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Summary of reviewsPark-Hotel offers a blend of relaxation and convenience, situated on the tranquil banks of the Rhine River. Guests are often captivated by the stunning views of the water, the serene surroundings and the accessibility to local attractions like the Crystal Thermal Spa and the Rheinsteig hiking trail. The hotel's central, yet peaceful location near the town center and train station ensures that guests enjoy both accessibility and a quiet atmosphere, perfect for a memorable stay.

The breakfast at Park-Hotel is widely appreciated for its plentiful and varied selection. Guests praise the buffet's fresh items, including rolls, fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, cereals and yogurt with the quality of coffee being a standout point. The cozy breakfast room with views of the Rhine and the friendly staff further enhance the breakfast experience, although some found the offerings to be basic.

However, dinner options at the Park-Hotel garner mixed reviews. Many guests experienced the restaurant and bar closures during their stay, leading to disappointment due to limited dining facilities. Those who did dine praised certain dishes like the pike-perch, indicating the cuisine's potential when available.

The rooms at Park-Hotel are noted for their cleanliness and spaciousness, often complemented by private balconies with lovely views of the Rhine. Guests appreciate the cozy and extremely clean accommodations. Yet, the outdated decor and furnishings, reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, along with the absence of air conditioning, highlight areas for improvement. Modernizing the rooms could significantly enhance guest satisfaction.

Cleanliness is a strong point for Park-Hotel, especially within rooms and bathrooms. Despite isolated reports of musty smells in hallways and staircases, the overall standard of cleanliness meets guest expectations.

The staff at Park-Hotel are frequently commended for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere. Specific praise is directed towards management, particularly Mrs. Schmidt, for their dedication to customer satisfaction. While some guests reported less favorable encounters with the reception team, the general sentiment is one of a supportive and attentive staff.

Guests appreciate the ample free parking facilities offered by Park-Hotel, including a large private parking lot and storage options for motorcycles. These parking amenities are seen as a convenient perk adding to the overall positive experience.

Lastly, the beds at Park-Hotel receive mostly positive feedback with guests finding them comfortable, clean and satisfactory for a good night's rest. While there are occasional complaints about bed comfort and quality, the majority of reviews indicate a satisfactory bedding experience.

In summary, Park-Hotel provides a tranquil and picturesque getaway with excellent views, a tasty and varied breakfast, clean accommodations and friendly staff. Moderate improvements in certain areas like room modernization and dining options could further elevate the guest experience.
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Room Types
Single Room The single room offers a private entrance, soundproof walls, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with River View The double room provides a private entrance, soundproof walls, a terrace with river views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Junior Suite with River View Offers spacious living/sleeping area and a view of the Rhine.

Standard Double Room with Garden View The double room features a private entrance, soundproof walls, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 2 beds.

Comfort Double Room with Balcony The double room offers a private entrance, soundproof walls, a terrace with river views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Park-Hotel enjoys an enviable location right on the banks of the Rhine River, offering guests stunning views of the water and the serene surrounding areas. The hotel's setting is often described as very quiet, adding to the overall tranquility and making it an excellent spot for relaxation. The close proximity to the Rhine River makes it ideal for cyclists and those who enjoy riverside walks with beautiful paths and park areas enhancing the experience.

Guests also appreciate the hotel's central location. It is conveniently situated near the town center, train station and is just steps away from the Crystal Thermal Spa, a major draw for visitors looking to indulge in some pampering. Despite being centrally located, the hotel’s immediate surroundings are peaceful, providing a perfect balance between accessibility and serenity.

The views from the hotel, especially for rooms overlooking the Rhine, are repeatedly noted as beautiful and impressive. The panoramic landscapes and the sight of ships sailing by contribute significantly to the charm of the place. Additionally, the large parking lot and proximity to local attractions such as the Rheinsteig hiking trail make it a practical choice for travelers.

The Park-Hotel’s scenic location near the spa park and meticulous attention to creating a family-friendly atmosphere are other highlights that guests consistently appreciate. This combination of natural beauty, quiet surroundings and convenient amenities undoubtedly makes it a memorable spot for both short and extended stays.

The breakfast at Park-Hotel has generally received positive feedback from guests who describe it as good, plentiful and varied. Many have praised the buffet for its selection of fresh items such as rolls, fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, cereals and yogurt and have specifically mentioned the quality of coffee. The breakfast is considered inviting, substantial and diverse with some guests particularly appreciating the ample variety and freshness of the offerings. Although a few reviews mentioned the breakfast as being average or basic, the overall sentiment leans towards satisfaction. The staff's friendliness and the cozy breakfast room with a view of the Rhine were additional highlights for many guests. Overall, Park-Hotel seems to have successfully met the breakfast expectations of most of its visitors.

Park-Hotel's dining experience receives mixed reviews from guests. While many guests note that the restaurant and bar were closed during their stay, resulting in limited dining options, those who did dine report a different experience. A handful of guests mention enjoying excellent cuisine, particularly highlighting dishes like the pike-perch. However, the general sentiment points to a lack of dining facilities, which includes no warm dishes except boiled eggs for breakfast, no coffee specialties and no available drinks in the evening. Guests were left expecting more from the hotel's dining services with some expressing disappointment over the restaurant's closure due to staff shortages. Despite this, breakfast offered fresh fruit and a large selection, adding a positive note to the overall dining experience at the Park-Hotel.

Park-Hotel offers a mixed experience when it comes to its rooms with some notable strengths and areas for improvement. The hotel rooms are consistently praised for their cleanliness with many guests highlighting their very clean and cozy nature. Additionally, several reviews appreciate the spaciousness of the rooms and the added benefit of private balconies, some with lovely views of the Rhine, which contributes positively to the overall comfort.

However, a common theme among the reviews is the outdated nature of the hotel's furnishings and equipment. Several guests mention that the facilities and décor resemble styles from the 70s and 80s, indicating that the hotel could benefit from modernization. The bathrooms, similarly, have aged and show signs of wear.

Several rooms suffer from design inefficiencies such as unnecessary separations and limited space, making navigation and usage somewhat cumbersome. The absence of air conditioning is also a notable drawback, particularly during hot weather when temperatures can become uncomfortable.

In summary, while the Park-Hotel provides clean and sufficiently spacious rooms with pleasant balcony views, the overall outdated appearance and lack of modern amenities may detract from the experience. Renovations and updates to the hotel's furnishings and facilities would significantly enhance guest satisfaction.

The reviews for the beds at Park-Hotel highlight a generally positive experience. Guests frequently described the beds as comfortable, clean and new with several noting that the bedding was also good. While many found the mattresses to be excellent or soft, a few reviews mentioned issues like sheets not being comfortable and mattresses sagging. Despite some isolated complaints about bed quality and comfort, the consensus indicates that Park-Hotel provides an adequate bedding experience for most guests.

Park-Hotel maintains a commendable standard of cleanliness, leaving guests generally pleased with their experiences. Reviews frequently highlight the clean rooms and the overall cleanliness of the hotel. Many guests specifically mention that their rooms were very clean and everything within the hotel adhered to a satisfying level of cleanliness.

While the rooms are described as clean, cozy and well-maintained, some comments point out that the hotel has room for improvement. Guests noted that certain areas, such as the hallways and staircases, have an unpleasant, musty smell, occasionally likened to the odor of cleaning agents or more disagreeable scents. Additionally, there were isolated reports of rooms feeling small and musty and one mention of a room not being cleaned, although such instances appear to be exceptions rather than the norm.

Overall, Park-Hotel receives positive feedback for its cleanliness, especially inside the rooms and bathrooms. However, attention to specific areas like hallways could enhance the guest experience further.

Visitors to Park-Hotel often highlight the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, noting that the personnel generally exhibit a welcoming and supportive demeanor. Many guests specifically praise the reception for being friendly and the overall management for its service orientation. Notably, Mrs. Schmidt receives commendation for her exceptional kindness, embodying the positive interaction guests appreciate. Guests commend the hotel's hosts for their attentiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction with many recognizing the manager's efforts in making their stay pleasant.

However, guest experiences with the reception team are mixed with some describing encounters as unfriendly or overwhelmed. Despite these occasional issues, the overall impression is one of a hotel staffed by friendly, dedicated individuals committed to providing a positive experience. The cordial atmosphere and commitment to service make Park-Hotel an appealing choice for visitors.

Park-Hotel guests frequently praise the hotel's parking amenities. Reviewers often highlight the availability of free parking, which includes a large private parking lot situated conveniently in front of the hotel. The parking facilities are described as sufficient and adequate, accommodating both cars and bikes. Additionally, there is a storage option for motorcycles, further underscoring the hotel's thoughtful provision for all types of vehicles. Overall, the consensus is that Park-Hotel offers good parking options, contributing positively to guests' experiences.

No, Park-Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Park-Hotel.

No, Park-Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Park-Hotel.

No, Park-Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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