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Summary of reviewsLe Funi Hotel in Bergamo Alta has received numerous positive reviews across various categories, making it a favored choice among guests. One of the hotel's most celebrated aspects is its prime location just outside the historic old town walls. This strategic positioning provides guests with easy access to the attractions of Bergamo Alta while offering a tranquil and quiet environment, complemented by stunning views of the surrounding hills and cityscapes. The hotel's proximity to the airport bus, funicular and dining options make it an excellent base for exploration.

The breakfast at Le Funi Hotel stands out for its diversity and high quality, featuring regional products such as local cheeses, hams and homemade pastries. The picturesque terrace offers a delightful setting for breakfast with beautiful views, enhancing the overall experience. Despite minor criticisms concerning specific items, the general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.

Dining at the hotel's restaurant also receives high marks with guests noting the delicious cuisine and excellent service. While a few wish for a more varied menu, the recommendations for nearby dining options add extra value.

The rooms are consistently praised for being spacious, modern and impeccably clean with stylish décor and comfortable furnishings. Guests appreciate the luxurious bathrooms and the peaceful environment, despite the proximity to the hustle and bustle of the old town. Minor issues such as limited storage and occasional noise are mentioned, but these do not substantially detract from the overall positive feedback.

Cleanliness is a defining feature of Le Funi Hotel with guests highlighting the immaculate conditions throughout the property. The combination of modern furnishings and meticulous upkeep further enhances the guest experience.

The staff are frequently described as friendly, helpful and professional, going above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. Their attentiveness and local knowledge add significant value to the guest experience.

Le Funi Hotel also offers reliable and complimentary wifi, although some guests have reported occasional issues with connectivity. Parking options are convenient and secure, though not free with a standard fee of €15 per night.

Families find the hotel particularly accommodating with family rooms and suites designed for comfort and quietness. The hotel's location and amenities make it suitable for family outings and the staff's kindness towards children enhances the stay.

The beds at Le Funi Hotel are praised for their comfort, contributing significantly to restful nights, though a few guests had preferences for different mattress firmnesses.

While opinions on the hotel's four-star rating are mixed with some suggesting improvements and others praising the service quality, the overall experience at Le Funi Hotel is positively regarded.

For business travelers, the hotel provides essential amenities, including business rooms, meeting spaces and convenient parking. The tranquil atmosphere and professional staff make it an ideal choice for a productive and undisturbed stay.

Le Funi Hotel also caters to guests with disabilities, offering accessible rooms and appropriate facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for all visitors.

In summary, Le Funi Hotel excels in location, cleanliness, service and overall guest satisfaction, making it a reliable and pleasant choice for various types of travelers.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Modern air-conditioned room with free WiFi, a minibar and electric kettle. It also has a coffee machine and a 42" flat-screen TV with Sky channels. Two standard double rooms are in the annex, which is very close to the nearby funicular connecting "Bergamo Alta" to "San Vigilio" all day.

Deluxe Double Room Modern air-conditioned room with free WiFi, a minibar and electric kettle. It also has a coffee machine and a 42" flat-screen TV with Sky channels. One deluxe double room is in the annex, which is very close to the nearby funicular connecting "Bergamo Alta" to "San Vigilio" all day.

Junior Suite Modern air-conditioned room with free WiFi, a minibar and electric kettle. It also has a coffee machine and a 42" flat-screen TV with Sky channels.

Suite Suite - Annex Modern air-conditioned room with free WiFi, a minibar and electric kettle. It also has a coffee machine and a 42" flat-screen TV with Sky channels. The annex is very close to the nearby funicular connecting "Bergamo Alta" to "San Vigilio" all day.

Double Room - Annex This air-conditioned double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with garden views. The unit offers 1 bed. The annex is very close to the nearby funicular connecting "Bergamo Alta" to "San Vigilio" all day.

Deluxe Triple Room Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this triple room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned triple room offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as city views. The unit has 2 beds.

Budget Single Room Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this single room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The single room offers air conditioning, soundproof walls, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 1 bed.

Family Room Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this family room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. This family room is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a minibar and a tea and coffee maker. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Le Funi Hotel in Bergamo Alta boasts a truly spectacular location. Nestled right outside the historic old town walls, it provides exceptional proximity to all the charms and attractions of Bergamo Alta. Guests consistently praise its superb positioning, just a few steps away from the main gate to the old town, offering easy access to the city's delights. It's an ideal base for exploring both the upper and lower parts of Bergamo with convenient connections such as a direct bus from the airport and close proximity to a bus stop and funicular.

Many reviews highlight the hotel’s peaceful and quiet setting, despite being so close to restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. The location allows visitors to enjoy the historic city center without the noise, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing stay. The hotel also offers fantastic views, adding to its charm with some rooms overlooking the hills and providing a breathtaking panorama of Bergamo.

Travelers commend the hotel’s convenience, noting it's just a short walk from the old city, funicular and various dining options. This blend of tranquility and accessibility makes Le Funi Hotel an excellent choice for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Bergamo Alta, whether for a short stay or an extended visit. Its central and slightly elevated position ensures that guests can easily reach all the main attractions on foot while enjoying a serene environment.

Breakfast at Le Funi Hotel is frequently praised for its high quality and variety, establishing it as a standout feature of the guest experience. Guests highlight the superb range of regional products including local cheeses, hams and homemade pastries. Freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly brewed coffee and a variety of fruits and natural yogurts receive particular accolades for their taste and quality.

The breakfast is served in various settings with many guests enjoying the picturesque terrace offering stunning views and a charming ambiance. The terrace experience is described as luxurious, especially with the sound of crickets enhancing the serene atmosphere. The indoor breakfast spaces, although described by some as small or modest, are intimate and cozy.

A noteworthy mention is the inclusion of gluten-free options and the overall abundance of both sweet and savory items. Despite some minor criticisms related to specific elements like overcooked eggs or a lack of vegetables, the general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. Items such as polenta cake and the variety of cheeses and cold cuts are particularly appreciated.

Overall, Le Funi Hotel offers a breakfast experience that is diverse, rich in regional flavors and served in beautiful settings, making it a delight for guests.

Le Funi Hotel boasts a dining experience that has garnered high praise from its guests. The attached restaurant is frequently highlighted as top quality, offering excellent cuisine that leaves diners thoroughly impressed. Many have described the food as delicious and the restaurant itself as fantastic. The convenience of having a high-quality restaurant within the hotel is noted, though some guests point out that the restaurant menu and bread selection could be more varied for a hotel of this class. Despite this, the culinary offerings and service remain highly rated.

Guests also appreciate the detailed and excellent recommendations provided by the hotel’s management for other dining options. There are several wonderful restaurants a short walk from the hotel, including a Michelin star restaurant, adding to the culinary richness of the area. While navigating to the hotel can be challenging due to its old city location and a somewhat circuitous route according to Google Maps, the manager’s shortcuts and guidance are useful.

Overall, while some minor improvements could be made, such as expanding the variety of the menu and enhancing the bar area, the dining experience at Le Funi Hotel is highly regarded with many guests expressing satisfaction with their dinners and the exceptional restaurant recommendations provided.

Le Funi Hotel boasts an array of positive guest reviews highlighting the exceptional quality and comfort of its rooms. Guests consistently praise the hotel for its spacious, modern and impeccably clean rooms. The decor is often described as stylish, chic and thoughtfully designed, contributing to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The rooms are well-furnished with comfortable beds, modern amenities and impressive bathrooms. Many reviewers appreciate the luxurious elements such as large bathrooms with new plumbing and modern decoration details. The spacious nature of the rooms is a recurring theme, often mentioned alongside their cleanliness and comfort.

Additionally, guests appreciate the peaceful and quiet environment, despite the close proximity to the old town. The views from the rooms are frequently highlighted with many enjoying stunning cityscapes and panoramic vistas.

Although a few reviews mention minor issues, such as a lack of storage space or occasional noise from the nearby funicular, these are by far outweighed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the overall room experience. The hotel's modern and fashionable design in an old building creates a unique blend that resonates well with its guests. The excellent room facilities and amenities add to the comfort, making Le Funi Hotel an attractive choice for visitors seeking a pleasant, clean and stylish stay.

Nestled in picturesque surroundings, Le Funi Hotel has garnered accolades for its exceptional bedding arrangements. Guests frequently highlight the comfort and quality of the beds, describing them as comfortable, very comfortable and even extremely comfortable. The bedding materials and soft pillows have also been positively noted, contributing significantly to restful nights.

A standout feature is the spaciousness of some rooms, such as the junior suite, which boasts large, super comfortable king-size beds. In these rooms, both comfort and space work in harmony to provide a peaceful sleep environment.

Despite the numerous positive remarks, a few guests found the mattresses to be on either the too soft or too hard side. While one guest mentioned that an additional cushion improved their experience, others found the bed quality below their expectations. However, this did not diminish the overall praise for the generally high standard of bedding at the hotel.

Overall, Le Funi Hotel's beds have made a strong impression on its guests, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating stay with pillows and bedding that enhance the overall sleeping experience.

Le Funi Hotel stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, making it a top choice for travelers who prioritize immaculate surroundings. Guest reviews consistently highlight the impeccable cleanliness throughout the property, describing it as extremely clean and meticulously tidy. Rooms are frequently noted for being bright, modern and spotless with several mentions of their spaciousness and comfort. The hotel maintains high standards not only in private accommodations but also in public areas, ensuring a welcoming and well-maintained environment. Reviewers often commend the hotel for its flawless upkeep, making it clear that cleanliness is a point of pride at Le Funi Hotel. The combination of clean, modern furnishings and the consistent quality of room service further elevates the guest experience. Overall, the hotel’s commitment to maintaining a pristine atmosphere leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors.

Le Funi Hotel has garnered remarkable praise for its exceptional staff, highlighted by an abundance of positive reviews from guests. The staff at this hotel are consistently described as friendly, helpful and professional. They go out of their way to accommodate guests, ensuring a welcoming and pleasant experience. Their attentiveness and courteous nature contribute to the overall excellent service provided, making each guest's stay memorable.

Guests frequently commend the staff's readiness to assist with local information and recommendations, adding value to their travel experience. The reception team is particularly noted for their friendliness and efficiency, providing a warm welcome and seamless check-in process. The staff's proficiency in English is also commonly mentioned, facilitating easy communication for international visitors.

The combination of a knowledgeable and service-minded team creates an atmosphere of genuine hospitality. Whether it's arranging transportation, offering dining advice or simply engaging in cheerful interactions, the team at Le Funi Hotel stands out for their commitment to guest satisfaction. This dedication to exceptional service not only enhances the stay but also leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Le Funi Hotel offers reliable and good quality wifi with complimentary access in the function room. While many guests have had positive experiences with the internet service, some have encountered issues such as malfunctioning wifi in rooms, frequent dropouts and weak, slow connections. Despite these occasional problems, there have been no widespread complaints about the wifi from guests, indicating that it generally meets expectations.

Le Funi Hotel offers guests a variety of parking options with many praising its convenience and accessibility. The hotel provides ample private parking spaces, including covered and on-site facilities, which are highly appreciated for their convenience and security. Guests frequently highlight the parking situation as excellent and perfectly suited for their needs with parking lots immediately adjacent to the hotel and even a secure courtyard available.

However, the parking is not free with a standard fee of €15 per night. While some guests are content with the reasonable and affordable parking rates, others express a preference for complimentary parking, noting that it would enhance their overall experience.

Overall, Le Funi Hotel’s parking facilities are well-regarded for their ample space, convenient location and excellent access, making it a strong choice for those traveling by car.

Le Funi Hotel offers a welcoming atmosphere that is particularly accommodating for families. The hotel features family rooms and large family suites that emphasize comfort and quietness, ensuring a peaceful stay. Guests have noted that the hotel caters for children with special facilities and even offers surprising touches for special occasions like birthdays. The staff are highlighted for their kindness and care towards families, contributing to an overall pleasant experience. Its location, not far from the old town and near various attractions, makes it convenient for family outings. Overall, Le Funi Hotel proves to be a great choice for family stays, combining family-friendly amenities with excellent service.

4 Star
Le Funi Hotel has received mixed reviews concerning its four-star rating with some guests affirming that it meets the typical criteria and even exceeds expectations in service quality, terming it a 4 star hotel with 5 star service. However, several reviews indicated that the overall experience and facilities often fell short of what one anticipates from a four-star establishment. Critical points included the common areas not being sufficiently comfortable or aesthetically pleasing and the breakfasts not meeting 4-star standards. There were also concerns about the price-performance ratio with some guests feeling that the value did not align with the cost. Despite these issues, the hotel does boast essential four-star amenities and has received praise from those who believe it deserves its four stars. Nonetheless, there remains a significant contingent of guests who were disappointed, expecting a higher standard for a four-star hotel.

Le Funi Hotel is noted for its excellent facilities and services tailored for business travelers. The hotel provides business rooms equipped with essential amenities to ensure productivity, along with a dedicated meeting room and a conference room for larger gatherings. Guests appreciate the well-organized private parking, adding convenience for those traveling by car. The staff is described as professional, enhancing the overall business travel experience. The hotel's ability to arrange early morning taxis to the airport is another highlight, ensuring timely departures. The tranquil atmosphere makes it an ideal place to work undisturbed. Overall, Le Funi Hotel's business-friendly services and amenities make it a reliable choice for business travelers.

Le Funi Hotel has received positive feedback for its accessibility features, making it a convenient choice for guests with disabilities. Guests appreciated the accessible rooms, which are designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring a comfortable stay. The presence of ramp access and lift service further contributes to smooth accessibility throughout the hotel. The hotel’s location is also a highlight with parking facilities nearby and the property being accessible by car.

Public transport is conveniently close, making it easy to navigate the area. Although the hotel is on inclined terrain with a short but steep path, it remains perfect for those on foot. Some reviews note that the hotel may present challenges for people with limited mobility, as certain areas do not have a lift and require the use of stairs. Despite these minor setbacks, the hotel is generally well-suited for guests with mobility concerns.

Overall, Le Funi Hotel offers a blend of accessibility and convenience, making it a suitable option for a wide range of travelers.

Le Funi Hotel offers an undeniably romantic experience with its charming and quiet atmosphere, perfect for a couple's retreat. Guests have highlighted the romantic rooms and honeymoon suite, designed to set the mood for love and relaxation. The hotel's romantic location, away from bustling tourist traps, provides a serene setting ideal for intimate moments.

Dining on the romantic terrace with enchanting views over Milan, creates a magical experience, as some guests have even chosen this spot to get engaged. The overall romantic ambiance and numerous romantic spots nearby contribute to making stays very special. Visitors consistently describe their experience as very romantic and lovely, thanking the hotel for a memorable getaway.

No, Le Funi Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Le Funi Hotel.

No, Le Funi Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Le Funi Hotel.

No, Le Funi Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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