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Summary of reviewsAparthotel Lípa offers an exceptional accommodation experience in the heart of Krasna Lipa, particularly praised for its strategic location within the picturesque Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Guests appreciate the convenience of being situated near essential amenities, scenic hiking and cycling trails and the central town square, which contributes to its charming appeal. Nature parks, lakes and mountains are just a short distance away, providing ample opportunities for exploration and recreation.

The breakfast experience at Aparthotel Lípa is often described as luxurious with a rich and varied buffet that includes both hot and cold dishes, pastries, gluten-free options and even Prosecco. Dinner offerings also receive high marks for their quality and variety, accommodating special dietary needs and impressing guests with generous and delicious options.

Rooms at Aparthotel Lípa are frequently lauded for their spaciousness, modern design and comprehensive amenities. Guests particularly appreciate the well-equipped kitchens, high-quality furnishings and spotless cleanliness. The accommodations are ideal for families, featuring child-friendly amenities like high chairs, cribs and playrooms. Balconies and terraces offer a pleasant bonus, providing a quiet space to relax.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with the hotel maintaining high standards across all areas, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic stay. The friendly and professional staff receive consistent praise for their helpfulness and accommodating nature, contributing significantly to the overall positive guest experience.

Wi-Fi at Aparthotel Lípa is generally reliable and fast, providing good connectivity throughout the hotel. The gym is well-equipped and spacious, although access requires an additional fee. The hotel also offers various recreational facilities, including nearby managed tennis courts, a game room with table tennis and foosball and a sauna.

Parking options are well-organized with safe and convenient underground parking, along with free spaces outside. While some mention the underground garage as being narrow, the overall parking experience is hassle-free.

The beds receive a mix of feedback with the majority finding them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep, despite some guests having differing preferences regarding mattress firmness.

Aparthotel Lípa delivers an outstanding experience, often exceeding the expectations associated with its four-star rating. The excellent service, comfortable accommodations and variety of amenities make it a superb choice for families, individuals and honeymooners looking for a memorable stay in Krasna Lipa.
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4-Star Aparthotel

Room Types
One-Bedroom Apartment This modernly furnished apartment comes with a seating area and a dining area. Some apartments have a balcony.

Two-Bedroom Apartment This modernly furnished apartment features a balcony or a terrace. It comes with a seating area and a dining area.

Luxury Single Room This spacious single room features a seating area and a dining area.

Superior Two-Bedroom Suite This luxurious spacious suite (95 square metres) features a large corner terrace, a seating area and a dining area.

Apartment with Balcony This spacious apartment consists of 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. The well-equipped kitchen features a stovetop, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and kitchenware. The apartment provides a washing machine, a private entrance, soundproof walls, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, as well as garden views. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Aparthotel Lípa boasts an enviable location set in the heart of Krasna Lipa, a picturesque town enveloped by the stunning Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Guests frequently highlight the convenience of being right in the town center, which not only places them near essential amenities like cafes, shops and a brewery but also offers easy access to an array of hiking and cycling trails. This central location is perfect for excursions to explore the Czech and Saxon Switzerland, making it an ideal starting point for adventurers.

While modern in design, the hotel blends seamlessly into the historic town square, offering beautiful architecture that complements its charming surroundings. The hotel's strategic positioning means that nature parks, lakes and mountains are all within a short distance, allowing for diverse recreational activities, from scenic tours to educational trails.

Despite some mentions of traffic noise due to its central location, most guests appreciate the peaceful vibe, particularly if opting for courtyard-facing rooms. The well-maintained park nearby provides a serene setting for leisurely strolls.

Convenient amenities like underground parking and proximity to the tourist information office enhance the overall experience. Given its prime location, Aparthotel Lípa stands out as a superb choice for those keen on exploring the natural beauty of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland regions while enjoying the comforts of a central, well-appointed accommodation.

The breakfast experience at Aparthotel Lípa is overwhelmingly positive with guests consistently praising it for its variety, quality and taste. The buffet is noted for its extensive and rich selection, offering a wide array of hot and cold dishes, pastries, fruits and even indulgent options like Prosecco. Many reviews highlight the constant replenishment of food, ensuring freshness and availability. The inclusion of gluten-free options and fresh fruits is particularly appreciated, catering to different dietary needs.

Guests describe the breakfast as luxurious, plentiful and among the best they've experienced in hotels. The variety and abundance of choices mean that there is something for everyone, from savory sausages and eggs to sweet pancakes and desserts. The ambiance of the breakfast room and the service provided also add to the overall pleasant experience.

In addition to breakfast, the dinner options also receive high marks with guests appreciating the consistent quality and variety available. With meals served until late in the evening, the hotel manages to maintain high standards for both breakfast and dinner.

The combination of a rich, varied and delicious breakfast makes Aparthotel Lípa a standout choice for travelers looking to start their day with a satisfying meal.

Aparthotel Lípa has garnered considerable praise from its guests for its exceptional dining experiences. Breakfast and dinner offerings consistently receive high marks for their quality, variety and taste. The dinner options, often available in buffet form, are noted for being abundant, generous and delicious. Guests appreciate the wide selection of dishes, including regional and international cuisine with something for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors have enjoyed the luxurious and varied food presentations, finding them to be a highlight of their stay. The flexible dining hours with dinner available until 10 pm, provide an added convenience. Special dietary requests are accommodated swiftly, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all guests.

Though some reviews mention the buffet could benefit from more selection and variety, the overall impression is overwhelmingly positive. The staff receives compliments for their friendliness and efficient service, adding to the pleasurable dining atmosphere.

In summary, Aparthotel Lípa's dining options, whether buffet or à la carte, exceed guest expectations, contributing significantly to the hotel's high standing among visitors.

The rooms at Aparthotel Lípa have garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception from guests. Visitors are particularly impressed by the spaciousness, modern design and comprehensive amenities of these apartments. Many highlight that the rooms are beautifully and tastefully furnished with a keen attention to detail. The kitchens are notably well-equipped, often featuring fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and stoves, which cater perfectly to family needs.

Cleanliness is frequently praised with numerous reviews pointing out how spotless and well-maintained the apartments are, ensuring a comfortable stay. The apartments also delight guests with their comfortable and functional furnishings, including high-quality wooden furniture and generous storage spaces. Separate bedroom and living areas in many apartments provide ample room for relaxation and convenience.

Guests with children find the accommodations especially suited for families, appreciating features like high chairs, cribs and children's playrooms. Additionally, the balconies and terraces are considered a pleasant bonus, offering a quiet space for enjoying the sunshine or the winter sun.

Overall, guests find the rooms at Aparthotel Lípa to be spacious, impeccably clean and furnished to a high standard, making it an ideal choice for both families and individuals seeking comfortable, modern and well-equipped accommodations.

Aparthotel Lípa's beds have received a mixture of feedback from guests, predominantly highlighting their comfort. Many visitors have praised the beds for being comfortable with some even describing them as super comfy and perfect for a restful night. Remarks frequently commend the large, soft and comfortable pillows which contribute to a cozy sleeping experience. Positive phrases also describe the mattresses as comfortable, enhancing overall contentment with the accommodations.

However, it's important to note that the comfort of beds can be subjective. Some guests found the beds too hard or narrow with a few mentioning the mattresses felt either too firm or too soft and at times worn out. Pillows were occasionally noted as being too large and stiff for some guests' preferences. Despite these varied opinions, many reviews agree that the beds contribute to a generally warm and lovely environment, making the overall sleeping experience pleasant for most.

In conclusion, while some guests have differing tastes regarding mattress firmness and pillow sizes, Aparthotel Lípa tends to offer an overall comfortable sleeping arrangement. The majority of guests found the beds conducive to a good night's sleep, ensuring a satisfying stay.

Aparthotel Lípa consistently receives remarkable feedback for its impeccable cleanliness, as highlighted by numerous guest reviews. The hotel maintains a high standard of hygiene with daily cleaning services ensuring spotless rooms and apartments. Guests frequently praise the clean, modern and well-equipped spaces, describing them as both comfortable and cozy. The hotel's facilities, including bathrooms, parking garage and communal areas, are notably well-maintained.

The cleanliness extends to the provided amenities with hygienic products and well-stocked kitchenettes adding to the overall convenience. Despite a couple of negative remarks, the positive feedback overwhelmingly celebrates the superb conditions and sparkling clean environment. The meticulous attention to cleanliness and friendly staff service make Aparthotel Lípa highly recommendable for a comfortable stay.

Guest reviews consistently highlight the exceptional quality of the staff at Aparthotel Lípa. The team is frequently described as very friendly, helpful and accommodating, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the moment guests arrive. Both the reception and restaurant staff receive particular praise for their professionalism and willingness to assist with any requests.

Guests have noted the staff’s proficiency in multiple languages, including English and German, which reaffirms the hotel’s dedication to providing excellent service to an international clientele. Many reviews mention specific staff members, such as the receptionists and Mrs. Marketa in the restaurant, for their outstanding service and warm hospitality.

Staff members are often described as smiling, attentive and committed to making guests' stays as pleasant as possible. Reviews praise the meticulous care given to cleaning and the high-quality service across all areas of the hotel. The staff’s ability to handle special requests and unexpected needs is also frequently applauded.

Overall, the reviews reflect a consistent theme of satisfaction with the staff service, cementing Aparthotel Lípa’s reputation as a place where visitors can expect to be well cared for by a friendly and professional team.

Aparthotel Lípa offers guests convenient Wi-Fi amenities, including the ability to connect devices to the TV via Wi-Fi in the apartment. Many reviews highlight that the Wi-Fi generally worked without any problems and was reliable and fast, providing a good connection in both rooms and public areas. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel and many guests found it to be of good quality and quite adequate for use, suitable even for children. However, there were some mentions of weaker signals in certain rooms and occasional brief non-functional periods, particularly in the evening. Overall, while there were minor issues with speed and consistency, most guests found the Wi-Fi at Aparthotel Lípa to be satisfactory for their needs.

Aparthotel Lípa provides guests with a well-equipped and spacious gym, perfect for a diverse range of workouts. The fitness center offers everything necessary for a complete exercise routine, making it an excellent facility for those seeking to maintain their fitness regimen while traveling. In addition to the gym, the hotel includes amenities such as a sauna and a bicycle room, catering to various wellness and recreational needs. However, it's noteworthy that access to the gym and sauna requires an additional fee and is not included in the standard accommodation price. Despite this, guests consistently mention the gym's suitability for effective workouts and its well-maintained equipment. Overall, Aparthotel Lípa's fitness amenities stand out as a significant positive aspect of the guest experience.

Aparthotel Lípa boasts various recreational facilities that are well-received by guests. Although the tennis courts are managed by an external club, they are conveniently located nearby, making it easy for hotel guests to play tennis. The hotel itself offers a range of indoor activities, including a game room equipped with table tennis and foosball, providing ample entertainment options. Additionally, guests can enjoy access to a gym and massage services. Overall, the hotel provides good tennis facilities in a complementary setting rich with other sports and wellness amenities.

Aparthotel Lípa offers a variety of parking options that have generally left guests satisfied. The hotel provides ample parking, including a convenient underground garage with direct access to the apartments. Many guests appreciated that free parking is available outside and there is also the option for paid underground parking at around 4€ or 100Kc/day, which some found reasonable. The underground parking is noted for being safe and easily accessible by an elevator. For those needing bike storage, the facility accommodates that as well.

There are a few mentions of the garage being narrow, which may pose a challenge for some drivers. Despite this, many reviews highlight the ease and convenience of parking both in the underground garage and in spaces available outside near the hotel. Guests found the ability to park their cars easily and safely in the hotel garage particularly satisfying. Overall, parking at Aparthotel Lípa is well-organized and provides a hassle-free experience for guests.

4 Star
Aparthotel Lípa delivers an outstanding accommodation experience, often surpassing expectations typically associated with a four-star rating. Guests consistently praise the superb apartments and note that the quality of accommodation, services and facilities matches the price, offering good value for money. The service is frequently referred to as excellent and even akin to a five-star experience, especially for a small city location.

The staff, described as above-average, young, friendly and professional, significantly contributes to the positive experience. This includes both the reception and cleaning teams. The hotel also stands out for its wonderful environment, making it a perfect spot for families with children. Additionally, the luxurious breakfast and dinner options are highlights for many guests.

Some constructive feedback points to areas for improvement, such as soundproofing and overall standards expected of a four-star hotel. However with fantastic service and thoughtful amenities, like a sauna included in the room rate, Aparthotel Lípa continues to be well-regarded by its visitors for delivering a highly satisfactory stay.

Aparthotel Lípa receives high praise from guests for its wonderful stay experience, making it an excellent choice for both short breaks and honeymoons. The hotel's ideal location is frequently highlighted with guests noting the beautiful surroundings and exciting opportunities for cycling in the national park. Specifically tailored honeymoon packages offer extra perks such as champagne and Becherovka, adding a special touch to the romantic getaway. Additionally, the quiet atmosphere and beautiful natural setting further enhance its appeal as a perfect retreat. Overall, the hotel earns top ratings for its facilities and setting.

Nestled in a tranquil location, Aparthotel Lípa offers a romantic atmosphere that's perfect for couples seeking a serene escape. The beautiful surroundings not only provide a picturesque backdrop but also invite guests to explore through cycling or hiking. It's an excellent starting point for tours in the nearby Czech and Saxon Switzerland regions with main attractions accessible within an hour. The hotel itself is wonderful, delivering everything at the top level, including spa packages with massages and saunas that are ideal for a relaxing evening. Whether planning a day out in the mountains or indulging in an evening of pampering, Aparthotel Lípa makes for an idyllic romantic getaway.

No, Aparthotel Lípa doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Aparthotel Lípa.

No, Aparthotel Lípa doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Aparthotel Lípa.

Yes, Aparthotel Lípa has a gym.

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