Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort

Pilgrimʼs Rest , , Grootfonteinberg 561kt Lydenburg Road (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsMount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a remarkable escape nestled within the serene environment of an indigenous rainforest. The location, embraced by mountainous lush greenery, is frequently praised for its stunning views, tranquility and numerous hiking trails leading to picturesque waterfalls. Despite challenging road conditions, guests find the seclusion and natural beauty more than compensating for the effort.

Accommodations at the resort are highly commended for their spacious, clean and well-maintained rooms. Guests appreciate the charming colonial-style decor, modern amenities, private terraces and especially the cozy fireplaces that enhance the welcoming atmosphere. The comfortable beds, though praised for their thoughtful touches like hot water bottles, received mixed reviews regarding mattress consistency.

The resort's breakfast and dinner services receive generally positive feedback. Breakfast is appreciated for its delicious and plentiful offerings in an appealing setting, though there is some room for improvement in variety and catering to vegetarian preferences. Dinner is largely enjoyed for its generous, hearty dishes with excellent service, although occasional critiques point to issues with pricing and food quality.

Cleanliness across the resort is a strong point with guests consistently noting the pristine condition of both the rooms and the overall property. The resort grounds are meticulously maintained, adding to the overall charm and appeal.

The staff are lauded for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness, contributing significantly to a memorable and welcoming stay. The active involvement of the manager and the courteousness of the cleaning and restaurant staff are frequently highlighted as key aspects of the positive guest experience.

Facilities at Mount Sheba, including the serene pool area, well-maintained tennis court and family-friendly amenities, enhance the appeal of the resort. The pool, in particular, is celebrated for its clean, picturesque setting and relaxing atmosphere. The Wi-Fi service, while generally functional, shows variability with some areas having spotty connectivity.

Overall, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort stands out as a cherished destination offering natural beauty, exceptional service and a tranquil getaway ideal for nature enthusiasts, couples and families. Despite areas where there is room for improvement, guests leave with fond memories and high praise for this secluded gem in the heart of a rainforest.
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Room Types
King Room Decorated in colonial style, this room features a king size bed, a lounge area with TV and fireplace, and an en-suite bathroom. Each room has access to a private patio or balcony.

Family Room This family unit comes with a patio, spacious lounge area with TV and fireplace downstairs and a separate bathroom. There is a bunk bed, suitable for younger guests. The upstairs loft is accessed via stairs and offers a queen size bed.

Executive Suite This unit has an open plan lounge area, a separate bedroom and an en-suite bathroom with bath and shower and a separate toilet. Both lounge and bedroom lead through glass double doors, which flow onto the private patio. Th room offers a mini-bar which can be stocked upon request and a private dining area.

Two-Bedroom Chalet This 2-bedroom unit has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom fitted with a bath, shower and bidet. The second bedroom is on the upper level. There is an additional bathroom, fitted with a shower, on the lower level. An open-plan, fully-equipped kitchen adjoins the lounge. The cottage features a fireplace, select satellite channels and a DVD player. The furnished patio has gas BBQ facilities and a covered parking bay is available.

One-Bedroom Chalet This unit has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom fitted with a bath and shower. There is a sleeper couch in the lounge. An open-plan, fully-equipped kitchen adjoins the lounge. The cottage features a fireplace, select satellite channels and a DVD player. The furnished patio has gas BBQ facilities and a covered parking bay is available.

One-Bedroom Chalet The fireplace is the standout feature of this chalet. The chalet includes a private bathroom, well-fitted with a walk-in shower, a bath, a bidet and a hairdryer. Guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator, kitchenware and an oven in the well-fitted kitchen. The chalet also comes with a barbecue. This chalet has a private entrance, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, garden views, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

King Suite with Balcony Guests will have a special experience as this suite offers a fireplace. Featuring a private entrance, this suite is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a walk-in shower and a bath. This suite features a seating area, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, garden views, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit offers 2 beds.

Comfort Holiday Home This spacious holiday home features 3 bedrooms, a seating area and 1 bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The holiday home features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, an electric kettle, a barbecue, heating as well as garden views. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled within the mountains and surrounded by the lush expanse of an indigenous rainforest, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers an exceptional escape for nature enthusiasts and tranquility seekers. The location is praised for its breathtaking scenery, offering serene and beautiful surroundings with stunning views. Guests appreciate the calm and peace that the resort provides, making it a perfect getaway for a relaxing weekend or a romantic evening.

The resort's placement up in the mountains ensures a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Visitors are particularly fond of the numerous hiking trails and walks to waterfalls that the rainforest setting affords, creating opportunities for both adventure and intimate connection with nature.

Despite the road leading to the property being a common concern due to its gravel and rocky conditions, the effort is often deemed well worth it once guests arrive at this secluded gem. The location’s remoteness adds to its charm, providing unmatched privacy and a sense of being away from the hustle of everyday life.

Exceptional staff service, coupled with an exquisite natural setting, enhances the overall experience. Whether it's the pristine ecosystem or the peace and tranquility offered by this rainforest retreat, Mount Sheba remains a cherished destination for those looking to immerse themselves in natural beauty and serenity.

At Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort, the breakfast experiences generally lean towards the positive with many guests describing the food as delicious, nice and good. The breakfast buffets are frequently noted for being tasty and plentiful, providing something for everybody. Some guests even hailed the breakfast as the best they've had in a decade or in South Africa. The aesthetic appeal of having breakfast in a beautiful room with high wooden ceilings also adds to the overall charm.

However, not all feedback is glowing; a few guests found the breakfast to be very basic or limited in variety with vegetarians feeling particularly underserved by the options. Despite these occasional critiques, the prevailing sentiment is one of satisfaction with several guests highlighting the wholesome and very good nature of the breakfast offerings. The attentive service, such as preparing takeaway breakfasts or mini-breakfasts for late risers, also contributes positively to the overall experience.

In summary, breakfast at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort is generally well-regarded, featuring plentiful and delicious options that cater to a variety of tastes in an appealing setting, though there is room for improvement in terms of variety and catering to specific dietary preferences.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a dining experience that has garnered a mix of positive feedback. Guests consistently praise the food, describing it as lovely, affordable and delicious. Many highlight the meals at both the hotel restaurant and the poolside café as excellent with set menus abundant in choices, beautifully presented dishes and divine flavors. The service is frequently noted as excellent and on point, contributing to an overall satisfying dining experience.

Dinner at the hotel is described as typically South African, generous and hearty like home cooking, which many found fantastic, super and fresh. The quality of the food is recognized as good with some even calling it amazing and fabulous. Breakfast and bar services also receive favorable mentions.

Despite these accolades, there are occasional critiques. Some guests found the dinner to be overpriced with certain dishes, like overcooked fish and over-salted meat, falling short of expectations. There were remarks about food being bland at times and a few guests were disappointed with the buffet options and overall presentation.

However, the romantic and peaceful setting of the hotel, complete with cozy fireplaces and scenic views, enhances the overall dining atmosphere. These elements make it an ideal spot for couples seeking a secluded getaway. The impressive restaurant ambiance further elevates the experience, despite some areas where there is room for improvement.

In conclusion, while there are occasional inconsistencies, the majority of guests at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort find the food to be enjoyable with highlights in service, presentation and variety, making it a commendable dining destination for many.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a truly remarkable stay with its highly praised accommodations. Guests consistently highlight the comfort and coziness of the chalets, cottages and rooms. The rooms are described as spacious, clean and well-maintained with many featuring fireplaces that add to the welcoming atmosphere. A sense of charm pervades the accommodations with colonial-style decor in some rooms and modern amenities in others. Many travelers appreciate the stunning views and private terraces that come with the rooms.

The chalets, in particular, receive accolades for their cleanliness, cozy ambiance and suitability as a peaceful mountain hideaway. Suites are noted for their spaciousness and tasteful furnishings. Guests also mention the excellent facilities, including well-equipped kitchens in some cottages, making it easy for those who prefer cooking indoors or outdoors. The rooms and suites are described as perfect for families with some featuring multiple beds and plenty of space for everyone.

Additionally, the resort’s location within a pristine rainforest ecosystem offers unmatched natural beauty and fantastic hiking opportunities, enhancing the overall experience. Despite the few mentions of areas needing minor updates and the occasional chilly room, the overwhelming sentiment is that of satisfaction with the resort's accommodations. Guests leave with fond memories of their stays in the aesthetically pleasing and comfortable lodgings of Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a mixed experience when it comes to accommodations, particularly the beds. Many guests highlight the comfort, noting the beds as comfortable and even super comfy. The addition of hot water bottles to the beds is a charming touch, often mentioned as a delightful detail that enhances the cozy atmosphere. The bedding is also described as very good, contributing to an overall pleasant stay for some visitors.

However, the feedback isn't uniformly positive. There are mentions of some beds being too soft or too stiff, suggesting inconsistency in mattress quality. Some guests even reported that the beds were falling apart or noted needing to sleep on the couch due to an uncomfortable, thin mattress. These remarks point towards a varied experience depending on the specific room or bed assigned.

Overall, while many guests appreciate the comfort and thoughtful amenities, such as fireplaces and well-maintained bedding, the resort may need to address the noted inconsistencies to ensure a universally comfortable experience.

If you're planning a stay at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort, the cleanliness of the accommodations will likely impress you. Guests have consistently praised the rooms for being clean, cosy and well-maintained. Several reviews mention that the rooms are spotless, tidy and beautifully clean with meticulous attention to organization and details. Visitors have appreciated the special touches that make the accommodations not just neat, but also welcoming and inviting.

Beyond the rooms, the overall property maintenance stands out with many noting that both the chalets and the resort grounds are kept in impeccable condition. The cottages, in particular, are highlighted as lovely and well-appointed, contributing to the resort's charm and allure.

While dishes sometimes may not be as well cleaned, the general consensus is that cleanliness across the resort exceeds expectations, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay amidst the beautiful green surroundings. Whether you're marveling at the views, enjoying hikes or simply relaxing in your room, you'll find that the resort's commitment to cleanliness and maintenance adds significantly to its appeal.

The staff at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort consistently receive high praise from guests, who describe them as exceptionally friendly, helpful and welcoming. Visitors frequently highlight the warm reception they receive upon arrival, noting staff members by name for their outstanding service. The team's attentive nature extends throughout the resort with the cleaning and restaurant staff also earning commendations for their efficiency and courteousness. The manager is often mentioned as being actively involved and supportive, adding a personal touch to the overall guest experience. Despite a few isolated criticisms, the overwhelming sentiment is that the staff contribute significantly to a relaxing and enjoyable stay, making guests feel truly valued and cared for.

The Wi-Fi at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort generally allows for streaming on personal devices, providing convenience in the guest rooms. However, experiences vary with some indicating spotty connectivity and challenges in certain areas. In particular, cottages like number 1 have reported almost no Wi-Fi. While some guests had functioning Wi-Fi upon arrival, others experienced issues that required attention from the reception.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort features a swimming pool that has garnered significant praise from its guests. Many visitors appreciated the serene experience of sitting by the pool early in the morning with a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains. The pool itself is described as lovely, clean and meticulously maintained. The pool area, often referred to as heaven, provides a perfect spot to relax and unwind. Guests mentioned that swimming was a particularly enjoyable activity with some even likening the experience to swimming like a small fish. The pool also offers a unique viewing opportunity of local wildlife, such as monkeys. Overall, the pool at this resort has been noted for its cleanliness, beautiful views and ability to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort boasts exceptional accommodation with very clean and comfortable settings. The resort is particularly family-friendly, providing a range of activities like a tennis court that guests found competitive and enjoyable. The facilities, including the spa and pool, were praised for their quality. Guests consistently highlighted the friendliness and exceptional service of the staff. However, it's worth noting that the resort does not offer dinner services. Despite this, the exceptional food and affordable pricing at the on-site restaurant were appreciated by many.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort is an excellent destination for families seeking a serene escape. Nestled in an idyllic setting, it offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The place shines with family-friendly charm, ensuring an enjoyable stay for both adults and children. Families can revel in the diverse range of hiking trails, varying from easy to challenging, while being treated to captivating scenery and the occasional wildlife sighting.

The resort is equipped with a dedicated kids' park, guaranteeing entertainment and outdoor fun for the little ones. The spacious accommodations are suitable for family needs, although there have been instances where sleeper couches were provided instead of beds in some rooms. Notably, the double fireplace in the lounge and bedroom keeps guests warm and cozy throughout their stay.

Staff at the resort are commendable for their friendliness and willingness to cater to guest needs, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, the clean and tranquil environment, coupled with delicious breakfast options, adds to the resort's allure.

Ideal for both family reunions and romantic getaways, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, making it a worthwhile destination for creating cherished memories.

3 Star
Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort provides a mixed experience with varying quality of offerings. The hotel is often perceived as deserving more than its three-star rating, which suggests some fairly high standards in certain areas. The facilities are adequate with no need for specialized vehicles such as 4x4s to access the property, indicating its accessibility. However, the food offerings received less favorable feedback. Guests described breakfast as very basic and dinner only passable, while desserts were notably disappointing. There were also remarks about the overpriced buffet that, despite being plentiful, lacked quality with dishes like stew, mushy green beans, dry gammon and malva pudding. Comparatively, some travelers found better value for money at four-star hotels elsewhere, particularly emphasizing their superior breakfast experiences. Overall, the service provided is sufficient, but improvements in the culinary department could greatly elevate the guest experience.

Outdoor Pool
The Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a lovely pool surrounded by beautiful surroundings and peaceful ambiance. Guests can often spot monkeys around the pool, adding a unique touch to the experience. The pool area is clean and provides a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding, complemented by nice breakfast options. While some reviews mention that the pool can be cold and not always in the best condition and that the patio lounge chairs are uncomfortable, the overall environment and exceptional accommodation make it a worthwhile visit. Several walking paths around the property also add to the charm of the location.

Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort offers a tranquil escape perfect for honeymooners and couples seeking a romantic getaway. Nestled in serene surroundings, the resort features gorgeous scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. Guests can enjoy quiet, cozy cabins complete with fireplaces in both the lounge and bedroom, creating the ideal setting for romantic evenings. The layout of the accommodations, including tented options, offers stunning views and inviting patios that enhance the overall experience. The staff is consistently praised for being friendly and helpful and the breakfast is noted as being particularly enjoyable. Whether celebrating an anniversary or simply looking to unwind, this resort promises a memorable and relaxing stay amidst the beautiful lime woods.

Yes, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort.

No, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort.

No, Mount Sheba Rainforest Hotel & Resort doesn't have a gym.

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