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Summary of reviewsHotel Zátiší consistently garners positive feedback for several key aspects, making it a sought-after destination for various travelers, particularly those interested in winter sports and outdoor activities.

Guests consistently highlight Hotel Zátiší's exceptional location, which is situated conveniently near the ski slopes and the cable car to Černá hora. This ideal placement makes it an excellent base for skiing, cycling and hiking. The hotel is tucked away in tranquil surroundings, removed from the main road, yet remains close to essential amenities and popular attractions such as the Tree Top Walkway and colonnade. Visitors appreciate the picturesque and serene environment, which offers beautiful scenic views and a peaceful retreat.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Zátiší is praised for its excellence, variety and quality. Guests appreciate the buffet-style presentation, rich selection and ample quantities. While some vegetarians might find the options limited, the overall sentiment remains highly favorable with many comparing the breakfast to what one might find in a high-standard restaurant. Dinner offerings also receive high commendations, noted for homemade quality and taste. The combined excellence of breakfast and dinner enhances the hotel's reputation as a destination for excellent culinary enjoyment.

The rooms at Hotel Zátiší are described as simple, clean and comfortable, embodying a homely atmosphere. Despite being somewhat rustic and older, the well-maintained and cozy rooms provide a comfortable stay. Guests acknowledge slight drawbacks such as limited views and smaller bathrooms, but these concerns are outweighed by the overall cleanliness and comfort.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Zátiší with guests frequently highlighting the pristine condition of both the rooms and overall premises. The hotel's commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment significantly enhances the guest experience.

The staff at Hotel Zátiší receive exceptional feedback for their friendliness, helpfulness and genuine hospitality. Guests often mention the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the owners and staff, which contributes to a pleasant and memorable stay. The combination of excellent service and delicious food offerings solidifies the hotel's cozy and inviting environment.

Convenient parking options are another appreciated amenity at Hotel Zátiší. The hotel offers spacious and free parking right next to the premises, providing a hassle-free experience for guests traveling by car.

In summary, Hotel Zátiší excels in its prime location, impressive breakfast and dining options, clean and cozy accommodations, exceptional staff service and convenient parking facilities, making it a highly recommended choice for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
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Room Types
Double Room with Balcony The double room offers a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with Private Bathroom The double room features a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This double room provides heating, a flat-screen TV and garden views. The unit has 1 bed.

Family Room with Bathroom The spacious family room offers a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath and a shower. This family room features heating, a flat-screen TV and garden views.

Quadruple Room with Shower The quadruple room features a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This quadruple room offers heating, a flat-screen TV and garden views. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Zátiší boasts an exceptional location that consistently impresses visitors. Situated right by the ski slopes and just steps from the cable car to Černá hora, it offers unparalleled convenience for skiing enthusiasts. The hotel's proximity to the ski lift and cable car is frequently highlighted, making it a perfect base for winter sports and outdoor activities like trips, cycling and walking. The peaceful and quiet surroundings, tucked away from the main road, provide a serene retreat while still being close to essential amenities and attractions such as the Tree Top Walkway and colonnade.

Guests appreciate the hotel's placement in a picturesque setting that allows for both active leisure and relaxation. The extraordinary and beautiful environment surrounding the hotel offers scenic views and ample opportunities for walks. Despite the hotel being older, its location right by the cable car and ski slope compensates, making it a favorite for those looking for a convenient and tranquil escape. The overall sentiment indicates that Hotel Zátiší's location is not just good, but exceptional, providing an ideal mix of accessibility, natural beauty and peacefulness.

Hotel Zátiší offers an impressive breakfast experience that has garnered significant praise from its guests. Numerous reviews highlight the excellence and richness of the breakfast, often described as delicious with a wide selection and ample quantities. The buffet-style presentation is frequently commended for its variety and quality, ensuring a satisfying start to the day.

Although the selection may be considered weak for vegetarians by some, the overall consensus remains strongly positive with many guests specifically mentioning the buffet's diversity and freshness. The breakfast is often compared favorably to what one might find in a high-standard restaurant, adding an element of luxury to the stay.

In addition to breakfast, many reviews also praise the combined excellence of both breakfast and dinner offerings at Hotel Zátiší, contributing to an overall excellent dining experience. The consistency in the quality of meals from morning to night enhances the hotel's reputation as a great destination for culinary enjoyment.

Hotel Zátiší has garnered high praise from its guests for its dining options. Guests frequently mention the excellence of both breakfast and dinner, describing the meals as delicious and varied. The breakfast offerings include a selection of boiled sausages, prepared eggs, a platter with various toppings and sweet desserts, contributing to a rich and satisfying morning meal. Dinner is equally celebrated for its homemade quality and taste with guests having the option to order dinner directly in the cozy and unique hotel restaurant. Overall, the food at Hotel Zátiší comes highly recommended with consistent commendations for its excellence and the warm, inviting dining experience.

Hotel Zátiší offers a simple yet homely atmosphere with heated, clean rooms that are well-equipped and comfortable. Guests frequently mention the clean and cozy nature of the hotel, appreciating its overall cleanliness and the comfort of the furnishings, although they are described as somewhat rustic. Despite the hotel being older, it holds a unique charm that adds to its pleasant, atmospheric feel. However, some rooms may have a limited view and there are mentions of a musty smell in certain areas. Additionally, bathrooms and social facilities are noted to be on the smaller side, catering to basic needs. Overall, Hotel Zátiší provides a clean, quiet and comfortable stay with a cozy, family-friendly vibe.

Hotel Zátiší impresses guests with its commendable cleanliness. The hotel, described as beautiful and very clean, ensures that accommodations are kept in pristine condition. Guests repeatedly highlight the spotless rooms and comfortable living spaces, contributing to a pleasant and satisfying stay. From the rooms to the overall premises, cleanliness is consistently noted, establishing Hotel Zátiší as a reliable choice for travelers valuing hygiene and a well-maintained environment. The pristine surroundings further enhance the hotel's appeal, making it a top pick for a serene and clean getaway.

Hotel Zátiší boasts an exceptional experience with its staff, centered around the warm and genuine hospitality of its owners and team. Reviews highlight that the owners are consistently described as very nice, friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. The landlady, in particular, receives praise for her pleasant and kind demeanor.

Guests frequently mention the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, contributing to an overall pleasant stay. The hotel staff is repeatedly described as fantastic, excellent and brilliant, underscoring their dedication to providing outstanding service.

The dining experience at Hotel Zátiší is also notable with many reviews praising the delicious breakfast and dinner offerings. The combination of delicious food options and friendly, accommodating people adds to the hotel's cozy and inviting environment.

Overall, Hotel Zátiší is highlighted for its exceptional staff and owners, who consistently go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay for their guests.

Hotel Zátiší offers a range of convenient and free parking options for guests. With spacious and large parking available right next to the hotel and guesthouse, parking at the hotel is made easy and accessible. The availability of free parking onsite adds to the overall convenience, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those traveling by car. Whether arriving or departing, guests will find the parking arrangements satisfactory and well-suited to their needs.

No, Hotel Zátiší doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Zátiší.

No, Hotel Zátiší doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Zátiší.

No, Hotel Zátiší doesn't have a gym.

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