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Summary of reviewsHotel Alp in Bovec garners praise primarily for its central yet tranquil location, making it a popular choice for exploring the town’s attractions, shops and restaurants. The strategic position is also ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Guests frequently commend the clean, spacious rooms and the friendly, helpful staff. Another highlight is the extensive, high-quality breakfast buffet that caters to various dietary preferences, ensuring a satisfying start to the day.

While dinner experiences are somewhat mixed, positive reviews emphasize the good beer selection, delicious food and the charming terrace. Some guests did experience issues with limited menus and service, but overall, the restaurant remains a favored spot for many. The rooms, praised for their modern renovations and stunning views, are generally clean and comfortable, although some guests noted issues like outdated furnishings, poor soundproofing and occasional maintenance problems.

Cleanliness is consistently highlighted with many guests appreciating the well-maintained rooms and public areas. However, a few mentioned specific areas needing more attention. The staff are mostly described as friendly and efficient, especially at the reception and dining areas, contributing to the hotel's positive reputation.

Free WiFi, while appreciated by some for its speed, received mixed feedback regarding reliability and connection issues. The bed comfort also drew varied reactions with many finding them satisfactory while others encountered discomfort.

Hotel Alp stands out as dog-friendly, welcoming pets enthusiastically and providing suitable accommodations for guests traveling with dogs, further enhancing its appeal. Overall, Hotel Alp offers a comfortable and convenient stay with particular strengths in location, cleanliness and hospitality.
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Dog Friendly Hotel
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Yes, € 10 per night
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Yes, By Email
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Only one dog is allowed
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room - overlooking the hotel courtyard and / or the surrounding Alpine peaks, some rooms have a French balcony

Triple Room - view of the hotel courtyard, with French balcony

Family Room - 2 bedrooms (main bedroom with a double bed, another with a single bed), overlooking the hotel courtyard and / or the surrounding Alpine peak; some with balcony

Single Room - overlooking the hotel courtyard

Guest Reviews
Hotel Alp is perfectly situated in the heart of Bovec, providing guests with a prime, central location that ensures easy access to all the town has to offer. Despite its central position, the hotel boasts a serene atmosphere, making it ideal for a restful stay. Guests frequently highlight the convenience of being steps away from key attractions, shops, restaurants and essential amenities. The strategic location also makes it a practical choice for various activities, whether it’s for a brief overnight stop, hiking the Alpe-Adria Trail or embarking on a motorcycle or cycling tour. The proximity to scenic nature spots further enhances its appeal. Many reviews also praise the cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms, as well as the friendly and helpful staff. Mornings start right with an excellent and abundant breakfast buffet, adding to the overall positive guest experience. Overall, Hotel Alp’s advantageous location in Bovec’s main square offers both convenience and tranquility, making it a favored choice for travelers.

Hotel Alp offers a highly praised breakfast experience that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Guests consistently highlight the extensive and diverse selection available, noting that there is something for everyone, from scrambled eggs to fresh fruit and various cereals. Many reviews emphasize the abundant and well-stocked buffet, which is described as very generous and well-organized.

The breakfast not only pleases with its variety but also with its quality with many guests calling it delicious, superb and excellent. The ample spread includes vegan options and plenty of fresh items, ensuring a satisfying start to the day. The positive mentions of the breakfast's variety and completeness add to its appeal, making it a standout feature of the hotel.

Despite the occasional mention of overcrowding and some minor critiques regarding the coffee, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive. Guests appreciate the hearty and rich offerings, often describing the breakfast as a highlight of their stay.

In summary, Hotel Alp’s breakfast is widely celebrated for its extensive choice, quality and abundance, providing guests with a delightful and energizing morning meal.

Hotel Alp's dining experience is a mixed bag according to guests, though positive aspects shine through. Many visitors praised the restaurant, highlighting its good beer selection, deliciously prepared food and the beautiful terrace that enhances the dining experience. The buffet dinners and à la carte options were noted as excellent, offering a good variety with some guests expressing that the extra charge for dinner was worth the cost.

However, there are caveats. Some guests found the menu limited and the service lacking. Reports of slow service, forgotten orders and unfriendly waiters overshadowed the dining experience for some. The restaurant's food quality also had varied reviews – while several found the dishes delicious and well-prepared, others faced issues with poorly cooked foods and inedible flavors.

Despite these critiques, the overall consensus leans towards a positive view of the restaurant, especially when factoring in the charming terrace and the reported quality of the food when prepared well. Guests might find it a delightful spot for a meal, assuming they encounter the restaurant on one of its better days.

The rooms at Hotel Alp offer a mixed experience with various strengths and weaknesses highlighted by guests. Positives include modern, newly renovated furnishings in many rooms, spaciousness and spectacular views from balconies and terraces, particularly those facing the mountains. Cleanliness is consistently praised with rooms being well-maintained and equipped with comfortable beds. Guests also appreciate the large bathrooms in some of the rooms as well as the well-kept and functional spaces.

On the downside, a notable number of reviews point out that many of the rooms are quite small and some of the furnishings appear outdated. Issues such as poor soundproofing, lack of air conditioning, limited amenities like power outlets and minibars and the presence of older furniture and bathroom fixtures are frequently mentioned. A few guests also reported a damp smell or cigarette odor in their rooms, as well as some maintenance and cleanliness problems.

Overall, while the hotel provides a satisfactory stay with specific highlights in room views and cleanliness, improvements and renovations could enhance the guest experience further.

Hotel Alp has received mixed reviews regarding the comfort of its beds. Many guests have praised the beds, describing them as comfortable, very comfortable or super comfy. Some appreciated the hotel’s effort in accommodating specific room requests, such as providing separate beds. Positive remarks also highlighted the soft mattresses and quality bedding, contributing to a satisfying sleep experience for many.

However, there were several mentions of less favorable experiences. Some guests found the beds too soft or uncomfortable and a few reported issues with firm or high pillows and cramped sleeping arrangements. There were also comments about bed quality not meeting expectations and the overall discomfort during the stay.

Despite these criticisms, the hotel received commendations for its clean beds and pleasant room features like stunning terraces and efficient air conditioning. The overall sentiment suggests a variability in bed comfort, possibly dependent on individual preferences and expectations.

Hotel Alp has received numerous commendations for its cleanliness with guests repeatedly highlighting clean rooms, bathrooms and common areas. The high standard of cleanliness extends throughout the hotel, ensuring a pleasant stay for visitors. Many guests noted that the rooms were not only clean but also comfortable with furnishings well maintained and clean bed sheets, tables and chairs. Housekeeping has been recognized for thoroughness, maintaining rooms that are always clean and crisp.

However, some reviews indicate areas for improvement. A few guests mentioned that certain bathrooms needed more attention, citing instances of mold stains, unpleasant smells and isolated cases of inadequate cleaning. Additionally, some parts of the hotel, including the corridors, were described as dark and certain rooms were noted to be in need of renovation.

Despite these minor concerns, the overall feedback on the cleanliness at Hotel Alp is positive with many guests appreciating the hotel's efforts to maintain a clean and organized environment. Combined with its central location, Hotel Alp provides a solid option for travelers prioritizing cleanliness in their accommodation choices.

In the reviews of Hotel Alp, the staff receives largely positive remarks from guests, highlighting their friendliness, helpfulness and efficiency. The reception staff is particularly noted for being accommodating and willing to assist with guests' needs with several guests appreciating the multilingual capabilities and professional demeanor exhibited by the team. The cleaning staff also stand out for their friendliness and kindness.

Guests often mention the dining room staff positively with specific references to their courtesy and helpful service during breakfast and dinner. The hotel’s concierge is generally described as patient and helpful, although there are occasional mentions of less favorable experiences with some members at the front desk and bar being noted as unfriendly or uncommunicative.

Positive encounters dominate the feedback with many guests acknowledging the overall exceptional service provided by the hotel staff. However, a few reviews do point to inconsistencies, particularly with understaffed or less attentive personnel in certain areas. Despite these few drawbacks, the staff's overall performance is widely praised, contributing significantly to enjoyable stays at Hotel Alp.

Hotel Alp's WiFi service has received mixed feedback from guests. While some visitors praised the free and very fast WiFi, others encountered significant issues. Common complaints included slow internet, unreliable connections and WiFi malfunctions. Some guests found the WiFi to be unusable at times and mentioned weak signals in the rooms. Despite these shortcomings, the rooms were noted for their cleanliness, even if the furnishings appeared somewhat outdated.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Alp welcomes guests with pets enthusiastically with numerous reviews highlighting its dog-friendly policies and facilities. The hotel not only permits dogs but is praised for its accommodating nature towards four-legged companions, making it a popular choice for pet owners. For an additional fee of 15 euros per night, dogs are allowed to stay and the staff, including a helpful Dutch-speaking receptionist, are commended for assisting guests in finding rooms that are suitable for pets. Overall, the hotel’s welcoming attitude towards dogs has been a significant positive aspect in guest feedback.

No, Hotel Alp doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Alp.

Yes, Hotel Alp welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Alp.

No, Hotel Alp doesn't have a gym.

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