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Summary of reviewsZajazd Chyżne is highly regarded for its strategic location near the Poland-Slovakia border, making it an ideal transit spot for travelers. Positioned near a busy road and next to a gas station and a large truck parking lot, it offers easy access for those on long journeys without the disturbance of traffic noise in the rooms. The hotel is close to attractive tourist spots, hiking trails, thermal baths and major transit routes, enhancing its appeal for explorers. The ample free parking options further add to its convenience.

The hotel's culinary offerings receive significant praise, particularly the breakfast, which is described as delicious, rich, abundant and included in the room price. The breakfast, though not a buffet, features large portions of both hot dishes and cold cuts typical of the local cuisine. The dinners are equally commendable with guests noting the tasty and varied menu, delectable dishes like the Góralski burger and the convenience of a late-night kitchen. The restaurant's ambiance, family-friendly features and reasonable prices contribute to a memorable dining experience.

Rooms at Zajazd Chyżne are noted for their cleanliness, comfort and being well-equipped. Many guests appreciate the spotless, spacious rooms with practical furnishings and additional features like wide beds and balconies. Despite a few concerns about room size, soundproofing and some structural inconveniences, the overall sentiment is positive, highlighting the hotel's high standards of hygiene and pleasant decor.

The hotel's commitment to cleanliness extends to all areas with guests applauding the immaculate state of the rooms, bathrooms and common areas. This is further complemented by the friendly, helpful and professional staff, who contribute to a welcoming and homely atmosphere. Despite occasional mentions of understaffing, the staff’s dedication to maintaining high service standards is well-appreciated.

Parking at Zajazd Chyżne is another strong point with a large, free parking lot accommodating cars and large trucks, adding convenience for travelers. Although nearby facilities contribute to some noise, the ample parking space is praised by many.

While the beds receive mixed feedback with some guests finding them comfortable and others noting issues like creakiness, the overall experience at Zajazd Chyżne is positive. The hotel's strategic location, excellent culinary offerings, clean and comfortable accommodations, friendly staff and practical amenities make it a recommended choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room (**) The double room offers a dressing room and heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The double room features carpeted floors, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a private entrance, a wardrobe as well as mountain views.

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony The double room offers a private entrance, a seating area, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower.

Deluxe Triple Room (***) A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are featured in this triple room. The unit offers 3 beds.

Economy Quadruple Room (**) The quadruple room offers a private entrance and a seating area, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The quadruple room features a wardrobe, a dressing room, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 4 beds.

Economy Double Room (***) A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are available in this double room. The unit has 1 bed.

Deluxe Double Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are available in this double room.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Zajazd Chyżne boasts a strategic location ideal for travelers. Situated near the border with Slovakia, it serves as a convenient transit spot and a starting point for exploring both Poland and Slovakia. The hotel is right by a busy road, next to a gas station and a large truck parking lot, which ensures easy access for those on long journeys. Despite its proximity to these facilities, guests have not reported traffic noise in their rooms, allowing for a peaceful stay.

The area around Zajazd Chyżne is replete with attractions, including renowned tourist spots, hiking trails and thermal baths. It is also close to the highway and major transit routes, perfect for continued travel across borders. Guests appreciate the large, free parking options available and the general convenience of the location for stops en route to further destinations.

While the immediate surroundings include elements typical of a busy transit area, such as a customs agency and truck parking, the hotel itself is described as clean and well-maintained. Some guests mentioned minor inconveniences like the unusual placement of the reception area and signage, but overall, the accommodation meets expectations with its well-kept facilities and strategic location.

Guests at Zajazd Chyżne frequently praise the breakfast offerings at the hotel. Many reviews commend the breakfast for being delicious, rich and abundant. The meals are often highlighted as tasty and satisfying with phrases such as delicious, superb and excellent appearing repeatedly. While the breakfast is not served in a buffet style, the portions are reportedly large and the selection, though sometimes deemed monotonous, is generally considered sufficient and varied, particularly for adults.

Breakfast options include a wide array of hot dishes and cold cuts that are typical of the local cuisine. Although there are some comments suggesting that the breakfast selection could be more diverse, especially for children and in terms of bread variety, the overall sentiment remains very positive. The served breakfast format is appreciated for its quality and freshness.

Additionally, the inclusion of breakfast in the room price is often noted as a satisfying and valuable aspect, making guests feel they are getting good value. Ultimately, the breakfast experience at Zajazd Chyżne is a strong highlight for many guests, contributing significantly to their overall enjoyment and satisfaction with their stay.

Zajazd Chyżne has garnered commendable reviews for its culinary offerings. Guests repeatedly praise the restaurant for its delicious and varied menu, highlighting the tasty and often finger-licking good cuisine. Many note the meals are delightful, whether it's dinner or the excellent breakfast offerings. The food, which is often made in-house, is consistently described as excellent with particular dishes, such as the Góralski burger, noted for their exceptional flavor.

The restaurant's convenience is enhanced by its proximity to the accommodation, allowing guests to enjoy hearty meals without venturing far. The ambiance is also enriched with unique features like tables and seats made of ultra thick wood pieces and a lovely animal park behind the building, which adds to the charm. Moreover, the restaurant is family-friendly with a playground for children, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all ages.

An especially impressive aspect is the kitchen being open even at midnight, providing delicious late-night meals like beet soup and BBQ ribs. While the availability of bread may be lacking at times, the overall food quality remains high, making it a memorable dining experience. The combination of fantastic food, excellent service and reasonable prices contributes to a highly positive dining experience at Zajazd Chyżne's restaurant.

Zajazd Chyżne offers rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness and comfort. The accommodations are spacious, well-equipped and feature practical furnishings. Many guests highlighted the exceptional cleanliness of the rooms, noting that they are spotless and align well with the photos provided online. The rooms are described as comfortable with many featuring wide beds and balconies, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Despite these positive attributes, some aspects drew criticism. Certain rooms were noted to be poorly soundproofed, although others mentioned soundproofing positively. Additionally, the size of some rooms was an issue with a few described as tiny or tight, particularly for longer stays or larger groups. There were complaints about specific rooms located in less favorable spots or with structural inconveniences like sloping ceilings and claustrophobic bathrooms.

However, the consistency in praise for the cleanliness and the pleasant decor of the rooms, along with their spaciousness and comfort, makes Zajazd Chyżne a recommended choice for many travelers.

The beds at Zajazd Chyżne have received mixed feedback from guests. On the positive side, many reviewers found the beds to be wide, large and generally comfortable, contributing to a relaxed night's sleep. Some even mentioned new, good beds which are a testament to the quality in certain rooms. However, it's important to note that there were several comments about beds being creaky with some guests finding them uncomfortable. For additional considerations, guests mentioned specific issues such as the third person having to sleep on a mattress on the ground and rooms with small attic windows.

Zajazd Chyżne consistently impresses visitors with its remarkable cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the immaculate and well-maintained rooms, describing them as spotless, neat and exceptionally clean. The cleanliness extends beyond individual rooms to the entire hotel environment, including bathrooms and common areas. Reviewers appreciate the high standards of hygiene maintained throughout the facility, making it a comfortable and pleasant place to stay. Although there's a minor concern regarding noise from the nearby truck parking, it's clear that the hotel's dedication to cleanliness significantly enhances the overall guest experience. The staff receives commendations for their efforts to uphold these standards, ensuring a welcoming and pristine atmosphere for all visitors.

The staff at Zajazd Chyżne receive high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests consistently describe the service as friendly, pleasant and top-notch. The hotel's personnel are noted for their honest, professional assistance and their ability to maintain a homey atmosphere. Cleanliness is frequently highlighted, attributed to the exceptional work of the cleaning staff who are recognized for their friendly demeanor.

While a few reviews mention issues with understaffing and occasional unprofessional behavior, the overall sentiment remains extremely positive. Guests commend the helpful and pleasant service, emphasizing the excellent and consistent support they receive during their stay. The staff's commitment to maintaining a high standard of service ensures that guests feel welcome and valued, making Zajazd Chyżne a recommended choice for travelers seeking friendly and efficient hospitality.

Zajazd Chyżne offers an abundance of parking options for its guests with numerous reviews praising the availability and size of the parking facilities. The hotel features a very large parking lot that accommodates both cars and large trucks, adding convenience for those traveling with larger vehicles. Guests highlight that the parking is free and notably spacious, eliminating any concerns about finding a spot. Despite the presence of a truck stop and gas station nearby, which some mention can contribute to noise levels, the overall sentiment reflects satisfaction with the hotel’s parking amenities. The ease of parking adds to the practical aspects of the stay with a convenient transfer available from the hotel to the on-site restaurant.

No, Zajazd Chyżne doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Zajazd Chyżne.

Yes, Zajazd Chyżne welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Zajazd Chyżne.

No, Zajazd Chyżne doesn't have a gym.

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