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Summary of reviewsHotel Koruna in Jeseník boasts a prime location that appeals to both tourists and business travelers. Nestled in the heart of the city, it provides convenient access to key landmarks, shops and necessary services. The hotel's central but relatively quiet setting makes it an ideal base for exploring the local sights and the nearby Jeseníky mountains.

The breakfast offerings at Hotel Koruna receive significant praise from guests, who describe the meal as delicious, extensive and excellent in value. Guests appreciate the variety of both hot and cold dishes with particular commendations for the quality of cheeses and pastries. The breakfast service often exceeds expectations with its neat presentation and diverse options catering to various dietary needs, including gluten-free and dairy-free choices.

The hotel's rooms are frequently mentioned for their cleanliness, spaciousness and comfortable beds. Equipped with amenities like refrigerators, kettles and well-maintained bathrooms, the rooms provide a cozy and functional stay. The cleanliness of the common areas and the consistent efforts of the housekeeping staff contribute to a pleasant experience, although some furnishings are noted as slightly outdated.

Hotel Koruna’s staff stand out for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness, creating a welcoming atmosphere from check-in to check-out. Guests praise the reception staff for their politeness and efficiency with many highlighting the manager's accommodating nature and effective communication. The entire team’s dedication to providing excellent service significantly enhances the overall guest experience.

Free and accessible Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, ensuring guests can stay connected, although the signal strength may vary depending on the location within the building. Parking is another appreciated feature with free, safe parking available for cars and motorcycles, despite some challenges with navigating the tight spaces and the need for clearer parking signs.

Families find Hotel Koruna a suitable choice due to its friendly environment and good facilities, including rooms with small lounges connected to kitchen areas. While there is some evening noise due to the central location, the hotel's focus on family friendliness stands out in the reviews.

In summary, Hotel Koruna offers an enjoyable stay with a good balance of comfort, cleanliness and value. The charming historic building and the warm, efficient staff contribute positively to the guest experience. While there are minor areas for improvement, such as room soundproofing and bedding comfort, the hotel's strengths in location, breakfast service and overall hospitality make it a commendable choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The single room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a sofa, a TV, as well as a quiet street view. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Double Room Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room offers a wardrobe, an electric kettle, parquet floors, heating and a TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Standard Studio Offering free toiletries, this studio includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The studio offers a TV, a coffee machine, a wardrobe, a sofa as well as mountain views. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Studio Featuring free toiletries, this studio includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The studio features a coffee machine, a wardrobe, a sofa, parquet floors and a TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Standard Twin Room Offering free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The twin room offers a wardrobe, an electric kettle, parquet floors, heating and a TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room provides a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a sofa, parquet floors and a TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Koruna in Jeseník consistently receives positive feedback for its location. Nestled right in the heart of the city, the hotel is lauded for its proximity to key landmarks such as the town square, bus station and railway station. Guests appreciate the central, yet relatively quiet, setting which makes it a convenient starting point for exploring the local sights, shops and necessary services. The hotel's spot in Jeseník is not only ideal for those interested in experiencing the town's amenities but also serves as a great base for hiking in the nearby Jeseníky mountains.

The charming surroundings and stylish, well-maintained building contribute to the hotel’s appeal. The convenience of being practically on the square ensures that everything is easily accessible and close, providing a gateway to the city's vibrancy. Whether you’re visiting for a short stay or an extended holiday, the hotel's excellent and central location proves to be a significant advantage for both sightseeing and enjoying the natural beauty of the spa town.

Hotel Koruna has garnered significant praise for its breakfast offerings from its guests. The consensus is overwhelmingly positive, featuring descriptors such as delicious, excellent, faultless and perfect. Guests were impressed by the extensive variety of both hot and cold dishes, including scrambled eggs, bacon, mini hotdogs, cheeses, bread varieties, yogurts, granolas and vegetables. Many also highlighted the luxurious and rich nature of the breakfast, often noting the exceptional quality of the cheeses and other delicacies.

The breakfast is described as being of great value for money with a typical cost around 120 CZK and the service is consistently lauded as excellent and professional, often exceeding guests' expectations. The buffet is frequently noted for its neat presentation, abundant selection and diverse options, catering to various dietary needs including gluten-free and dairy-free choices. Breakfast service begins conveniently at 7:30 and guests have appreciated the early start.

Some reviews mentioned standards in line with higher-tier hotels, emphasizing the substantial and hearty nature of the breakfast. The offerings include a rich selection of pastries, fresh tea and excellent coffee with many guests particularly enjoying the wide array of cheeses. Although a few comments pointed out opportunities for improvement, such as increasing hot dish options or addressing insufficient food supply, the overall sentiment conveys a highly satisfying breakfast experience that stands out in hospitality.

Hotel Koruna offers clean, spacious rooms that are largely well-equipped and comfortable. Guests note that the rooms are functional and often quite large, featuring amenities like refrigerators, kettles, tea and coffee supplies and well-maintained bathrooms. Many visitors appreciate the cozy and neat interiors, despite some furnishings being slightly outdated. The hotel's common areas also receive praise for their beautiful decor and cleanliness.

Rooms at Hotel Koruna generally provide a pleasant stay with comfortable beds and sufficient facilities for short stays. Views from the rooms add to the overall positive experience, particularly at night when city lights enhance the scenery. Guests frequently mention the bathrooms as well-equipped, although there have been comments on the need for renovation.

While some rooms are noted as simple or in need of modernization, they remain clean and adequately furnished. However, some reviews indicate that the rooms could benefit from better soundproofing and air conditioning and there have been occasional issues with room readiness upon arrival. Despite these minor glitches, the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms consistently meet guests' requirements, delivering a stay that exceeds expectations, particularly for the price.

In summary, Hotel Koruna’s rooms mostly impress with their size, cleanliness and facilities, making it an appealing choice for travelers who value comfort and functionality.

Hotel Koruna has garnered a mix of feedback when it comes to their beds. A significant number of guests praised the hotel for its comfortable mattresses and beds, emphasizing their positive experiences with descriptors like very comfortable, spacious, cozy and superb. The presence of queen-size and large beds even for single occupants was another highlight. Many guests reported good sleep quality and appreciated the well-made beds.

However, the softness of the mattresses was a recurring theme with some finding them too soft or even wavy, leading to discomfort. Issues such as mattresses being older, creaky, squeaky beds and beds moving due to wheels were noted as drawbacks. While many found the bed setups to be clean and cozy, a few reviews highlighted unpleasant mattresses and pillows.

In summary, while Hotel Koruna generally provides a good sleeping experience with commendably comfortable and well-sized beds, some guests might find the mattress softness to be slightly problematic.

Hotel Koruna has consistently been praised for its cleanliness by guests. Visitors highlighted the hotel's overall cleanliness, particularly emphasizing the well-maintained rooms and bathrooms. The bed linen and towels are frequently noted as clean and many guests appreciated the clean and tidy nature of the hotel's interior spaces. The building itself is described as clean and beautiful, contributing to the positive atmosphere.

The hotel staff's efforts in keeping the rooms clean and tidy on a daily basis have not gone unnoticed, making the stay comfortable for guests. Despite some minor issues such as occasional unswept cobwebs and sporadic floor cleaning, these did not significantly impact the overall cleanliness appreciation. The bathrooms, both in rooms and public areas, were described as clean, albeit with some room for improvement in the public restrooms.

Overall, Hotel Koruna's level of cleanliness is commendable and contributes to a pleasant stay for its guests with a majority praising the hotel's upkeep and cleanliness throughout.

Hotel Koruna boasts an incredible team distinguished by their warmth and willingness to assist. Visitors consistently praise the staff for being remarkably friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the moment of arrival. The reception staff, in particular, receive high marks for their politeness and efficiency with many guests noting their keen ability to advise on local attractions and make recommendations. The hotel manager is frequently highlighted for their accommodating nature and effective communication, ensuring every guest feels valued and attended to.

Overall, the service at Hotel Koruna is exemplary with the entire staff—from the receptionists to the cleaning team—going above and beyond to provide a pleasant stay. Their friendliness and excellent service resonate through every interaction, making each guest feel at home. Whether it’s dealing with travel hiccups, like missing a bus or simply ensuring a smooth check-in experience, the staff at Hotel Koruna demonstrate a level of care and attention that distinguishes them in the eyes of their guests.

Hotel Koruna offers accessible Wi-Fi, ensuring guests can stay connected during their stay. Many reviews noted the stable and trouble-free internet connection, highlighting a generally positive experience regarding the hotel's Wi-Fi. However, some guests did encounter weak Wi-Fi signals, particularly in certain parts of the hotel. There were also mentions of slow wi-fi and instances where the Wi-Fi instructions were missing in one of the rooms. Despite these occasional issues, the proximity of the router ensured a reasonable connection in most areas. Overall, the Wi-Fi at Hotel Koruna is capable, though it may show some variability depending on the location within the hotel.

Hotel Koruna offers free, safe parking for guests, enhancing the convenience of those traveling by car or motorcycle. The hotel's own parking lot is available, though it is located behind the building and can be somewhat tricky to navigate due to tight spaces and lack of direct access from the lot to the hotel. Guests appreciate the inclusion of parking in the accommodation price, making it a hassle-free perk of staying at Hotel Koruna. However, some visitors noted the absence of clear parking signs and suggested that a parking map could improve the overall experience. Despite these minor complications, the secure parking options, including several spaces directly below the hotel and the possibility of bike storage, are appealing. Additional parking is available in front of the hotel and around it, although some found these spots occasionally unavailable. Overall, the hotel's parking arrangements are well-regarded, contributing to a comfortable and secure stay.

Hotel Koruna appears to be a family-friendly establishment, ideal for those traveling with small children. The hotel boasts a good environment with a nice atmosphere that caters well to families. The proximity to the city center, however, might result in a bit of evening noise, which could be a consideration for families with very young children.

Guests appreciated the family hotel ambiance and the friendly, warm reception from the staff, contributing to a welcoming environment for all. The hotel seems well equipped to accommodate parents, even offering rooms with small lounges connected to kitchen areas, making it convenient for those needing extra space for strollers or other child-related items.

While there were some mentions of uncomfortable mattresses and pillows, the focus on family friendliness and a convivial atmosphere stands out in the reviews. Guests traveling in small groups, such as three friends staying together, also found the arrangements suitable and functional. Overall, Hotel Koruna is praised for its family-oriented approach, though there may be a few areas for improvement in terms of bedding comfort.

3 Star
Hotel Koruna offers an enjoyable stay with a good price-to-quality ratio. The hotel is housed within a historic and beautiful building, which contributes to its pleasant atmosphere. Guests appreciate the cleanliness and comfort provided and the reasonable pricing is a notable advantage. While the furnishings and equipment are somewhat outdated and match a lower price category, the retro interior adds a unique charm to the experience. Overall, Hotel Koruna provides a satisfactory stay despite the critique that it does not quite meet the three-star benchmark.

No, Hotel Koruna doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Koruna.

No, Hotel Koruna doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Koruna.

No, Hotel Koruna doesn't have a gym.

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