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Summary of reviewsHotel Reesenhof offers a combination of convenience, tranquility and practical comforts, making it an appealing choice for travelers. Centrally located in the district and close to the city's outskirts, the hotel provides easy access to local amenities while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Its proximity to the Ruhr Valley Trail and cycle path makes it an ideal spot for cycling enthusiasts. Despite being on a main road, the rooms, particularly those at the back, remain quiet, enhancing the restful experience. The secure bike room and the serene neighborhood featuring outdoor seating options further add to the convenience for guests.

For dining, Hotel Reesenhof does not provide breakfast, but nearby bakeries more than make up for it with delicious and affordable options, including excellent sandwiches and coffee. Guests have particularly appreciated the wood-fired bakery near EDEKA, open early even on Sundays. Dinner options are diverse with a highly praised Indian restaurant located in the courtyard and an array of local eateries such as a good pizzeria and an ice cream parlor right next to the hotel.

The rooms at Hotel Reesenhof are spacious, clean and practical, providing ample space for a comfortable stay. The simple design and cleanliness are frequently highlighted, along with a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to rest. Additional amenities like complimentary tea, water and large lockable storage for bicycles enhance the convenience. Despite some minor maintenance issues, the rooms are generally well-received.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with guests often commenting on the spotless and well-maintained environment. The hotel offers excellent value for money with a focus on simplicity and a hassle-free experience.

The staff at Hotel Reesenhof receive consistent praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing significantly to positive guest experiences. The warm and accommodating demeanor of both the reception and housekeeping teams helps create an inviting atmosphere.

Parking is free and directly available at the hotel, a considerable advantage for guests. However, the lot can be somewhat limited and challenging for larger vehicles with tight and poorly divided spaces.

Beds receive mixed reviews; while many guests find them comfortable with firm mattresses, others cite issues with low, hard or unstable beds and very soft pillows. This variability can affect the overall comfort of the stay.

In summary, Hotel Reesenhof excels in providing a clean, convenient and restful environment with friendly staff and a variety of nearby dining options. Its location and additional amenities particularly suit short stays and cycling enthusiasts.
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Room Types
Single Room The single room offers a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This single room features heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room The double room offers a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double or Twin Room The twin/double room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. The unit has 2 beds.

Large Single Room The single room offers a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. This single room features heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Economy Single Room The unit offers 1 bed.

Economy Double Room The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Reesenhof boasts a prime location in terms of both convenience and tranquility. It is centrally located in the district and close to the city's outskirts, making it accessible while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Guests particularly appreciate the hotel's proximity to the Ruhr Valley Trail with the Ruhr cycle path just next to the property, ideal for cycling enthusiasts.

Despite its position on a main road, many guests find the rooms, especially those at the back, very quiet. The neighborhood offers a shady, serene environment with options to sit outside and there’s even a secure bike room for cyclists. The hotel's surroundings are convenient with grocery stores, bakeries and various food options close by, including directly opposite the hotel.

While the hotel is described as being far from the city center and train station, it remains an ideal spot for a short stay and those wanting to explore the local cycling trails. Overall, Hotel Reesenhof's location blends convenience with a quiet escape, particularly suiting travelers seeking a brief, restful stopover.

Guests of Hotel Reesenhof have shared various experiences regarding breakfast during their stay. Notably, the hotel itself does not provide breakfast options. However, visitors have found alternatives at nearby bakeries that serve quite satisfying breakfasts. Many have praised the delicious and affordable breakfast selections across the street, including excellent sandwiches and coffee. Guests appreciated the convenience and quality offered by these local bakeries with some particularly enjoying the wood-fired bakery near EDEKA, which is noted to be easily accessible and open early, even on Sundays.

While some guests expressed a longing for an in-house breakfast to eliminate the need to go out, others found the nearby bakery experiences quite pleasant and worthwhile, mentioning the ease of accessing breakfast just a short walk away. Despite the absence of on-site breakfast service, the surrounding options have generally received positive feedback for their quality and variety.

Hotel Reesenhof boasts a convenient dining experience with an emphasis on diverse culinary options right at its doorstep. Guests particularly highlight the availability of a very good Indian restaurant located in the building’s courtyard, often regarded for its delicious and tasty food. The presence of this Indian restaurant is frequently noted as a significant advantage with visitors appreciating its high quality and accessibility for a cozy dinner.

Beyond Indian cuisine, the hotel's location offers an array of dining choices, including a highly praised ice cream parlor and a good pizzeria, ensuring varied options for different tastes. These dining establishments are noted for being right next to the hotel, making it easy for guests to explore local eateries without hassle. Whether craving some authentic Indian dishes, indulging in a sweet treat or enjoying a comforting pizza, Hotel Reesenhof's guests find dining both convenient and satisfying.

Hotel Reesenhof offers a comfortable and practical experience for guests. The rooms are generally spacious, providing ample space for a relaxing stay. Many visitors appreciated the clean and simple design of the accommodations, making them functional and sufficient for an overnight stay. Guests also noted the pleasant atmosphere, enhanced by quiet surroundings that allow for a restful experience. Some rooms even feature a separate entrance and large windows, contributing to the spacious feel and providing plenty of natural light.

Complimentary tea and water add a cozy touch to the rooms and the presence of a large lockable storage room for bicycles was seen as a bonus by those bringing bikes. Despite some mentions of maintenance issues and simple furnishings, the general consensus reflects a positive experience with friendly staff further enhancing the stay.

In summary, Hotel Reesenhof's rooms are spacious, clean and quiet, making them suitable for both short and slightly longer stays. The overall atmosphere is pleasant and functional with a few added amenities like complimentary beverages and separate entrances that add to the convenience.

Hotel Reesenhof offers a mixed experience when it comes to bed comfort. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable with firm mattresses that contributed to a good night's sleep. The location of the hotel also added to the overall positive experience. Some mentioned that the beds were of a good size, including large beds even in single rooms.

However, there were some criticisms as well. A few guests described the beds as low with thin or hard mattresses that detracted from their comfort. Issues with bed stability were noted with some mattresses being described as saggy, squeaky and even worn out. Pillows were found to be very soft, which didn't meet everyone's preference.

Overall, while many found the beds at Hotel Reesenhof comfortable and conducive to rest, others experienced variability in bed quality that could affect their stay.

Hotel Reesenhof consistently receives high praise for its cleanliness. Guests frequently mention how clean and tidy the rooms are with everything well-maintained and spotless. Many reviewers highlight the cleanliness as excellent value for money, describing the environment as uncomplicated and hassle-free. Situated in a central location, the hotel's rooms remain quiet and peaceful, ensuring a restful stay. While minor issues such as a musty smell and a sticky hairdryer were noted, the overall feedback emphasizes a high standard of cleanliness. The presence of well-kept amenities like an electric kettle further adds to the positive impression of the hotel's cleanliness.

Visitors to Hotel Reesenhof consistently praise the staff, highlighting their friendliness and helpful demeanor. Guests mention being warmly welcomed and note that both the reception and housekeeping teams are exceptionally accommodating. The pleasant interactions with the hotel's staff have contributed significantly to positive stays, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere throughout the establishment. The management and employees are frequently described as very nice, making guests feel genuinely cared for from the moment they arrive.

At Hotel Reesenhof, guests will find the convenience of free parking spaces directly at the hotel. Despite the invaluable offering of no-cost spots, some visitors have noted that parking options are somewhat limited and the lot can be challenging to utilize. It's mentioned that the parking facilities are a bit tight, particularly for larger vehicles and the lot itself isn't well divided. However, for those with smaller vehicles or who secure a spot, the direct and free parking can be a significant benefit.

No, Hotel Reesenhof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Reesenhof.

No, Hotel Reesenhof doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Reesenhof.

No, Hotel Reesenhof doesn't have a gym.

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