Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa
Resort in Hot Springs AR
From $113
From $113
Historic ResortSummary of reviews related to the 'Historic' categoryThe Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa is a true testament to historical grandeur and timeless elegance. Guests are captivated by its remarkable history and nostalgic charm. This iconic hotel with its classic Victorian architecture and vintage allure, offers visitors an immersive experience that feels like stepping back in time. The property is adorned with beautifully preserved historic details, creating a unique and authentic atmosphere that showcases its rich heritage.

Many guests appreciate the fascinating stories and historical significance attached to the Arlington, emphasizing its status as a national treasure. The spectacular views of the mountains, combined with the historic architecture, contribute to a wonderfully nostalgic ambiance. The hotel's grand and stately presence has attracted visitors for nearly a century, offering a charming blend of old-world elegance and modern comfort.

While the hotel is undergoing renovations to restore its former glory, the historical integrity and beauty of the Arlington continue to shine through. Guests enjoy the classic décor and old-time feel, recognizing the hotel's need for some cosmetic updates without detracting from its incredible historical value. The property's rich legacy includes being a host to famous personalities, adding to its allure as a historic landmark.

Despite some minor maintenance issues typical of older buildings, the Arlington remains an extraordinary and beautiful historic hotel. Its preservation efforts and commitment to maintaining its antique charm make it a beloved destination for history enthusiasts and travelers looking to experience a slice of the past in a picturesque setting.
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