KUST Hotell & SPA
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From $144
Hotel with SpaSummary of reviews related to the 'Spa' categoryThe spa at KUST Hotell & SPA is a popular attraction among guests. Many seem to have enjoyed their spa experience, describing it as fantastic, exceptional and lovely. The facilities were also complimented with guests finding the spa area cozy and nice. However, some guests did feel that the spa was overcrowded, which made it feel noisy and stressful. They also noted that it was difficult to get a spot and the spa was sometimes fully booked. The spa ritual was highlighted as a favorite experience, but some guests felt that the information provided beforehand was inadequate, leading to confusion about the proper order of things. Additionally, the spa comes at an extra cost with some guests commenting that the price was a bit steep. Some also felt that the spa was not appropriate for families and children due to the high cost and limited access. Overall, guests found the spa-avdelningen cozy, though highlighted that it was busy, so it may be better to plan ahead for those wanting to avoid crowds. The gym was also noted as excellent.
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Pite Havsbad Piteå
Resort in Pitea
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From $123
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