Les bungalows d'Ambonara

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Summary of reviewsLes bungalows d'Ambonara provide an exceptional guest experience highlighted by their prime location in Hell-Ville, which balances accessibility to main attractions and a serene environment. Guests appreciate being close to the city center, airline offices and public transport options while enjoying a peaceful setting surrounded by lush gardens. The bungalows themselves offer spacious, well-maintained and uniquely decorated wooden accommodations that blend comfort with rustic charm. Cleanliness is consistently commended throughout the site, from the rooms to the well-kept pool and gardens, contributing to an overall fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

The dining experiences at Les bungalows d'Ambonara are particularly noteworthy. Breakfast is generally viewed positively, characterized as hearty and varied, albeit with minor critiques about the quality of bread and seasonal fruit. Dinner receives high praise for its delicious, refined dishes with special mentions of the skilled chef and friendly, attentive service. The restaurant is frequently acclaimed as one of the best in the region, offering a delectable menu at reasonable prices.

Staff professionalism and hospitality stand out as a defining feature of the bungalows. Reviewers consistently highlight the attentive, friendly and helpful nature of the staff, who provide personalized and discreet service, ensuring a warm and pleasant stay.

The outdoor pool garners favorable feedback for its cleanliness and pleasant environment, though occasional comments suggest room for improvement in maintenance. Lastly, the bedding in the bungalows is comfortable with mosquito nets provided, despite some guests finding the mattresses a bit hard.

Overall, Les bungalows d'Ambonara excel in offering a peaceful retreat with exceptional service, dining and accommodations, making it an ideal choice for exploring Hell-Ville and its surroundings.
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Room Types
Bungalow with Garden View These bungalows were built with local materials. Each comes with a seating area with sofabed, a fan and a bathroom with shower. The beds are draped with mosquito net.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
"The bungalows of Ambonara are highly praised for their location, particularly within Hell-Ville. Many guests find it conveniently situated with the airline office next door and the city center just a short walk away. The central location allows for easy access to the main attractions, including the beaches of Ambatoloaka. The site manages to offer a sense of seclusion, giving the impression of being in a little corner of paradise despite being close to the bustling city. Guests are appreciative of the peaceful, quiet setting, surrounded by lush gardens, making it a haven of peace amidst the urban environment. Accessibility is another strong point; tuk-tuks and taxis are easily available and the location is ideal for those planning to explore the islands or needing quick access to the airport. Overall, the location of the hotel is seen as perfect for discovering Hell-Ville and its surroundings."

At Les Bungalows d'Ambonara, the breakfast experience is generally viewed in a positive light. Guests frequently describe the morning meal as good with several noting it was excellent, very good and even amazing. The breakfast is also praised for being hearty and varied, proving to be a substantial start to the day. The service accompanying breakfast is highlighted as friendly and helpful. However, some guests have pointed out areas for improvement, specifically mentioning the need for better quality bread and noting that out-of-season fruit impacted the fruit plate's quality. Despite generally favorable reviews, the behavior of the breakfast staff received some criticism with remarks about insolence and arrogance.

Dining at Les bungalows d'Ambonara is a delightful experience, marked by a range of positive reviews focusing on the restaurant's quality and the delectable dishes served. Guests frequently praise the food for being delicious, refined and particularly delicate with references to excellent and very good meals being a common refrain. The chef receives accolades for their skill, delivering cuisine that is considered top-notch, not just locally but across Madagascar. The attentive and responsive staff further elevate the dining experience, ensuring each meal feels special.

The menu is often highlighted as the best some visitors have encountered in the region, offering tasty dishes at very reasonable prices, though there are mentions of some items being on the expensive side. Despite this, the overall sentiment points to the restaurant providing superb and impeccable dining. The on-site convenience of the restaurant adds to its appeal, making it a favorite among guests for dinner with many singling out specific meals, like the praised lobster dinner, for special mention. Overall, Les bungalows d'Ambonara's restaurant stands out as a high-quality establishment with food and service that left guests highly satisfied.

Les bungalows d'Ambonara offer a delightful and comfortable stay in uniquely characteristic accommodations. Guests have found the bungalows to be exceptionally clean, charming and well-maintained. The rooms are noted for their spaciousness and comfort, often featuring extra beds on mezzanines and original decor that makes each space feel more like a work of art than just a room. Constructed entirely of wood, the bungalows exude a cozy and rustic charm.

Despite some guests mentioning the rooms can be a bit dark, they appreciate the ambiance it provides for a restful night’s sleep. The accommodations are well-equipped, offering all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The bungalows are also appreciated for their coziness and characteristic appeal, making them a charming retreat.

Overall, the rooms at Les bungalows d'Ambonara provide a spacious and comfortable accommodation option, perfectly blending style with functionality, set in a charming, well-maintained environment.

Les bungalows d'Ambonara offer a range of sleeping arrangements with extra beds available on the mezzanine. Guests have praised the rooms for being very spacious and immaculately clean. The beds are often equipped with mosquito nets, ensuring a good night's sleep, although there were occasional issues with holes in the nets. Overall, the bedding quality is good with comfortable options available. However, some guests found the mattresses to be very hard, which could be a point to consider for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. New towels are provided daily, adding to the overall comfort of the stay.

Les bungalows d'Ambonara consistently receive high praise for their cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the impeccable and spotless cleanliness of the bungalows and rooms, emphasizing that they are very clean and spacious. The hotel's clean pool and well-maintained garden add to the overall pleasant experience, making the entire place feel fresh and welcoming. Visitors also appreciate that the rooms are cleaned daily, ensuring a consistently high standard of hygiene throughout their stay. Overall, the hotel's commitment to cleanliness stands out as a key positive aspect for guests.

The reviews for 'Les bungalows d'Ambonara' paint a picture of an exceptionally hospitable environment, thanks to its outstanding staff. Guests consistently rave about the attentive and friendly nature of the team, noting that the staff members are not only professional and helpful but also polite and always smiling. The sense of warmth is further amplified by their responsiveness and dedication to making sure that guests' needs are met. Many reviews highlight the exceptional level of service with staff that are always at your service and who get to know you on a personal level, ensuring a warm welcome and a pleasant stay. The team is described as being discreet yet incredibly helpful, always paying close attention to the needs of the customers. Overall, the combination of top-notch professionalism and approachable, friendly demeanor makes the staff at Les bungalows d'Ambonara a standout feature, contributing significantly to the positive guest experience.

The pool at 'Les bungalows d'Ambonara' receives mixed reviews, highlighting both positive and negative aspects. Many guests appreciate the pool, describing it as nice and enjoyable with several mentioning comfortable chairs around the area. Cleanliness is a recurring positive note with some reviewers pointing out that the swimming pool is clean and well-maintained. However, there are also comments indicating that the pool's cleanliness can sometimes be an issue with a few describing it as dirty and unpleasant to swim in. Despite these mixed experiences, the general sentiment leans towards a favorable view of the pool, emphasizing its comfort and niceness.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Les bungalows d'Ambonara generally receives positive feedback from guests. Described frequently as good, beautiful and very nice, the pool is highlighted for its cleanliness and peaceful location. Guests mention that it is a nice and clean spot, often emphasizing the well-kept surroundings. Some have described it as an electrically clean pool and appreciated its dog-friendly atmosphere. However, a few negative comments indicate that the pool can sometimes be dirty or light green and noted an occasional unpleasant experience. Overall, the pool is a welcomed feature for most visitors.

Yes, Les bungalows d'Ambonara has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Les bungalows d'Ambonara.

Yes, Les bungalows d'Ambonara welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Les bungalows d'Ambonara.

No, Les bungalows d'Ambonara doesn't have a gym.

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