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Summary of reviewsHotel Sleeping Belle receives widespread acclaim for its prime location in the heart of Paris, particularly near the Gare de Lyon, making transportation around the city extraordinarily convenient. Positioned within walking distance to iconic attractions, dining options and charming neighborhoods like the Latin Quarter and Bastille, it provides both business and leisure travelers an ideal and tranquil base.

The breakfast at Hotel Sleeping Belle is frequently praised for its variety, quality and the pleasant atmosphere in the breakfast room. The diverse selection of sweet and savory options, fresh fruits, pastries and made-to-order dishes, combined with a cozy and unique decor, significantly enhances the dining experience. While some guests noted occasional slow service, the overall sentiment remains highly positive.

Guests appreciate the dining scene around the hotel, which boasts an array of brasseries, cafes and family-run restaurants nearby. This ensures plenty of choices for satisfying meals throughout their stay.

The rooms at Hotel Sleeping Belle are described as cozy, stylish, clean and equipped with modern amenities like Nespresso machines. Although compact, these rooms are typical for Paris and highly appreciated for their comfort and efficient use of space. Some guests reported occasional issues with room size and layout, but this was generally overshadowed by the overall positive impression of cleanliness and comfort.

The high ground of the hotel’s reviews is its cleanliness with rooms consistently described as spotless. Daily cleaning and attention to hygiene standards are highly appreciated, ensuring a comfortable and modern environment for guests.

Hotel Sleeping Belle’s staff consistently receives high marks for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests value the welcoming and accommodating atmosphere created by the attentive staff, which significantly enhances their experience. Personalized attention and local recommendations from the staff contribute to the hotel’s charm.

The hotel also caters well to families, offering interconnecting rooms and various child-friendly amenities. The safe and secure environment, coupled with entertainment options for children, make it a highly recommended choice for family stays.

While the free and fast Wi-Fi service meets the expectations of most guests, some encountered issues with connectivity. Despite these occasional problems, the overall sentiment about the internet service is generally positive.

Hotel Sleeping Belle’s prime location also benefits those interested in nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs nearby, fostering a lively atmosphere.

Beds at the hotel are often highlighted as a standout feature for their exceptional comfort and high-quality bedding. Though a few guests mentioned minor issues, the majority found the beds to contribute significantly to a restful stay.

While the hotel strives to present the allure of a 4-star establishment, some guests noted areas of improvement in facilities and room sizes. However, it remains a decent option for travelers prioritizing location and budget.

For business travelers, Hotel Sleeping Belle offers a business-friendly environment, thanks to its convenient location and comfortable accommodations, although the absence of dedicated workspace in some rooms is noted.

Overall, Hotel Sleeping Belle is highly recommended for those seeking a centrally located, cozy and welcoming stay in Paris, offering a blend of charm, convenience and comfort.
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Room Types
Superior Double Room with Queen Bed Air-conditioned, en suite room with flat-screen TV and free WiFi.

Family Room - Two connecting Rooms Interconnecting rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, flat-screen TV and free WiFi.

Connecting Triple Room This room features a flat-screen TV with a DVD player and game console, a laptop, a wardrobe, and ironing facilities. The private bathroom includes a bath tub or shower, and free toiletries. Extra includes an alarm clock and wake up service.

Superior Single Room Air-conditioned and soundproofed en suite room with a flat-screen TV, satellite channels and free WiFi. The bathroom features free toiletries and slippers.

Executive Room Air-conditioned and soundproofed en suite room. This room also features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a desk and free WiFi. The bathroom offers free toiletries and slippers.

Economy Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned double room provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box as well as city views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Deluxe Room The fireplace is a top feature of this double room. This double room has air conditioning, soundproof walls, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Sleeping Belle enjoys an exceptional location in the heart of Paris, particularly praised for its proximity to Gare de Lyon. Positioned just a few minutes' walk from the train station, it offers effortless access to metro, RER and bus lines, making transportation around the city remarkably convenient. Guests frequently highlight the hotel's central yet peaceful setting, situated on a quiet street and close to numerous charming sites and neighborhoods such as the Latin Quarter and the bustling Bastille area.

The strategic positioning of the hotel not only simplifies commuting but also places visitors within walking distance of iconic attractions and delightful dining options. Many reviews note that the surrounding area feels safe and is filled with a diverse range of brasseries, cafes and bakeries. This accessibility and local charm make it an ideal base for both business and leisure travelers.

In summary, Hotel Sleeping Belle stands out due to its central, well-connected and tranquil location. The convenience of being near a major transport hub like Gare de Lyon, along with easy access to restaurants and sightseeing spots, contributes significantly to the positive experiences of its guests.

Hotel Sleeping Belle's breakfast offerings receive predominantly positive feedback from guests. Described as "amazing," "excellent," and "very good," the breakfast at the hotel is praised for its variety, quality and the pleasant atmosphere in the breakfast room. Guests appreciate the diverse selection, which includes both sweet and savory options, continental breakfast items and made-to-order dishes like eggs and omelets. Many find the offerings generous and plentiful, highlighting fresh fruits, pastries, croissants, cakes, cheeses and high-end dairy products.

The breakfast room itself, often noted for its unique and cozy decor, enhances the dining experience. Despite being located in the basement, the space is described as beautifully decorated and charming, resembling a library or even a metro station. Music from authentic vinyl records and a warm atmosphere contribute to a pleasant start to the day.

Some guests do mention occasional drawbacks such as slow service and limited selection. However, the overall sentiment remains highly positive with recurring commendations for the quality and variety of breakfast items. Guests appreciate the value provided with some noting the inclusion of gluten-free options and complimentary breakfast offerings.

In summary, Hotel Sleeping Belle offers a highly regarded breakfast experience characterized by delicious, varied and high-quality food in a delightful setting.

Hotel Sleeping Belle boasts a prime location for dining enthusiasts with an array of dining options just steps away. The neighborhood is teeming with a variety of restaurants, from casual eateries to more refined spots. Guests can find numerous brasseries, cafes and family-run restaurants in close proximity. The nearby establishments ensure that visitors have plenty of choices for dinner with many good restaurants and bakeries enhancing the culinary landscape. The adjacent restaurant bar also offers a diverse menu similar to what one might expect from local dining venues. Overall, the abundance of nearby dining options makes it easy for guests to find satisfying meals throughout their stay.

Hotel Sleeping Belle offers a cozy and stylish lodging experience with rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness, comfort and thoughtful decoration. Many guests appreciated the beautiful, modern decor and well-maintained facilities that include Nespresso coffee machines, ample sockets by the bed and well-designed, functional spaces.

The rooms, while small by many accounts, are equipped with all the necessary amenities and are perfectly optimized for efficient use of space. Numerous reviews highlight that these compact rooms are typical for Paris but are well-suited for short stays with many guests noting the cozy and charming ambiance.

Several reviews mention the comfort of the beds and quietness of the rooms, contributing to a restful atmosphere despite the smaller size. The bathrooms, although sometimes described as cramped, are modern and feature recent fixtures, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Guests who received room upgrades noted substantial improvements in space and comfort with some rooms being described as spacious and luxurious. The hotel's clean and bright rooms are well-kept with a superb cleaning routine that is appreciated by travelers.

Overall, Hotel Sleeping Belle provides a comfortable, clean and stylish accommodation with excellent amenities, ideal for those seeking a cozy retreat in a central location, albeit with the typical constraints on room size that one might expect in a bustling city like Paris.

Hotel Sleeping Belle has garnered numerous commendations for its beds, signaling a consistent trend of guest satisfaction. The most frequently mentioned attribute is the exceptional comfort of the beds, supported by high-quality bedding. Guests repeatedly highlight the beds as being super comfortable with many describing their sleep experience as amazing due to the bed size and multiple pillows provided.

The bedding itself is often noted to be of excellent quality, contributing significantly to the overall comfort. Those staying in rooms with king-size beds particularly emphasize the spaciousness and comfort.

Some reviews did highlight concerns, specifically mentioning issues like sagging mattresses or overly soft beds, but these are in the minority compared to the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Overall, most guests found the beds to be a standout feature, ensuring a restful and comfortable stay at Hotel Sleeping Belle.

Hotel Sleeping Belle is renowned for its outstanding cleanliness, consistently receiving high praise from guests for its immaculate condition. The rooms and bathrooms are frequently described as spotless with the cleaning standards being described as impeccable and impressive. The hotel is not only clean but also modern, cozy and well-maintained, providing a comfortable stay for visitors.

The rooms are perennially cleaned to the smallest details with guests noting the daily cleaning service and timely changes of towels. Although some reviews mentioned compact room sizes, the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms make up for it. Guests are particularly pleased with the hotel's clean and quiet environment, as well as its meticulous attention to hygiene standards.

Facilities are well-equipped and maintained, providing everything from clean linens to pristine bathrooms. The hotel's ambiance is praised as inviting and modern with clean, luxurious rooms offering added amenities like Nespresso machines and lovely furniture.

In summary, Hotel Sleeping Belle upholds an exemplary standard of cleanliness, ensuring every guest enjoys a spotless, comfortable and modern environment throughout their stay.

The reviews for Hotel Sleeping Belle consistently highlight the exceptional quality of its staff. Guests repeatedly describe the staff as friendly, helpful and professional, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere throughout their stay. The staff’s attentiveness and willingness to assist with any requests enhance the overall experience, making guests feel truly valued and accommodated.

Many have praised the professionalism and knowledgeability of the employees, noting their efficient service and ability to provide excellent local recommendations. From the reception desk to the breakfast room, the positive interactions with the staff seem to contribute significantly to the hotel's charm and appeal. The team’s courteous and polite demeanor is frequently mentioned, ensuring that guests feel comfortable and well-received at all times.

Reviewers also appreciate the personalized attention and warm welcome they receive upon arrival with specific mentions of individuals who went above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. This high level of customer service, combined with the staff’s friendly and approachable nature, leaves a lasting impression on those who visit.

In summary, the staff at Hotel Sleeping Belle stands out for their exceptional service, professionalism and genuine friendliness, consistently enhancing the guest experience and earning high praise from those who stay there.

Hotel Sleeping Belle generally offers a positive experience when it comes to internet connectivity. Many guests have praised the free and fast Wi-Fi that's available in the rooms, highlighting its reliability and streaming capability. The stable connection ensures that most visitors can comfortably stay connected during their stay, whether for work or leisure. However, a few guests have encountered issues such as poor signal, slow speeds and intermittent disconnections. Some also reported difficulty in connecting to the Wi-Fi altogether, particularly in certain rooms. Both free and premium Wi-Fi options are available with the free service being widely appreciated despite some mixed reviews. Overall, most reviews indicate that the Wi-Fi service is satisfactory, though it may not be perfect in all areas of the hotel.

Hotel Sleeping Belle emerges as an ideal destination for families, thanks to its range of family-oriented amenities and atmosphere. The hotel offers interconnecting rooms, which are perfect for keeping families together while providing the necessary space and privacy. Several reviewers highlighted the availability of family rooms and suites that accommodate larger groups, including those with babies and strollers.

Guests appreciated the hotel's family-friendly environment, describing it as warm and inviting. Safety is another highly-praised aspect with the hotel located in a secure neighborhood that is good for families. Parents can relax knowing their children are in a safe setting.

The hotel also receives commendations for its child-specific amenities, including rooms fitted with baby beds and various children-friendly facilities. Kids rooms and play areas provide entertainment options, making it an enjoyable stay for younger guests. Games and activities for children are readily available, adding to the family-friendly experience.

Another benefit is the proximity to several family-friendly restaurants, simplifying dining plans for families during their stay. The hotel's consideration for children, including those with allergies, was a highlight for some guests, emphasizing the attentive service.

Overall, Hotel Sleeping Belle is highly recommended for family stays, offering a cozy, welcoming and well-equipped environment for both parents and children.

Hotel Sleeping Belle is situated in a prime location near the Bastille, just a short four-minute walk from a major train station. Guests have noted the abundance of bars, restaurants and nightlife options in the vicinity, particularly around Rue de Lyon. The area is bustling with local eateries, nightclubs and numerous bars within walking distance, making it an ideal spot for those interested in club hopping and evening entertainment. Additionally, shops are conveniently located nearby, enhancing the overall lively atmosphere around the hotel.

4 Star
Hotel Sleeping Belle offers a mix of experiences that just align with a 4-star rating. Positively, it provides clean and comfortable accommodations with rooms decorated in a uniquely Parisian style, offering a certain charm characteristic of boutique hotels. The charming atmosphere and good value for money make it appealing for travelers seeking an affordable stay in Paris. The breakfast services are generally appreciated and deemed in line with a 4-star standard, providing a decent start to the day.

However, there are areas where the hotel falls short of its 4-star rating. Some facilities require maintenance with issues like clogged sinks and leaky toilet flushes making the experience less comfortable. The room sizes tend to be on the smaller side, which is considered a drawback by some guests expecting more spacious accommodations. Additionally, the overall feeling of comfort and certain luxuries are perceived to be lacking for a hotel boasting such a rating.

While the hotel does have its unique style and charm, the consistency in upholding the standards of a 4-star hotel is questioned with some guests suggesting it does not quite meet their expectations. Despite these mixed reviews, the hotel remains a decent option for those prioritizing location and budget in their travel plans.

Hotel Sleeping Belle proves to be a compelling choice for business travelers, primarily due to its strategic location near Gare de Lyon and excellent transport connections. The establishment is praised for its business-friendly environment with rooms providing functional workspace layouts that include work tables and comfortable desk options, although some guests noted the absence of a dedicated space for laptops.

The rooms are characterized by cleanliness and comfortable bedding, contributing to an ideal setting for both commercial and private stays. The hotel's location is not only convenient for its proximity to the train station but also for being in a nice square, offering a quiet yet accessible place for work.

The proficient and helpful staff are repeatedly highlighted for their professionalism, enhancing the overall service quality. From calling taxis to conversing in Italian, their attention to detail adds a layer of seamless service, making the stay more pleasant and efficient for business undertakings.

In essence, Hotel Sleeping Belle combines comfort and convenience, establishing itself as a suitable and strategically positioned option for business travels.

Hotel Sleeping Belle has received commendable feedback regarding its accessibility features for guests with disabilities. Many guests found the hotel very accessible with specific praise for the accessible rooms, although some mentioned that narrow spaces might pose a challenge for larger individuals. The location of the hotel adds to its convenience, being easily accessible from public transport with nearby train and bus stations, including close proximity to Gare de Lyon.

Guests appreciated being accommodated with changes such as moving rooms to the first floor if they preferred not to use the elevator. The hotel’s elevator and lobby area were noted for their accessibility and complimentary wheelchairs from housekeeping further added to the convenience.

Other positive remarks included the hotel's clean and well-maintained environment, along with facilities such as air conditioning and comfortable mattresses contributing to a pleasant stay. The overall accessibility, coupled with the helpful and pleasant staff, makes Hotel Sleeping Belle a commendable choice for guests with disabilities.

Hotel Sleeping Belle, an exquisite boutique hotel, exudes a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that guests adore. The decor throughout the establishment tells a captivating tale, blending modern decorations with uniquely designed elements, all housed within a carefully modernized old building. This authentic and charming little hotel offers an intimate experience with each room and reception area meticulously arranged and stylishly decorated.

The entire property is marked by beautiful surroundings and elegant touches, creating a warm and inviting environment. Guests can enjoy a beautifully designed foyer that provides a perfect spot for an aperitif, enhancing the overall charm of the place. The hotel’s small but complete features contribute to its incredible charm and boutique appeal, making it a hidden gem in the hospitality scene.

Whether relaxing in the lovely rooms or appreciating the elegant low-key design, guests find the ambiance at Hotel Sleeping Belle both cozy and sophisticated. The careful renovation and quality operation of this lovely hotel make it stand out as a beautifully designed and authentically captivating destination in the boutique hotel spectrum.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Sleeping Belle is recognized for its welcoming and dog-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for travelers with pets. The hotel has a well-defined policy for accepting pets, although it should be noted that they primarily cater to small dogs. Guests appreciate the friendly and accommodating service extended to their furry companions, affirming that pets are indeed welcome. However, potential guests should be aware of an additional charge of $30 per pet per night, even for very small dogs. This information is crucial for pet owners to be aware of before booking their stay.

No, Hotel Sleeping Belle doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Sleeping Belle.

Yes, Hotel Sleeping Belle welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Sleeping Belle.

No, Hotel Sleeping Belle doesn't have a gym.

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