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Summary of reviewsVila Prezident provides a serene and idyllic setting just outside Sremski Karlovci, positioned on Fruška Gora's slopes and near the popular Stražilovo hiking site. The tranquil atmosphere amidst vineyards and nature makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking a quieter part of Karlovci, though it's a manageable 20-minute walk from the town center.

Guests consistently commend the hotel's breakfast, which is often described as fantastic, abundant and full of homemade savory and sweet products. The variety of dishes and the freshly prepared nature of the food receive frequent praise with many noting the exceptional coffee. Although there are occasional mentions of minor inconsistencies, breakfast remains a highlight and contributes to a memorable stay.

Dinner at Vila Prezident also garners high praise for its excellent, delicious and beautifully flavored meals, offered in a charming and pleasant dining atmosphere. Despite a limited menu, the high-quality and well-prepared dishes leave guests highly satisfied.

The rooms at Vila Prezident are spacious, beautifully furnished and clean, offering a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Many rooms boast balconies with lovely views and the air conditioning and powerful showers add to the overall comfort. Special mentions go to the VIP suite and specific rooms like Room 303 for their exceptional features. Overall, the property's larger-than-average room sizes and thoughtful furnishings ensure a cozy and inviting environment.

The hotel's exceptional cleanliness is frequently highlighted with spotless rooms and meticulously maintained facilities, including the pool and spa areas. Guests describe their experience as "perfectly clean" and "extremely clean," solidifying Vila Prezident's reputation for top-notch hygiene standards.

The staff at Vila Prezident consistently receive glowing reviews for their friendliness, warmth and helpfulness. Employees across various roles, such as receptionists, hostesses and waitstaff, are praised for their welcoming demeanor and excellent service. The positive attitude and high level of service from staff members like Maša and Teodora significantly enhance the guest experience, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, the pool at Vila Prezident stands out as a key highlight, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for its cleanliness, pleasant water temperature and intimate ambiance. The inclusion of an indoor, heated pool adds to its appeal, complementing the overall relaxation experience with the hotel's sauna and spa facilities. Guests appreciate the clean and inviting pool area, further contributing to the enjoyable ambiance of Vila Prezident.
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Room Types
Double Room Modern and elegant room with air conditioning, an LCD cable TV and a minibar.

Executive Suite Elegantly furnished suite with air conditioning, an LCD cable TV, a minibar and a hydro massage bath.

Twin Room Modern and elegant room with air conditioning, an LCD cable TV and a minibar.

Guest Reviews
Vila Prezident enjoys a peaceful and scenic location just outside the main town of Sremski Karlovci. Guests appreciate the serene atmosphere, noting its setting amidst beautiful surroundings and nature. Positioned on the slopes of Fruška Gora and near the Stražilovo excursion site, the hotel is ideal for those looking to explore hiking trails in the National Park. Although it is a bit of a distance from the town center—approximately 1.6 kilometers or a 20-minute walk—it remains reachable by foot. The tranquil setting in a quiet area above the city, surrounded by vineyards, offers a restful retreat, making it a favored spot for visitors seeking a quieter part of Karlovac.

Vila Prezident is renowned for its breakfast offerings, which have been described as fantastic, abundant and full of homemade savory and sweet products. Guests frequently commend the variety of dishes, ensuring a diverse and satisfying start to the day. The freshly prepared nature of the food contributes to the overall appeal with many highlighting the delicious and flavorful items available. Coffee lovers won't be disappointed, as the coffee is frequently praised as wonderful.

While most guests found the breakfast exceptional and excellent, there were occasional mentions of it being decent or just okay, reflecting minor inconsistencies. Some noted that while the spread can be plentiful and generous, the variety peaked on certain days over others. Overall, the breakfast experience at Vila Prezident generally stands out as a highlight, contributing to a memorable stay.

The dinner at Vila Prezident receives commendation for its high quality and flavor. Guests consistently describe the food as excellent, delicious and tasty. The hotel's ambiance adds a charming touch to the dining experience, making it a lovely setting for an evening meal. Though the menu is limited, the well-prepared meals and great-tasting food leave guests satisfied. Overall, dining at Vila Prezident is a delightful experience marked by well-cooked dishes and a pleasant atmosphere.

Vila Prezident promises a delightful stay with its array of comfortable and clean accommodations. Guests repeatedly highlight the spacious and beautifully furnished rooms, many of which come with balconies offering a lovely view. Several reviews praise the well-kept state of the property, even noting that while some rooms may appear slightly old, they remain in excellent condition and exude a certain charm.

Air conditioning and powerful showers further enhance the comfort level, making the rooms a pleasant retreat after a day of exploring. The VIP suite and certain favorite rooms, such as Room 303, receive special mentions for their exceptional features, ensuring a memorable experience. Each room is thoughtfully furnished, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the property stands out for its larger-than-average room sizes compared to most hotels, offering plenty of space to relax and unwind. The combination of excellent accommodation and amenities like the pool underscores why Vila Prezident is a favored choice among travelers.

Vila Prezident consistently receives high praise for its exceptional cleanliness. Visitors frequently highlight the spotless and well-maintained condition of the entire hotel. The rooms are noted for being very tidy with perfect hygiene and top-notch standards of cleanliness and comfort. The pool and spa facilities also meet these impressive standards. Guests often describe their experience using terms like "perfectly clean" and "extremely clean," reinforcing the hotel's reputation for meticulous cleanliness. Overall, the consistently high level of tidiness and cleanliness leaves a lasting positive impression on travelers.

At Vila Prezident, the staff receives exceptional praise from guests for their friendliness, warmth and unwavering helpfulness. Receptionists and hostesses, particularly Maša and Teodora, are highlighted for their welcoming demeanor and excellent service. The waitstaff, including individuals like Uros and Nemanja, stand out for their courtesy and superb attention to detail. Across various roles, whether at the reception, in housekeeping or in the restaurant, staff members are consistently described as kind, attentive and always ready with a smile. The atmosphere created by the team fosters a friendly and inviting experience, making guests feel warmly welcomed from the moment they arrive. Overall, reviews emphasize that the staff's positive attitude and high level of service significantly enhance the stay at Vila Prezident.

The pool at Vila Prezident has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. With several mentions of its cleanliness, many describe the pool as very clean and well-maintained. The water temperature is frequently highlighted as being pleasant and warm, making swimming a comfortable experience. The pool, while described as nice and little, seems to perfectly cater to a smaller number of people, ensuring a more intimate and enjoyable time.

The inclusion of an indoor, heated pool adds to the appeal, especially for those seeking relaxation regardless of the weather outside. Furthermore, the combination of the pool with the sauna has been noted to complete the overall relaxation experience, enhancing the spa-like atmosphere of the hotel. Guests appreciate the clean and inviting pool area, which is often described as nice and great, contributing to the overall enjoyable ambiance of Vila Prezident.

In addition to the well-recognized excellence of the pool itself, the accompanying spa area has also garnered praise, often mentioned in tandem with the positive pool experience. Through its warm and clean waters, as well as its integration with the hotel’s spa and sauna offerings, the pool stands out as a key highlight for those staying at Vila Prezident.

Yes, Vila Prezident has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Vila Prezident.

No, Vila Prezident doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Vila Prezident.

No, Vila Prezident doesn't have a gym.

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