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Summary of reviewsThe Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is commended for its exceptional beachfront location, providing guests immediate access to stunning ocean views and picturesque sunrises. Many reviewers appreciate the convenience of being close to local amenities, such as restaurants, grocery stores and shopping venues, while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Praise is given for ample free parking, clean and comfortable facilities and helpful and friendly staff, making it an ideal location for a seaside retreat.

Breakfast offerings at the hotel are well-received with guests enjoying a wide variety of options including fresh fruits and hot selections like French toast sticks. The breakfast area is consistently praised for its cleanliness and tidiness, contributing to an overall pleasant dining experience. While there are no on-site dinner options, nearby dining venues are recommended and in-hotel meals are noted for their quality, though some miss more diverse dinner availability.

Guest rooms at the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront are generally found to be clean, spacious and comfortable with many guests highlighting the beautiful ocean views from their balconies and the comfortable beds and pillows. However, maintenance issues and inconsistencies in cleanliness are recurring themes. Common complaints include malfunctioning AC units, broken furniture and stained bedding. Despite these issues, the overall room layout and size cater well to families.

The hotel's cleanliness receives mixed reviews. While many guests find the rooms and property well-maintained and clean, significant concerns about dirty carpets, bad odors and insufficient cleaning persist, particularly in common areas such as elevators and walkways.

The staff at the hotel is largely praised for being friendly, polite and helpful. Specific staff members receive accolades for their professionalism and dedicated service. However, some guests encountered rude or unhelpful staff, which affected their experience.

Wi-Fi at the hotel is a frequent point of dissatisfaction among guests with many describing it as weak, unstable or unreliable. The fitness facility also garners frequent complaints with limited access and inadequate equipment often reported.

The beachfront location receives high marks for its beautiful and clean beach and guests often praise the enjoyable oceanfront views. Still, the lack of direct beach and pool access due to ongoing construction has been a significant downside for many visitors.

Parking at the hotel is another mixed aspect. While the availability of free parking is appreciated, many guests find the parking situation challenging and limited, especially during peak times.

Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is noted for its family-friendly environment, making it popular among families. The location, pool and nearby beach access are appreciated for family activities. However, cleanliness issues and occasional shortages of amenities affect the overall family experience.

Overall, while the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront offers beautiful views and a prime beach location, improvements in areas such as cleanliness, maintenance standards and Wi-Fi quality could enhance the guest experience.
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Yes, $ 75 per booking
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Yes, During the booking process
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Room Types
King Room with Sofa Bed This quadruple room has a tea/coffee maker, small refrigerator and air conditioning

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds, Sofa Bed and Accessible Tub This disability accessible family room features air conditioning, flat-screen TV and small refrigerator.

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds and Sofa Bed This family room has air conditioning and flat-screen TV. A small refrigerator is also provided.

King Room with Sofa Bed - Oceanfront Featuring a sea view, this double room features a tea/coffee maker, small refrigerator and air conditioning.

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds and Sofa Bed - Oceanfront This oceanfront family room has a small refrigerator, flat-screen TV and tea/coffee maker.

Guest Reviews
The Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is lauded for its exceptional location, marked prominently by its beachfront positioning. Guests consistently praise the hotel for being right on the beach, offering immediate access to stunning ocean views and beautiful sunrises. The convenience of being steps away from the ocean is a significant draw, making it an ideal choice for beach lovers and those looking to enjoy picturesque walks along the shore.

The location also boasts easy access to local amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores and shopping venues. This proximity to essential services ensures that guests can easily find dining options and entertainment without needing to travel far. Reviewers frequently mention the convenience of the hotel's central location, which is close enough to enjoy nearby attractions but distant enough to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the prime beachfront spot, guests appreciate the ample free parking and the hotel's clean and comfortable facilities. The staff at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront receive high marks for their helpfulness and friendly service, further enhancing the overall guest experience.

Overall, the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking a beautiful, conveniently located seaside retreat with excellent amenities and outstanding views.

The breakfast experience at the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront generally receives positive remarks from guests. Many reviews highlight the wide variety of options available with breakfast often described as great, delicious and even amazing. Fresh fruits, proper milk and hot selections like French toast sticks are commonly mentioned. Several guests found the breakfast plentiful and enjoyed the different options each morning.

In particular, guests appreciated the good selection with some noting the availability of a hot breakfast, which included items like golden bread sticks and a tasty coffee. The breakfast area itself was often praised for being clean, tidy and well-kept, complementing the overall enjoyable experience.

However, not all reviews were glowing. Some guests mentioned that the breakfast could be improved, citing issues like repetitiveness and limited selection. There were occasional mentions of the breakfast area not being cleaned properly or replenished quickly.

Despite a few criticisms, the consensus among many guests was that the breakfast at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront was a pleasant and satisfactory start to their day.

Guests at the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront have a variety of opinions on the dining experiences at the hotel. While there is no on-site restaurant available for dinner, there are plenty of dining options in the surrounding area, including popular spots like Millie’s, Cracked Egg and Mike’s Galley. For in-hotel meals, breakfast features fresh fruit but lacks meat options. Lunch is available and very delicious, although it is offered as carry-out. Overall, the comfort of the bed and the beautiful view add positively to the stay, even though some guests feel dinner options could be improved.

The rooms at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront generally receive positive feedback regarding their cleanliness, spaciousness and comfort. Many guests appreciated the clean and comfortable rooms, as well as the stunning ocean views from their balconies. The beds and pillows were often highlighted as particularly comfortable, contributing to an overall pleasant stay.

However, several guests noted that the rooms could use some improvement in terms of maintenance and amenities. Issues such as malfunctioning AC units, broken furniture and insufficient cleaning were mentioned. Some rooms had an unpleasant odor and there were occasional complaints about stained bedding and dirty carpets.

Despite these concerns, the overall room layout and size were praised with many guests finding them spacious and well-suited for families. Oceanfront views were a significant highlight, enhancing the guest experience. On the downside, room readiness at check-in time and access to pool and beach facilities were recurring problems for many visitors.

In summary, while the rooms at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront are largely clean, comfortable and offer beautiful ocean views, there are areas that need attention regarding maintenance, cleaning standards and timely room availability.

While staying at the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront, guests often highlighted the comfort of the hotel beds and pillows. Many visitors described the beds as comfortable, very comfy, super comfortable and wonderful. Some reviews also noted that the pillows were great, neatly arranged and added to the overall comfort experience. Guests appreciated the large and cozy beds and a number of them specifically mentioned enjoying a good night's sleep.

However, it's important to mention that experiences varied significantly. A notable number of guests found the beds uncomfortable, describing them as hard, stiff, worn out and in need of replacement. Some also pointed out issues with cleanliness, mentioning dirty bedding and musty smells. The sofa bed and its mattress did not meet expectations for some visitors with several noting it as terrible and uncomfortable.

Despite these mixed reviews on comfort, many guests seemed satisfied with the bed size and room comfort, contributing to a generally positive stay.

Guest reviews of Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront highlight a mixed experience regarding the hotel's cleanliness. Positive remarks frequently acknowledge that rooms are clean and tidy with the property itself being well-maintained and clean overall. Many guests found the rooms cozy and the bathrooms adequately clean. The staff also received praise for maintaining the common areas, such as diligently ensuring the pool and patio spaces were kept tidy.

However, several guests noted significant issues with cleanliness, particularly concerning common areas like elevators and walkways, which were often dirty and covered in sand. The carpets throughout the hotel, including in rooms and hallways, were repeatedly described as dirty, smelly and in need of replacement. Complaints about dust and an overall lack of thorough cleaning were recurring.

Some specific problems included bad odors in the rooms, stains on carpets and sofas and a lack of daily housekeeping services. Instances of rooms not being ready at check-in or not being cleaned properly during the stay, were mentioned as problematic. Moreover, areas like the elevators and the entrance were noted for being neglected with litter and unpleasant smells causing discomfort.

While the maintenance and cleanliness efforts by staff in certain areas were recognized, the overall inconsistency in cleanliness detracted from the experience for numerous guests.

The staff at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront have received mixed feedback from guests, though the positive reviews significantly outweigh the negative ones. The majority of guests praised the staff for being friendly, polite and exceptionally helpful. Names such as Andrew at the reception desk, Morgan, Nase and Garfield were highlighted for their professionalism and dedicated service.

Front desk personnel, in particular, were frequently mentioned for being courteous, informative and efficient. Many reviewers found the front desk team to be welcoming and accommodating with special commendations for the Manager and the General Manager. Specific teams, like the day shift and breakfast staff, were described as amazing and always eager to assist.

However, not all reviews were positive. A handful of guests reported encounters with rude and unhelpful staff members, noting instances of inexperience and poor customer service. Some reviews pointed to staff being overworked, which might have contributed to lapses in service quality.

Overall, the staff at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront are largely seen as friendly, professional and committed to making guests' stays enjoyable, despite some occasional criticisms.

At Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront, guests have shared mixed feedback regarding the hotel's Wi-Fi connectivity. Despite the hotel's many amenities and its picturesque beachfront location, the Wi-Fi service stands out as an area needing improvement. Many guests have reported consistent issues, such as weak and unstable Wi-Fi signals, spotty internet connectivity and some even described it as terrible or horrible. Additionally, difficulty in getting the Wi-Fi password to work has been a common concern among visitors. Alongside these internet issues, some guests faced challenges with the phone service, having trouble unless they resorted to using the speakerphone.

While Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront excels in various aspects, enhancing the Wi-Fi quality and reliability could significantly improve the overall guest experience.

The reviews for the gym at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront highlight significant issues. Guests reported limited access and frequent closures with several mentioning that the fitness facility was often out of order or closed down entirely. Those who did manage to use the gym described it as very limited and lacking in air conditioning, which detracted from the overall experience. Many found the exercise room inadequate and not up to their expectations.

The Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront boasts breathtaking views of the ocean, making it a prime location for beach lovers. Guests frequently praised the beautiful, clean and amazing beach, highlighting its proximity to the hotel as one of the major perks. Despite access issues due to ongoing construction, many found the walk to the nearby accessible areas of the beach to be well worth the effort, often enjoying the scenic route.

Several reviews mentioned the ease of beach access once repairs are completed, emphasizing how pleasant and rewarding the beach experience is. Guests were thrilled with their oceanfront views, adding to the overall relaxing ambiance of their stay. Friendly staff and a great free breakfast further enhanced the positive aspects of the location.

However, it’s worth noting that the consistent lack of direct beach and pool access was a significant downside for many visitors. Some guests had to walk to neighboring hotels to enjoy the beach and the pool was often closed, which was a point of disappointment. Despite these setbacks, the majority of the reviews reflected satisfaction with the beach itself, praising its cleanliness and the mesmerizing oceanfront vistas.

In summary, while the lack of immediate beach and pool access posed a challenge, the overall serene and picturesque beach setting, combined with excellent views and service, made for a mostly enjoyable stay at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront.

Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is a beachfront hotel praised for its good location and convenient parking for some guests. Free parking is offered, which is a great perk considering the beachfront setting. Some visitors found parking to be easy and convenient with options such as a parking garage right next to the hotel and overflow parking available across the street.

However, many guests reported significant issues with the parking situation. The hotel's parking availability is often described as extremely limited and challenging, especially as evening approaches. A small parking lot, tight parking spaces and the restriction of one car per room contribute to the frustration. Some reviews mentioned they had no parking available at all upon arrival and others experienced being blocked in by other cars due to the overcrowded lot.

While the hotel does provide free parking, its insufficient number of spots and sometimes problematic access detract from the overall experience. This has led to some guests suggesting better management of parking arrangements or limiting room rentals to match parking capacities.

In summary, while the location of Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is ideal, potential guests should be prepared for possible difficulties with parking, particularly during peak times.

Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is noted for its family-friendly atmosphere, making it a preferred choice for families visiting Daytona. Guests repeatedly highlight the hotel's suitability for vacationing with children, thanks to attributes like a well-maintained pool that's perfect for kids and an overall family-oriented environment. The proximity to the beach provides additional entertainment for young ones, contributing to the hotel's appeal for family reunions and getaways.

The friendly and helpful staff were often mentioned as a positive aspect, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere. Families appreciated the good location, which is close to various family activities and offers convenience.

However, some guests faced a series of drawbacks during their stay, such as cleanliness issues and the hotel running out of certain amenities like towels and pillows. While the location and family-friendly aspects were praised, the hotel struggled with maintenance and operational hiccups, like food shortages and room availability. Despite these issues, the hotel maintains a positive reputation among family travelers looking for a convenient spot near the beach in Daytona.

3 Star
The Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is a decent option for travelers seeking typical three-star accommodations. While it doesn't boast luxurious amenities, it delivers a satisfactory experience in line with a three-star hotel. The property offers a comfortable stay, although it has some areas that could benefit from renovation and an update in decor. The service is standard for this rating and though the walls are somewhat thin leading to noise at night, other basic expectations are met adequately. Despite its dated appearance, the hotel manages to hold its ground as a reasonable three-star choice for those visiting Daytona Beach.

Dog Friendly
Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront is noted for its dog-friendly atmosphere, making it a comfortable choice for families traveling with pets. The hotel's pet-friendly policies ensure that dogs and other pets are welcomed and treated well. Guests have enjoyed bringing their pets along with amenities and services that cater to their needs.

However, it is worth noting that while the hotel itself is dog friendly, neighboring businesses and the nearby beach do not allow pets, which may limit pet activities in the surrounding area. Furthermore, some guests experienced issues such as dogs barking late at night and an occasional room odor attributed to previous pet stays.

Overall, this hotel provides a decent option for pet owners seeking accommodation where their pets will be accepted and comfortable. The positive experiences generally outweigh the negatives, particularly appreciating the inclusive environment for pets.

Nestled right on Daytona Beach, the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront boasts an exceptional beachfront location that continuously wows its guests. Visitors consistently highlight the amazing ocean views from their rooms and balconies, describing them as breathtaking and wonderful. The beach is only a few steps away from the hotel, making it incredibly convenient for guests to enjoy the sandy shores and ocean waves.

The hotel's oceanfront rooms deliver precisely what they promise with great water views and close proximity to the beach. Guests often mention the pleasure of waking up to the sight of the ocean with multiple reviews noting the incredible vistas available throughout their stay. Whether you're on the balcony or in your room, the stunning beachfront scenery is a constant.

Despite a few mentions of ongoing beach repairs and a run-down pool area, the consensus is clear: the prime beach location and the unbeatable oceanfront views are the highlights of the Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront. Offering a serene and picturesque environment, it provides the perfect backdrop for a refreshing and enjoyable stay by the sea.

No, Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront.

Yes, Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront.

Yes, Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront has a gym.

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