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Summary of reviewsBella Natal Praia Hotel receives high praise for its exceptional beachfront location at Ponta Negra Beach, positioning guests just steps away from sand and sea. The hotel’s proximity to shops, restaurants and vibrant nightlife further enhances its appeal, providing easy access to local attractions and dining options. Guests consistently highlight the stunning ocean views, especially from the second floor, which contribute to the overall charm of the hotel.

The breakfast offerings are widely appreciated for their variety and quality. Guests enjoy the diverse selection of regional dishes, fruits, yogurt and freshly made tapioca. The cleanliness and efficient service in the breakfast room are also positively noted with the polite and helpful staff enhancing the morning experience.

Rooms at Bella Natal Praia Hotel are described as very clean, comfortable and well-maintained, offering all necessary amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi and TV. Many guests are particularly pleased with the ocean views from rooms with balconies. Despite their simplicity and occasional need for updates, the accommodations are considered a good value for money.

Cleanliness is one of the standout features with guests repeatedly praising the spotless conditions of rooms and common areas. The dedicated housekeeping staff ensures a hygienic environment by regularly changing towels and bed linens.

The hotel staff receives widespread acclaim for their friendliness and professionalism, making guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Individual staff members like Luciana, Thiago, João and manager Diego are frequently mentioned for their exceptional service. Guests appreciate the staff’s proactive approach and dedication to ensuring a pleasant stay.

The pool area, while small, is appreciated for its clean condition and beautiful ocean views. It provides a relaxing ambiance for guests to unwind, though some find it cramped during peak times. Similarly, the immediate beach access is a significant advantage, allowing guests to enjoy the picturesque Ponta Negra Beach and its scenic surroundings.

However, the hotel's Wi-Fi receives mixed reviews with some guests experiencing weak and unstable signals, particularly on higher floors. The parking situation also presents challenges with limited spaces that might not meet everyone’s needs.

Despite these minor drawbacks, Bella Natal Praia Hotel is praised for its family-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a welcoming environment. The vibrant nightlife and abundance of nearby attractions further enhance the experience, though light sleepers may occasionally find the noise levels challenging.

In summary, Bella Natal Praia Hotel stands out for its prime beachfront location, exceptional cleanliness and friendly staff, making it a favored option for travelers seeking comfort, convenience and scenic beauty.
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Beachfront Hotel
What is between the hotel and the beach?
A road
What is the name of the beach? Praia de Ponta Negra
What is the type of the beach? Sand
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Room Types
Standard Double or Twin Room This air-conditioned room features a private bathroom, cable TV, minibar and telephone. Wi-Fi and parking are free.

Standard Double or Twin Room with Sea View This air-conditioned twin/double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with sea views.

Standard Triple Room with Sea View This air-conditioned triple room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with sea views.

Standard Triple Room The triple room includes a private bathroom fitted with a shower. The air-conditioned triple room offers a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a minibar, a wardrobe, a tiled floor as well as a quiet street view.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Bella Natal Praia Hotel boasts an exceptional location that consistently delights its guests. Nestled right in front of the stunning Ponta Negra Beach, the hotel offers guests immediate access to the beautiful sandy shores and a range of beach activities. The central position of the hotel makes it equally convenient for exploring the vibrant surroundings with numerous shops, restaurants and bars just a short walk away. Guests frequently commend the convenience of having everything close by, from local attractions to essential stores.

The views from the hotel are another highlight, especially from the second floor, presenting a picturesque panorama of the beachfront that many guests find breathtaking. The hotel's strategic positioning in the heart of Ponta Negra also provides easy access to other tourist spots and ensures a lively atmosphere with plenty of dining and entertainment options nearby.

The location is not only admired for its beauty and convenience but also for the ease of transportation it offers, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Combining a prime seafront position with a vibrant neighborhood and stunning views, Bella Natal Praia Hotel’s superb location is one of its most celebrated features.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel has received a multitude of positive comments regarding its breakfast offerings from guests. The breakfast is consistently described as wonderful, excellent and very good with many reviews highlighting the variety and quality of the food available. Guests appreciated the diverse selection that included regional dishes, fruits, yogurt and freshly made tapioca. The breakfast is frequently noted to be delicious, well-served and plentiful.

The hotel's breakfast room, although mentioned as small by some, generally receives praise for its cleanliness and timely service. Many guests specifically complimented the hotel staff for their politeness and helpfulness during breakfast service.

While the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive, a few guests noted some areas of improvement, such as the variety of items and the speed of replenishment for certain dishes. Nonetheless, these concerns appear minor compared to the extensive praise for the delicious and varied meals provided each morning.

In summary, Bella Natal Praia Hotel's breakfast is highly regarded by guests for its excellent quality, diverse options and the attentive service of the staff, making it one of the highlights of their stay.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel offers simple accommodations that exceed expectations for cleanliness and comfort. Guests praise the rooms for being very clean, cozy and well-maintained. Many appreciate the beautiful views, especially from rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean. The rooms feature all necessary amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi and TV, ensuring a comfortable stay.

However, some rooms are described as small and in need of modernization. Issues such as outdated furniture, broken tiles and musty smells are noted. The limited number of electrical outlets and occasional maintenance problems, such as leaky sinks and poor air conditioning, are also mentioned. The decor is considered basic but functional and while there are no luxury touches, the accommodations are deemed a good cost-benefit option.

The beds are generally comfortable and the air conditioning is effective. Some rooms could benefit from more outlets and better noise insulation, particularly those near the reception area. Despite the simplicity, many guests find the rooms organized and satisfactory for resting after a day of exploring.

In summary, Bella Natal Praia Hotel provides clean, comfortable and well-cooled rooms with nice views, offering good value for money despite some needing updates and repairs.

Guests' experiences with the beds at Bella Natal Praia Hotel vary widely. Many found the beds comfortable, mentioning them as quite comfortable with some rooms having good beds and foamy support. The bed linens appeared much cleaner compared to the past, adding to a better sleep experience for some.

However, a number of guests noted areas where the hotel could improve. Issues included hard pillows and mattresses with multiple reviews complaining about very uncomfortable and hard beds. Several guests expressed dissatisfaction with the practice of combining two single beds to form a double bed, which compromised comfort and caused issues at the joint of the mattresses.

Moreover, complaints about the beds being old, noisy and worn were fairly common with guests finding the mattresses either too stiff or spreading wires patched. The inconsistency in bed quality, ranging from good to very bad, suggests a hit-or-miss experience. Some guests specifically mentioned the necessity for two nightstands for the double beds and better quality sheets and pillowcases.

Overall, although some guests reported having a comfortable stay, there is a significant need for improvement in the hotel's bedding to ensure a consistently comfortable experience for all guests.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel stands out prominently for its exceptional level of cleanliness, an aspect consistently praised by its guests. Reviews repeatedly highlight the spotless and well-maintained nature of the accommodations, noting the immaculate condition of both rooms and common areas. The cleaning staff receives high marks for their efficiency and friendliness, contributing to the hotel’s pristine environment by performing daily cleanings, changing towels and bed linens.

Guests describe the rooms as very clean, comfortable and well-sanitized, mentioning specifics like fresh pillows and blankets. The bathrooms and main areas within the hotel also meet high standards of cleanliness, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Despite occasional remarks about musty odors, mold or outdated linens and towels, the broad consensus remains overwhelmingly positive regarding the hotel’s cleanliness. With consistent reports of exceptional and impeccable cleaning, Bella Natal Praia Hotel ensures a hygienic and pleasant stay with a dedicated housekeeping team that maintains an orderly, cozy and inviting atmosphere for all guests.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel is widely praised for its exceptional staff, who consistently earn high marks for their friendliness and professionalism. Numerous guests appreciate the warm and welcoming reception they receive from the moment they arrive with special mentions for the helpful receptionists and proficient housekeeping staff. Reviewers consistently highlight the attentive and courteous nature of the employees, often describing them as extremely polite, always willing to assist and genuinely concerned about guests' well-being.

The hotel's team is noted for its customer-centric approach, delivering excellent service across departments, including the kitchen, reception and cleaning services. Guests frequently laud the impeccable organization and smooth administration, emphasizing how these aspects contribute to a pleasant stay. The staff’s dedication is apparent in their proactive approach, often exceeding expectations to ensure a seamless experience.

Names like Luciana, Thiago, João and managers such as Diego receive individual commendations for their exemplary service and personal touch. The collective efforts of the staff make Bella Natal Praia Hotel not just a place to stay, but an inviting home away from home where guests feel valued and well cared for.

The Bella Natal Praia Hotel has garnered mixed reviews regarding its Wi-Fi connectivity. Some guests appreciated the Wi-Fi, noting it as good, very good and even excellent with great speed. However, many others highlighted significant issues. Recurring problems included weak and unstable signals, especially on the top floors and in rooms. It was often reported that the Wi-Fi only worked well near the reception area or close to room doors. Some guests found the Wi-Fi to be inconsistent, fluctuating and occasionally entirely unavailable, which was particularly problematic on higher floors. Many reviews suggested the need for improvement, citing the Wi-Fi as often inadequate or disappointing. Overall, while a few guests had a satisfactory experience, the prevailing sentiment was that the hotel's Wi-Fi required significant enhancements to meet guest expectations.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel's pool area receives a mix of reactions from guests, but there are plenty of positive aspects to note. Many visitors appreciate the beautiful views of the coast and the ocean from the pool deck, enhancing the overall experience with a picturesque backdrop. The pool area itself is often described as lovely, pleasant and clean with particular praise for its maintenance and nightly cleaning routine.

Some guests find the pool to be small, which limits space and can make the area feel crowded at times. While the size may not be ideal for those seeking extensive swimming or a variety of poolside activities, the intimate setting is seen as nice and quiet by others.

There are remarks about the need for improved cleaning and occasional maintenance, highlighting instances where the pool and surrounding area were not as clean as expected. Despite these occasional issues, the good pool area, great sea views and overall ambiance make it a decent spot for relaxation.

In summary, Bella Natal Praia Hotel's pool area is a delightful feature with stunning ocean views and a well-kept, albeit small, pool. Guests looking for a picturesque and peaceful place to unwind will find it a pleasant part of their stay.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel boasts a prime beachfront location, situated directly in front of the picturesque Ponta Negra Beach. Guests frequently highlight the convenience of being just steps away from the sandy shore, making it an excellent spot for sunbathing and leisurely walks. The sound of the sea is a wonderful backdrop to wake up to and the beautiful ocean views from the rooms enhance the overall experience.

The beach itself is described as beautiful and great for swimming with easy access right across the street from the hotel. Its proximity to Morro do Careca adds another layer of scenic beauty to the area. However, there were occasional mentions of a sewage outlet impacting the usability of the beach, but this does not seem to detract significantly from its appeal.

Overall, the Bella Natal Praia Hotel provides a serene seaside experience with quick beach access, making it a favored option for travelers looking to enjoy Ponta Negra Beach while staying in a beachfront hotel.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel offers some parking options, including spaces on the sidewalk in front and at the back of the hotel. However, these spaces are often limited and may not meet everyone's needs. While some guests found the parking to be satisfactory and well watched, others felt it was insufficient and had difficulty finding a spot. Street parking is also an option, although it's often in high demand. The hotel could improve by reserving spaces exclusively for guests or by offering more secure parking options. Despite the challenges, the available parking tends to meet the needs of many who stay at the hotel.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel garners praise for its family-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a welcoming environment. Guests frequently highlight the hotel's suitability for family stays, remarking that it treats guests like family and offers a great family experience. Many have found it perfect for a family vacation, indicating that their families enjoyed and loved the stay.

However, while it is generally regarded as an ideal spot for family trips, it may not be the best option for families with very young children, as some reviews suggest it requires extra energy to manage. The breakfast is noted as simple, yet the accommodating nature of the staff, who handle requests thoughtfully, compensates for this simplicity.

In summary, Bella Natal Praia Hotel stands out as a good option for families, thanks to its warm, family-friendly approach and atmosphere.

Located in the heart of the action, Bella Natal Praia Hotel offers guests a prime spot for enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants and craft shops, visitors have plenty of options to explore after dark. The area is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the local scene with live music performances at nearby venues adding to the lively atmosphere. The vicinity also boasts a variety of events and tourist attractions, ensuring there's always something to do. Despite the excellent location and abundance of nightlife options, the noise from the bars and restaurants can sometimes be a disturbance, particularly with live music playing until late at night. Additionally, late-night check-ins contribute to the overall noise level. For those who thrive in energetic environments and are looking for a place close to all the good spots to go out at night, Bella Natal Praia Hotel's location is unbeatable. However, light sleepers may find the lively surroundings challenging.

3 Star
Bella Natal Praia Hotel is a well-established three-star accommodation that consistently garners praise for its simplicity and excellent value for money. Guests appreciate the practicality and pleasant atmosphere the hotel offers, often describing it as cozy and well-located despite its straightforward installations.

The hotel's basic amenities are complemented by good care, ensuring visitors have a comfortable stay. Rooms are noted to be good and spacious, contributing to the overall positive experience. While the hotel exudes an old-fashioned vibe and features simple interiors, it meets three-star expectations effectively.

Cost-benefit is a recurring highlight in the reviews with many guests commending the excellent variety and superb value for a three-star hotel. The hotel's simple yet complete installations make it a great deal for the price and quality it offers.

Though the hotel has a few drawbacks, such as the presence of stairs without an elevator, the general consensus is that Bella Natal Praia Hotel is a practical, well-located and affordable option that meets the needs of its guests, making it a perfect simple place to stay for those on a budget.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Bella Natal Praia Hotel receives mostly positive remarks from guests, highlighting its beautiful and breathtaking view of the coastline and Morro do Careca. Many found the pool to be of decent size and consistently clean, making it a pleasant area to relax. The surrounding deck offers a nice, quiet environment with a lovely design, although some guests noted that the pool area could benefit from additional decorations and ceiling fans. A few reviews mentioned issues such as the pool being worn out or slightly dirty, but these were less frequent. Overall, the pool area is spacious with a great view and considered a highlight of the hotel experience, despite needing some maintenance and more seating options.

Bella Natal Praia Hotel boasts an enviable beachfront location, directly facing the picturesque Ponta Negra Beach. Guests consistently highlight its excellent position, right on the sand and just steps away from the sea, providing easy beach access by simply crossing the street. The hotel offers breathtaking ocean views and the comforts of a seaside retreat. Clean and warm beach waters add to the appeal of this ideal beachfront spot. Whether guests refer to it as being by the seaside, on the beach or in front of the beach, the consensus is clear: Bella Natal Praia Hotel offers a prime, privileged location for those looking to enjoy the serene beauty of Ponta Negra's stunning waterfront.

Yes, Bella Natal Praia Hotel has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Bella Natal Praia Hotel.

No, Bella Natal Praia Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Bella Natal Praia Hotel.

No, Bella Natal Praia Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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