fruit for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. This double room has a tea and coffee maker, a dining area, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as fruit for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Located right in the heart of Goslar's picturesque old town, GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus boasts a prime, central location that offers visitors a quiet yet accessible stay. Just steps away from the market square, guests can easily explore the historic town and its main attractions all within walking distance. The proximity to both the railway station and the city's charming pedestrian zone adds to its appeal, making it an ideal base for sightseeing or shopping. Traveler reviews consistently highlight the hotel’s fantastic, exceptional and unbeatable location with many noting its peaceful setting despite being so close to the bustling city center. The convenience of on-site parking further cements this hotel as a top choice for those looking to fully immerse themselves in all that Goslar has to offer.

GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its breakfast offerings with guests frequently highlighting the high quality, freshness and variety of the meals. Descriptions such as delicious, excellent and beautifully arranged are common, reflecting the well-prepared and extensive nature of the breakfast. Many guests appreciated the breakfast's sufficiency, richness and balance, citing specific options like scrambled eggs with ham, salmon and freshly prepared items.

While there is a predominant praise for the buffet-style richness and the individually portioned meals served directly at the table, some reviews did note that the breakfast, though plentiful and satisfying, could feel limited without a buffet setup. Nevertheless, the tiered stands and trays filled with high-quality food added a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall experience.

The ambiance of the breakfast room, often described as cozy, clean and friendly, further contributes to a pleasant dining experience. The attentive and friendly service frequently mentioned adds to the positive morning start for many guests. During the pandemic, the hotel adapted by delivering breakfast to rooms, which was well-organized and appreciated despite a few remarks about preferring more variety.

Overall, most guests left with a very favorable impression, describing their breakfast as a great, fantastic or even super start to their day, promising a meal that not only nourishes but also delights.

The rooms at the GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus have received high praise for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Guests appreciate the tasteful and modern decor, often highlighting the well-furnished and cozy ambiance. The rooms are described as comfortable with thoughtful amenities including well-equipped kitchens and large bathrooms, some of which are wheelchair accessible. The layouts are functional, ensuring a pleasant stay for those looking for practicality along with aesthetics.

The variety in room types, from small apartments to suites, caters to different needs and preferences. Many reviewers note the beautiful historic building and its integration with modern comforts. Accessibility is well thought out with features like elevators and barrier-free apartments.

In summary, guests find the accommodations spacious, comfortable and thoughtfully designed. The attention to cleanliness and modern furnishings enhances the overall experience, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking a pleasant stay with comprehensive amenities.

Guest reviews of the beds at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus largely highlight their comfort with many visitors praising them as very good and super comfy. A distinctive feature is the adjustable and motorized beds, which several guests found amazing and useful. Although some guests appreciated the thick pillows, others found them uncomfortable. There were mixed feelings about the firmness of the mattresses with comments ranging from too soft to too hard and a few mentioning that a mattress was very worn out.

The beds are generally wide, cozy and well-made, contributing to the overall charm of the beautifully decorated rooms. However, some issues were noted, such as the height of the bed being short for taller individuals and a sofa bed that offered limited comfort. Despite these minor grievances, the majority of reviews suggest that the beds at this hotel significantly contribute to a pleasant and restful stay.

The GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus has garnered high praise for its impeccable cleanliness from numerous guests. Reviews consistently mention that the hotel is very clean, extremely well-maintained and offers comfortable and inviting accommodation. Rooms are frequently described as spotless, modern and spacious with a high level of hygiene observed throughout the premises. Guests appreciated the fresh bakery rolls and thoroughly cleaned facilities, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay. Impeccable cleanliness and the hotel's modern amenities contribute to an exceptional guest experience, making it a standout choice for travelers seeking pristine accommodations.

Visitors to GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus consistently praise the hotel staff for their super friendliness and exceptional helpfulness. Guests highlight a warm reception and a welcoming environment with staff who are always eager to accommodate individual wishes and show great satisfaction in having guests. The hotel staff are described as competent, attentive and service-minded, often going above and beyond to make guests feel comfortable and cared for. This includes being particularly kind and polite with commendable friendliness that extends to guests of all ages. The attentive service, especially notable in the breakfast room, ensures a pleasant stay. Overall, the dedicated and professional yet personal approach of the staff at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus stands out as a core element of the positive guest experience.

When staying at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus, guests can enjoy complimentary WiFi, which many have found to be well-functioning and even fast enough for streaming. Some guests have described the WiFi as very fast and a great option to stay connected during their stay. However, there have been mentions of internet connectivity issues and complicated access with some finding the setup challenging or problematic. While the hotel provides free WiFi, coverage can occasionally be weak or difficult to access and in some instances, the connection may not be secure in all rooms. Despite these occasional hiccups, many guests have appreciated the provision of good, fast and free WiFi.

GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus offers a range of parking options that cater to various needs and preferences. Many guests appreciate the availability of both private and public parking spaces with the convenience of parking directly at the property being a notable highlight. For those willing to pay a fee of €10 per day, reserved parking spots, including secure parking in the courtyard, are available and highly recommended to avoid any complications. Additionally, the hotel's own parking lot, situated right next to the building, provides easy access.

For budget-conscious travelers, there are also free parking options available less than a ten-minute walk away or for specific hours in nearby public lots. Despite some guests finding the parking situation a bit challenging or tight, most agree that reserving a parking space in advance is worthwhile. The staff is accommodating, enhancing the overall positive experience regarding parking at the hotel. While paid options ensure convenience and security, those preferring free options can find them nearby, especially during night hours.

3 Star
GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus enjoys a prime central location and offers facilities that exceed typical three-star standards. Some guests even compared their stay to a five-star experience, citing the hotel's remarkable nature. The hotel features studio apartments with mini kitchens, providing a suitable option for those who appreciate vacation rental amenities. While the rooms are quite small and the breakfast is described as nothing special, the overall atmosphere of the hotel remains highly commendable. Despite the lack of a spa or complex gym, the hotel is often described as superb and unbeatable for its category.

The GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus receives positive feedback regarding its accessibility for guests with disabilities. Several reviews highlight that the rooms are spacious and well-suited for wheelchair users, featuring large, wheelchair-friendly bathrooms and accessible amenities. Emergency buttons are thoughtfully placed near the bed and in the bathroom for added safety.

Guests appreciate the quiet, barrier-free rooms that are available and many find the accommodations to be very clean and comfortable. The hotel’s completely handicap accessible rooms are well-furnished, providing a cozy and modern environment. The presence of an elevator to all floors makes it a suitable choice for those with walking difficulties.

The hotel also boasts easy access to various local sights and amenities, which are within short distances. Notably, some rooms are described as having a ground-level shower, enhancing convenience for guests with special needs.

Despite a few challenges mentioned, the overall sentiment is that the hotel is very accessible and particularly recommendable for older visitors. The staff’s diligent management even under Corona conditions, including offering a test service, is also appreciated.

Dog Friendly
GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus stands out as a dog-friendly hotel, accommodating guests who travel with their pets. Dogs are warmly welcomed, even during breakfast, making it convenient for pet owners. A fee of €10 is charged for the stay of each dog, which some guests might find reasonable for the added convenience. The hotel provides a pet-friendly environment, ensuring an enjoyable stay for both pets and their owners. It proves to be a great accommodation choice for families traveling with small dogs, reflecting its commitment to being a comfortable and inclusive option for pet lovers.

No, GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus.

Yes, GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus.

Yes, GDA Hotel Schwiecheldthaus has a gym.

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