Summer Means... Infinity Pools!

July 12, 2021 by Anthony Grant

Photo from Silavadee Pool Spa Resort

Discover the best hotels with infinity pools... with Travelmyth!

Wow... is the first word that may come to mind when you see the infinity pools at some of the superb hotels you'll find with Travelmyth. After all, what says summer more than a refreshing ribbon of cool blue that runs right up to the horizon of an even wider blue beyond? It's like getting two servings of serenity and relaxation for the price of one! Travel expert Pam Price, author of 100 Best Spas of the World, says, "I know many travelers for whom a swimming pool at their hotel is very important—not just for people like me who don't necessarily love the beach but for anyone who appreciates a lovely spot to 'chill' without having to venture too far from your hotel room." And there's a world of hotels with remarkable infinity pools to choose from—we have 8,603 in our inventory and counting.

Of course one of the most mythic — or let's say, "Travelmyth"-ic — destinations for infinity pools is the Greek island of Santorini, thanks to the myriad clifftop hotels that cling to the edge of the island's famous volcanic caldera. A click on the hotels with infinity pools category reveals great options like the Grace Hotel Santorini, where "an infinity pool runs along the front of the resort, ideal for swimming and Skaros Rock-spotting, offering a bar, double loungers and an outdoor shower," or Perivolas Hotel, which is set on the cliffs above the Aegean Sea and offers breathtaking panoramic views from its infinity pool.

Photo from Perivolas Hotel

You'll also find a hotel with one of the world's most iconic infinity pools: the Caruso, A Belmond Hotel, on Italy's Amalfi Coast. With its stunning location high above Ravello, coupled with its panoramic view of the Amalfi Coast, the infinity pool at Hotel Caruso "stands out as a beautiful architectural work of art" — and with Travelmyth as your starting point you can book your stay there with a few simple clicks.

Photo from Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

Add "Europe" and "Panoramic View Pool" to your search and you'll see even more great selections turn up in Santorini, like the Katikies Santorini in Oia, as well as Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort in Mykonos, Hotel Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen, Switzerland and many more fine hotels with infinity pools across Europe.

Photo from Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Of course, hotels with infinity pools aren't limited to the Old Continent! The Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti in Banagi, Tanzania offers an infinity-edge pool with a majestic panoramic view of the African Savannah. Here, you can take the plunge and watch your friendly elephant neighbors go about their day in the nearby watering hole. Whether you feel like you are living in a documentary or a dream, you'll be thrilled with this exotic hotel discovery thanks to the innovative search options brought to you by Travelmyth! Africa isn't the only continent where you can enjoy a dive in the sky surrounded by lush greenery, and the Origins Lodge in Bijagua, Costa Rica is nothing but a stellar example of the variety you can expect!

Photo from Origins Lodge

Hotels with spectacular infinity pools truly abound. Another example among the thousands you'll find on our site is the Hanging Gardens of Bali resort in Payangan, Indonesia. The cascading pool here is twin-tiered, and the top tier is situated high over a second tier which has lounges and sun umbrellas. The top tier "overlooks a dense rainforest, giving it the most luxurious and natural view." Combining views of the azure sea and the forest that surrounds it, Sunset Hill Boutique Resort in Ko Phangan, Thailand, also features an infinity pool that will sweep you off your feet.

Photo from Sunset Hill Boutique Resort Koh Phangan

With infinity pools like these ones and many, many more that are high on that "wow" factor, you may find you never want to leave the hotel this summer — or the pool!

Do you have a favorite hotel infinity pool? Drop us a line here and let us know!

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