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Summary of reviewsHotel Třebovská Restaurace is a well-regarded establishment located in the picturesque town of Moravská Třebová, Moravia. Guests are consistently delighted by its strategic central location, which ensures easy access to the main square, marketplace and other essential amenities, while maintaining a peaceful ambiance away from city traffic. Proximity to the bus station and secure parking adds to its convenience for both car travelers and those exploring the surrounding region.

The hotel's breakfast receives rave reviews for its extensive variety and high quality. Freshly baked bread, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, fried eggs, sausages, yogurt, pastries and a selection of beverages like coffee, tea and juice ensure a rich and satisfying start to the day. Guests often describe the breakfast as excellent, abundant and luxurious with perfect service enhancing the dining experience. Both in the hotel's restaurant and direct service, the breakfast maintains a consistently high standard, making it a daily highlight for guests.

Dinner at the hotel’s ground-floor restaurant impresses with its delicious, high-quality food at reasonable prices. Guests commend the exemplary, friendly service and particularly enjoy dishes like the delicious trout. The restaurant delivers a reliable and delightful dining experience without breaking the bank, attracting praise for its well-prepared meals and skilled culinary team.

The rooms at Hotel Třebovská Restaurace are notably spacious, bright and exceptionally clean. Guests appreciate the modern amenities, freshly renovated interiors, luxurious bathrooms and well-equipped kitchenettes. Some rooms feature charming historical details like vaulted ceilings from the 16th century. Special praise is given to the modern fixtures and spacious shower corners in the bathrooms. The rooms are described as peaceful, comfortable and tastefully furnished, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Cleanliness is a consistent strong point with modern and newly renovated rooms and apartments kept in perfect order. Guests appreciate the nice-smelling towels and the thorough maintenance by the friendly cleaning staff, contributing to a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The hotel’s staff receives widespread admiration for their friendliness, helpfulness and accommodating nature. The service is consistently described as very pleasant with the staff's dedication and proficiency, including language skills, enhancing the overall experience. Guests often single out Mr. Dvořák, the operator and the facility manager for their exceptional service and passion. The bar staff also adds to the welcoming atmosphere with their cheery demeanor.

Guests appreciate the secure parking options, including private, locked spaces close to the hotel, providing added security and convenience. Although the parking area is somewhat limited, the proximity and security of the spaces make it a valuable feature.

The comfort of the beds at Hotel Třebovská Restaurace is frequently highlighted with high-quality mattresses described as comfortable and fantastic by many guests. The hotel caters to various needs by offering higher beds that are particularly appreciated by elderly guests. The soft, clean mattresses enhance the overall cozy experience, making sleep quality a standout feature.

In summary, guests find Hotel Třebovská Restaurace to be a highly satisfactory choice with its prime location, excellent dining, spacious and clean rooms and exceptional staff contributing to a memorable stay.
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Room Types
Twin Room Room featuring TV and a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Two-Bedroom Apartment Apartment featuring TV, a kitchenette and a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Double Room Apartment featuring TV, a kitchenette and a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

Twin Room The spacious twin room provides a wardrobe and an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. This twin room features a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Třebovská Restaurace benefits from an outstanding location in the heart of Moravská Třebová, a charming and picturesque town in Moravia. Nestled in the city center, the hotel provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, ensuring a restful stay without the disturbances of city traffic. Many guests appreciate its proximity to the main square, the marketplace and other essential amenities, making it a convenient spot for exploring the area.

The hotel's placement also means that visitors can embark on various trips around the surrounding region with ease, as it is not far from the bus station. For those arriving by car, there's the added advantage of secure parking in a locked yard, though some noted it might be a bit tricky to reach by vehicle.

Overall, the strategic central location of Hotel Třebovská Restaurace is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of Moravská Třebová while still having access to all the city's offerings.

The breakfast at Hotel Třebovská restaurace has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Guests frequently praise the extensive and varied offerings, including fresh bread, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, fried eggs, sausages, yogurt, pastries and a selection of beverages such as coffee, tea and juice. Descriptions like excellent, rich, abundant and luxurious are commonly used to describe the breakfast experience. Many also appreciate the high quality and delicious taste of the meals, as well as the filling nature of the breakfast served.

The breakfast not only satisfies with an impressive variety but also with its quality, being described as both very good and plentiful. The addition of sunny-side-up eggs and fried bacon is particularly noted for its taste and perfection. The service compliments the meal quality with mentions of perfect service enhancing the overall dining experience.

The positive remarks are consistent whether breakfast is taken at the hotel’s restaurant or served directly, reflecting a reliable standard of dining. This consistency ensures that guests enjoy their breakfast daily, making it a highlight of their stay.

Hotel Třebovská restaurace boasts a charming restaurant on its ground floor, praised universally for its excellent and delicious food. Guests consistently highlight the good prices and the exemplary, friendly and pleasant service. The cuisine impresses with its honest and high-quality offerings, including standout dishes like the delicious trout. The restaurant provides a reliable dining experience where you can eat very well without breaking the bank, thanks to moderate prices. With praise for its amazing and well-prepared meals, it is evident that the culinary team behind the scenes is skilled and dedicated. Overall, guests are delighted by the consistently great dining experiences they have at the hotel’s restaurant.

The reviews for Hotel Třebovská restaurace highlight its rooms as exceptionally spacious and impeccably clean. Guests frequently mention the large and bright rooms, some of which offer historical charm through vaulted ceilings dating back to the 16th century. The accommodations also include apartments and rooms with modern amenities such as fresh renovations, new interiors, luxurious bathrooms and well-equipped kitchenettes. The bathrooms receive special praise for their size and modern fixtures, particularly the spacious shower corners. Overall, the rooms are described as peaceful and pleasant, providing a high level of comfort with tasteful furnishings and a cozy atmosphere. The friendly staff further enhances the positive experience at this hotel.

The beds at Hotel Třebovská restaurace receive high praise from numerous guests, who consistently describe them as comfortable and great for sleeping. Many reviews highlight the excellent quality of the mattresses with some even referring to them as absolutely fantastic. The hotel appears to be mindful of different needs, offering higher beds that are especially appreciated by elderly guests. Soft mattresses contribute to the overall cozy and pleasant experience. Guests also note the cleanliness of both the beds and bedding, reinforcing the sense of comfort and hygiene. While there was a minor inconvenience related to toiletries, the comfort of the beds remained a standout feature for guests.

Hotel Třebovská restaurace consistently receives positive feedback regarding its cleanliness. Guests appreciate the spacious and clean apartments and rooms, which are described as modern and newly renovated. Towels smell nice and everything is kept in perfect order, contributing to a pleasant stay. The location is also noted as good with the added convenience of private parking. A helpful and friendly cleaning staff further enhances the experience, ensuring that the accommodation remains very clean and well-maintained throughout. While some mentioned that cleaning could be more thorough in certain areas, the overall impression is one of cleanliness and comfort.

Hotel Třebovská restaurace has garnered a wealth of praise for its exceptional staff. The feedback consistently highlights the team’s friendliness, helpfulness and accommodating nature. The hotel’s service is often described as very pleasant and the staff as super nice with some guests singling out Mr. Dvořák, the operator, for his excellent attitude. The facility manager receives commendation for his dedication and passion, truly living for the hotel. Guests report positive experiences with the German-speaking host, demonstrating their language proficiency and efforts to cater to international visitors. The bar service also stands out with a helpful and smiling lady adding to the overall welcoming atmosphere. The hotel’s luxury service team and their willingness to adjust to customer needs leave a lasting impression, ensuring an enjoyable stay for all.

Hotel Třebovská restaurace offers a range of convenient parking options for guests. Its private and secure parking facilities are a recurring highlight with several reviews mentioning the availability of a locked or enclosed yard for vehicles. The hotel provides its own parking spaces, ensuring added security and peace of mind for travelers. While the parking area is somewhat limited, guests appreciate the proximity of parking spaces with some located just a few meters away from the hotel.

No, Hotel Třebovská restaurace doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Třebovská restaurace.

No, Hotel Třebovská restaurace doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Třebovská restaurace.

No, Hotel Třebovská restaurace doesn't have a gym.

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