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Summary of reviewsThe Dolphin Hotel consistently earns high praise from its guests, marked by an impressive location and various strongly valued amenities. Strategically situated, the hotel offers convenient access to local landmarks, eateries, shops and essential transport hubs like the ferry port and train station. Its prime positioning near Pembrokeshire's scenic attractions, including the Welsh Coastal Path and picturesque beaches, makes it an ideal base for both work and pleasure.

The breakfast experience at The Dolphin Hotel is notably commendable. Guests appreciate the complimentary continental options, which are perfect for families and can be upgraded to a cooked breakfast at a reasonable fee. The food is described as delicious and well-presented with friendly staff catering to diverse dietary needs. This flexibility, combined with the overall quality, renders breakfast a highlight of the stay.

Dinner at the hotel is equally celebrated. Guests routinely describe the food as exceptional with some dishes, like the lasagna, standing out. The option for both restaurant and bar dining offers flexibility and the ambiance, although slightly old-fashioned for some, generally pleased diners. Large portions, reasonable prices and the excellent quality of food make dinner a memorable and valued part of the experience.

The hotel's rooms are praised for cleanliness and comfort. Most guests find them spacious, modern and inviting with excellent decor. While there are occasional mentions of small room sizes and dated fixtures, these are minor complaints in contrast to the overall positive feedback. Beds are specifically highlighted for their exceptional comfort, contributing significantly to the restful atmosphere of the rooms.

Cleanliness is a standout feature of The Dolphin Hotel. Guests consistently note the impeccable maintenance of both rooms and common areas. This high standard of cleanliness extends throughout the hotel, enhancing the overall guest experience.

The staff at The Dolphin Hotel are frequently recognized for their friendliness and exceptional service. Guests appreciate the warm welcome and attentive assistance from the moment they arrive. The family-run nature of the hotel fosters a hospitable environment where the staff go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay.

However, the hotel's WiFi has received mixed reviews. While some guests find it reliable, others report issues with connectivity and access. Parking also presents a mixed picture; although there is ample free street parking nearby, the limited on-site parking can be a challenge, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

For families, The Dolphin Hotel offers a welcoming environment with well-maintained and comfortable family rooms. The overall setup is conducive to family needs, making it a great option for those traveling with children.

In terms of luxury, guests are consistently impressed by the hotel's boutique style and attention to detail. The tastefully decorated rooms, luxurious linens and towels and excellent dining contribute to a sense of opulence, ensuring a truly exquisite stay.

Overall, The Dolphin Hotel provides a blend of charm, comfort and convenience, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking quality service and a memorable experience in Pembrokeshire.
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Room Types
Single Room with Bathroom The single room features a wardrobe and a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath or a shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Double Room The double room offers a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath or a shower. This double room provides heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Twin Room The twin room features a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath or a shower. This twin room provides heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Family Room with Shower This family room offers heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Dolphin Hotel boasts an impressive location that has garnered high praise from its guests. Positioned excellently, the hotel offers convenient access to a multitude of local amenities and landmarks. Its proximity to the ferry port is a standout feature, perfect for guests with early or late ferry arrivals. Located close to the town center, the hotel is surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes and shops, which makes exploring the area a delight. The train station is also nearby, enhancing its accessibility. It's an ideal spot for those looking to explore Pembrokeshire with the Welsh Coastal Path and several beautiful beaches just a short distance away.

Guests have noted the convenience of its location for various purposes, including catching the ferry, visiting local docks or simply enjoying the pleasant town atmosphere. The hotel is well situated for both work and leisure trips, providing a solid base for guests.

However, some reviews mention that the area around the hotel might seem rundown and there were minor issues with street noise. Despite this, the internal charm and the excellent service have been highlighted as pleasant surprises. Overall, The Dolphin Hotel's strategic location stands out as a significant advantage for its guests, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers.

The breakfast experience at The Dolphin Hotel is highly praised by guests for its quality and value. A complimentary continental breakfast with options like cereal, toast and jam is included in the room rate, which many found satisfactory and perfect for kids. The breakfast is often described as delicious, well presented and served with friendly, chatty staff. Several reviews highlight the option to upgrade to a cooked breakfast for a reasonable additional charge, which is also well appreciated. Guests particularly enjoyed breakfasts that catered to various dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian and allergy-friendly options, showcasing the hotel's flexibility. Despite a few minor suggestions like wishing for more extensive offerings or an earlier start time, the overall consensus is that the breakfast at The Dolphin Hotel is excellent, offering great value for money in a charming setting.

Dinner at The Dolphin Hotel consistently surpassed expectations with guests frequently lauding the fabulous, superb and excellent quality of the food. The restaurant's dinners were praised as high quality and often described as "to die for." Numerous reviews mentioned the beautifully cooked meals and the variety of delicious options available, including a standout lasagne. The availability of both restaurant and bar dining offered flexibility and the ambiance in the restaurant was noted as nice, although somewhat old-fashioned by some. Despite a somewhat limited vegetarian selection, the overall dining experience was highlighted as fantastic value for money with massive helpings and reasonable prices. The hotel's onsite dining facilities, including a good outdoor restaurant area and back patio for drinks in the sunshine, provided a convenient and enjoyable dining option for guests, contributing to the hotel's appeal as a great base for exploring the area. The combination of excellent food and friendly service made dinners at The Dolphin Hotel a memorable part of the stay for many guests.

The Dolphin Hotel offers a variety of rooms, most of which have received praise for being clean, comfortable and tastefully decorated. Many guests highlight the coziness and warmth of the rooms, often noting that they are well-maintained and inviting. Several reviews commend the spaciousness of the rooms, emphasizing the large, airy and bright qualities with some specifically pointing out the modern and lovely decor.

Despite some mentions of small room sizes and occasional dated fixtures, the overall sentiment is positive. Guests appreciate the value for money with many rooms being described as sufficient and well-equipped for a stay. Cleanliness consistently receives high marks with terms like spotlessly clean and tidy appearing frequently across reviews.

Comfort is a notable strength with numerous guests commenting on the comfortable beds and peaceful ambiance of the rooms. The bathrooms seem to be a point of lesser satisfaction for some with mentions of very small or awkward configurations, but the general feedback remains favorable.

While there are minor concerns about noisy surroundings and some maintenance issues, these instances appear to be the exception rather than the rule. The Dolphin Hotel provides a mix of characterful old-world charm and modern amenities, making it a pleasant and satisfactory stay for most visitors.

Guests of The Dolphin Hotel frequently mention the high level of comfort they experienced with the beds. The majority of reviews highlight that the beds are not only comfortable but exceptionally so with phrases like "extremely comfortable beds" and "very comfy bed" appearing multiple times. The mattresses receive particular praise for being soft and providing a good night's sleep.

While there are occasional mentions of the bed linen being of lower quality and pillows needing replacement for being too squishy, these minor drawbacks do not significantly detract from the overall positive sentiment. Cleanliness is also a noted attribute with clean and comfortable beds present in clean rooms, often with amenities like mattress and pillow protectors mentioned.

Overall, the beds at The Dolphin Hotel are warmly praised by guests for their comfort, contributing significantly to an enjoyable stay.

The Dolphin Hotel consistently impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness. Reviews highlight that the hotel and rooms are super clean, tidy and well-maintained. The spacious rooms are noted for their modern, comfortable decor and are spotlessly clean. Guests appreciate the clean bedding, comfy beds with mattress and pillow protectors and the attention to cleanliness in family rooms. The hotel's cleanliness extends to the entire property with the hotel being described as lovely, welcoming and extremely clean. Overall, the Dolphin Hotel maintains high standards of cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay for its guests.

The reviews for The Dolphin Hotel paint a vivid picture of an establishment where the staff truly excel in customer service. Guests consistently note that the staff are exceptionally friendly, helpful and welcoming. Many visitors were met with warm smiles and a sense of hospitability from the moment they arrived with specific mentions of the accommodating and attentive nature of the entire team.

A standout feature is the staff's readiness to go above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction. Instances of the staff providing excellent service, being extremely professional and embodying a welcoming atmosphere are common themes. Visitors have praised the delightful and polite demeanor of the team, highlighting the exceptional efforts of individuals like Natalie and Ben alongside their colleagues.

The family-run nature of the hotel contributes to its pleasant and friendly environment, where the owners and staff equally strive to make guests feel at home. Additionally, the staff’s efficiency and well-mannered approach leave a lasting positive impression on those who stay there.

There are also notable mentions of brilliant service and how the team managed to keep everything running smoothly, making guests feel valued and attended to, regardless of their needs. Overall, the consistent feedback suggests that the staff at The Dolphin Hotel are a significant part of what makes staying there a unique and enjoyable experience.

The Dolphin Hotel's WiFi receives mixed reviews from guests. Some travelers report that the WiFi connection worked really well and found it to be good overall. Positive feedback highlights that there was WiFi available and in certain areas, it worked well. However, several guests experienced issues such as frequent disconnections, limited access and poor or unstable reception. Some also mentioned the absence of instructions for using the WiFi, which added to their difficulties. Although the WiFi can be reliable in certain spots, its consistency across the hotel appears to vary and improvements in stability and clarity of use are suggested.

The Dolphin Hotel has received a variety of comments regarding its parking facilities. Guests generally appreciated the availability of free parking both on-site and on the surrounding streets. The on-street parking is ample and often easy to find, especially since there's a fair amount of free street parking immediately outside the property. However, guests mentioned that the hotel's rear car park is quite limited and operates on a first-come, first-served basis, which can make it hit or miss whether you'll find a spot.

Some commented that the car park is small and narrow, but despite these constraints, many found it convenient and safe. There were occasional remarks about parking spaces being occupied by staff and users not always being considerate in utilizing the parking space available. Despite these limitations, it's noted that parking has generally been good without major complaints overall. For those unable to snag a spot in the small onsite lot, the ample and free street parking nearby seems to be a considerable saving grace.

The Dolphin Hotel offers a welcoming environment for families, showcasing its dedication as a family-run establishment. Families can book comfortable, clean and modern family rooms, which are noted for being tidy and well-maintained. The hotel appears well-suited for family gatherings and celebrations, adding to its all-around family-friendly appeal. Although the rooms may lack some specific family-oriented features, the overall setup is praised for catering effectively to family needs. The hotel's emphasis on maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere enhances its reputation as a great spot for those traveling with children.

The Dolphin Hotel impresses with its luxurious atmosphere and attention to detail. Guests consistently highlight the tasteful decoration and unique boutique style that enhance the overall ambiance. The hotel provides an exquisite experience with luxury items such as large, fluffy towels and sumptuous bathmats, adding a touch of opulence to the stay. The magnificently decorated rooms, combined with comfortable and generously sized beds, ensure a restful night's sleep. The dining experience is notably exceptional with 5-star food contributing to the wonderful atmosphere. Despite its somewhat old-fashioned charm, the Dolphin Hotel offers great value for money and exceeds expectations in comfort and style.

No, The Dolphin Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Dolphin Hotel.

No, The Dolphin Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at The Dolphin Hotel.

No, The Dolphin Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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