Arapakis Historic Castle
Aparthotel in Pirgos Dhirou
From $112
From $112
Former Castle Aparthotel
The hotel is a typical example of Mani architecture. The defensive fort complex of the historic Arapaki family was converted into a hotel of self-contained studios and apartments. The seafarer Petros Arapakis, who discovered the caves of Diros in 1884 and traveled around the world on the sailing ship Pandora, was born and lived there. Facilities include a four-storey tower, as well as a traditional windmill and olive oil press that have been converted into hotel rooms.
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Tainaron Blue Retreat
Hotel in Vathia
From $275
From $275
Former Castle Hotel
The impressive stone tower that houses the Tainaron Blue Retreat has dominated the area since the early 19th century. The building is a typical example of the defensive architecture of Mani and offers stunning panoramic views of the area. The traditional tower has been remodeled to offer warm hospitality in three luxurious rooms.
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