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Summary of reviewsThe Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig in Landshut receives favorable reviews for several aspects of its services and amenities, making it a commendable choice for travelers.

Firstly, the hotel's location is frequently praised for its prime position in the heart of Landshut's old town. Guests appreciate being within walking distance of the city's historical attractions, dining options and vibrant life, yet still being able to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere for a good night's rest. This central location makes it especially suitable for both brief stays and extended visits.

While the breakfast experience at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig garners mixed responses, it does have its strengths. Guests enjoy the setting, particularly under the veranda in the courtyard and generally find the breakfast to be an affordable and pleasant start to the day despite its simplicity and limited variety.

The hotel’s accommodations are another highlight with many guests noting the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms and suites. The large, comfortable beds contribute to a restful stay and unique room designs add to the charm. However, some guests mention that the furniture and bathrooms could benefit from updates.

Cleanliness at the hotel is mostly satisfactory with spacious suites and public areas generally receiving positive feedback. However, there are occasional mentions of insufficient room cleaning and areas that fall short of 4-star standards.

The hotel's staff receives widespread commendation for their friendliness, professionalism and willingness to assist guests. Positive interactions with the personnel, particularly the reception staff, are frequently highlighted as one of the hotel's strong points, contributing significantly to the overall positive experience.

Parking options at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig are deemed affordable and secure with a convenient underground garage nearby. Despite some limitations regarding space and height restrictions, the availability of private parking for a small fee is appreciated.

In summary, Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig stands out for its excellent location, spacious and comfortable rooms and friendly staff. While there are areas with room for improvement, such as breakfast variety and minor updates to facilities, the general sentiment reflects a high level of satisfaction among guests, promising an enjoyable stay in Landshut’s charming old town.
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Room Types
Single Room Bright room with cable TV, a minibar and a desk.

Double Room Bright room with cable TV, a minibar and a desk.

Suite Bright suite with cable TV, a minibar and a desk. It offers extra space.

Guest Reviews
Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig boasts an enviable location right in the heart of Landshut, making it an ideal choice for travelers eager to explore the city’s historical charm. Nestled in the middle of the old town, the hotel offers guests immediate access to the city center's myriad attractions. From sightseeing to dining, everything is conveniently within walking distance. Guests appreciate being a few steps from the old town's vibrant life, illustrating the hotel's perfect blend of accessibility and tranquility.

The hotel's central position is frequently highlighted as "super central" and "perfect for city sightseeing." Despite this bustling location, the area maintains a quiet atmosphere, allowing for peaceful rest after a day of exploration. Visitors have praised the exceptional and prime nature of this location, often describing it as beautiful and optimal for short stays or extended visits alike.

Furthermore, the proximity to key landmarks in Landshut makes it an excellent base for engaging with the city’s rich history. Whether for a brief weekend or an immersive tour of the old town, Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig stands out with its exceptional central positioning, ensuring that guests can experience the best of Landshut right at their doorstep.

Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig offers a breakfast experience that has received mixed reviews from its guests. While some describe the breakfast as a simple yet enjoyable start to the day, others find it lacking in variety and quality. Many guests have praised the setting, particularly enjoying their breakfast under the veranda in the courtyard. The presence of juicy scrambled eggs and a decent buffet provide some highlights and at just three euros, the price is hard to beat.

However, the breakfast often falls short in terms of options and presentation. Descriptions suggest that the meal is quite basic with several mentions of canned fruit, limited fresh items and minimal choice of sausages and cheese. Some guests noted that the coffee was weak and the overall ambiance could use improvement. Despite these shortcomings, a few reviews mentioned that the breakfast was nicely arranged and delicious, indicating variability in the experience.

In essence, while the breakfast at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig has its strengths, guests looking for a more varied and higher-quality morning meal might find it lacking.

The Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig boasts a variety of spacious accommodations including notably large rooms and suites. Reviewers frequently noted the room size, describing them as very large, spacious and cozy. Many guests appreciated the clean and tidy environment, often mentioning that despite the age and need for updating in some areas, the rooms were generally welcoming and comfortable. Cleanliness was highlighted positively, albeit with a few exceptions where some guests felt their rooms were not cleaned during the stay or needed dusting.

Some unique features added to the charm, such as peculiar room designs and a cozy suite with a terrace providing comfort. The rooms were often described as clean, offering functional and stylish designs with large beds making for a comfortable sleep. Guests also found the accommodations relatively quiet, allowing for a restful experience.

However, there were mentions of worn-out furniture and bathrooms requiring repairs, signaling that some areas might benefit from refurbishment. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall sentiment remained positive with many guests noting their room preferences were met and those who received upgrades to suites appeared especially satisfied.

Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig offers a generally positive sleeping experience with guests frequently highlighting the comfort and spaciousness of the beds. The beds are described as comfortable, cozy and large, contributing to a good night’s sleep. Mattresses and bedding appear to meet high standards with some beds in suites being particularly noted for their size and luxurious feel. Beds are consistently referenced as neat and clean, enhancing the overall coziness and quality of sleep. Although some guests found the pillows too flat or the mattresses a bit soft, the overall comfort of the beds at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig is well-regarded, making it a good choice for travelers seeking restful accommodations.

Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig offers a mixed experience when it comes to cleanliness. Many guests have noted that the hotel is generally clean with particular praise for the spacious and tidy suites. The public areas and common spaces also receive commendable mentions, albeit occasionally in need of more thorough cleaning.

However, some aspects of the hotel's cleanliness require attention. Several reviews mention issues such as stained and worn-out bed linens, unclean thermos flasks and unpleasant odors in the bathrooms. The cleaning staff's efforts are described as insufficient by some visitors with reports of a lack of thoroughness and occasional dust in the suites. Hotel areas and carpets have also been critiqued for not meeting the expected standards of a 4-star establishment.

Overall, while the hotel maintains a level of cleanliness that many guests find satisfactory, there is room for improvement to ensure a consistently high standard across all areas and aspects.

The reviews for Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig frequently praise the hotel's staff, highlighting their friendliness and professional demeanor. Many guests found the personnel to be incredibly accommodating and engaged, making their stay pleasant. Specific commendations were given to the receptionist who speaks Italian, described as cheerful and nice. The reception staff generally received high marks for being supportive, efficient and kind, though there was a mention of the need for some additional training.

Guests appreciated the staff's willingness to go above and beyond to fulfill requests, indicating a strong commitment to customer service. Overall, reviewers consistently mentioned friendly and helpful interactions with a notable emphasis on the staff's attentiveness and competence. Despite a few minor issues, the consensus remains very positive with staff frequently being described as one of the highlights of staying at the hotel.

The parking situation at the Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig receives mixed reviews from guests, but the positive aspects clearly stand out. Private parking is available in an underground garage for only 7€, which is considered affordable and secure by many visitors. This convenient underground parking is located just around the corner from the hotel, providing easy access.

Guests appreciate the good parking facilities with one even noting that the garage was nearby, ensuring their vehicle was safe. The hotel offers the option to reserve these spaces, which can be a great relief for those who plan ahead.

However, it's important to take note of the limitations: there are only a few parking spaces available and they can be tight, possibly making it challenging for larger vehicles. There are also height restrictions in the underground garage that might not suit all vehicles. Public parking is available in front of the hotel, which can be an alternative if the garage is full.

Overall, while there are some limitations regarding space and quantity, the affordable and safe underground parking near the city center is a notable feature for many staying at the Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig.

No, Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig.

Yes, Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig.

No, Stadthotel Herzog Ludwig doesn't have a gym.

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