Auberge La Folie

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Summary of reviewsAuberge La Folie enjoys a favorable position nestled amidst pine trees and hills, providing a serene escape while offering accessibility to urban conveniences and key locations such as the city center, beaches and Marseille airport. Guests find the Provençal setting charming and appreciate the balance between tranquility and accessibility, though a vehicle may be necessary for some destinations.

The breakfast experience is widely praised for its generous and tasty options, served in delightful settings like terraces or patios. Although some guests note a desire for more savory items and mention the cost as a drawback, the quality and ambiance make breakfast a highlight. The dinner experience also receives high marks for its excellent, fresh cuisine and reasonable prices, making meals at Auberge La Folie memorable and enjoyable.

Rooms at Auberge La Folie are often commended for their cleanliness and functional, tasteful furnishings. While some rooms are more spacious than others, the overall comfort, modern amenities and well-maintained bathrooms contribute to a positive impression. A few guests have noted issues with dampness and impractical bathroom layouts, but these are outweighed by the simplicity and charm of the establishment.

The inn maintains high standards of cleanliness with guests frequently highlighting the immaculate rooms and overall establishment. The addition of air conditioning in many rooms adds to the comfort and relaxation of the stay. The staff at Auberge La Folie are frequently lauded for their exceptional kindness and attentiveness, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Guests appreciate the helpfulness of the owners, flexible check-in and check-out times and effective communication, which significantly enhance the overall experience.

Parking facilities are another standout feature with large, private and accessible parking lots available for guests. The easy access and ample space, complemented by green areas, make parking hassle-free.

The beds are generally considered comfortable and well-kept with some variations in firmness preferences among guests. Despite minor discrepancies, the overall bedding experience contributes positively to the stay.

In summary, Auberge La Folie offers a peaceful retreat with excellent dining, clean and comfortable rooms, exceptional hospitality and convenient parking, making it a highly recommended destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and accessibility.
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Room Types
Quadruple Room The quadruple room provides air conditioning, a private entrance, as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath. This quadruple room features a tiled floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 3 beds.

Double Room The double room provides air conditioning and heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Standard Double Room This double room is air-conditioned and features a private bathroom, tiled floors, a private entrance and a terrace. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double Room This air-conditioned double room has a private bathroom, a private entrance, a tiled floor as well as a terrace. The unit has 1 bed.

Small Double Room This air-conditioned double room features a private bathroom, a private entrance, a tiled floor as well as a terrace. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Auberge La Folie enjoys a quiet and peaceful location that appeals to nature lovers as well as those seeking proximity to urban conveniences. Nestled in a beautiful, natural setting amidst pine trees and hills, it offers a serene escape while still being near essential amenities. Despite being close to a road, the area remains tranquil, providing easy access and free parking.

The hotel's geographical position is highly appreciated; it is just a few minutes by car from the city center, the beach and the picturesque village of Sausset les Pins. Guests value the short distance to Marseille airport and the proximity to the coast and the harbor. The location is also ideal for those interested in exploring the Blue Coast or hiking in nearby areas, offering a perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility.

The Provençal style of the establishment adds to its charm, making it an exceptional spot for a pleasant and peaceful stay. Though a vehicle may be necessary to reach certain destinations, the inn’s placement away from the hustle and bustle of the city enhances its appeal, providing a comfortable retreat amidst the natural beauty of the region.

The breakfast experience at Auberge La Folie consistently receives high marks from guests. Described as very good and generous, it often includes fresh bread and is served in a pleasant setting, sometimes on a lovely terrace or a delightful patio. Guests appreciate the hearty, full breakfasts that are both plentiful and tasty, though some note that a bit of savory options would be welcomed. While a few mention that breakfast is a bit expensive and not included in the overall stay price, the quality and enjoyment of the meal make it highly appreciated. The peaceful outdoor settings and attentive service at the table enhance the overall dining experience, making breakfast a highlight of the stay for many guests.

The dining experience at Auberge La Folie receives high praise for its excellent cuisine and affordability. Guests consistently report enjoying the food, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, noting its freshness and homemade quality. Diners have remarked on both the simplicity and exceptional quality of the meals with many describing the dinners as fantastic or perfect. The restaurant's dishes awaken the taste buds, reflecting the freshness of the ingredients used. The evening dining experience is particularly appreciated for both its quality and reasonable prices, enhancing the overall value for money. Though some guests experienced closures of the restaurant, those who dined on-site were very satisfied, often enjoying their meals on the terrace. Overall, the restaurant at Auberge La Folie is a highlight for guests, providing a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Guests of Auberge La Folie frequently applaud the cleanliness of the rooms, often described as clean, very clean or even luxurious and modern. Many reviews highlight the rooms' comfort and functionality with some guests noting the modern amenities and tastefully furnished spaces. Air conditioning is appreciated in various rooms, although some guests did experience rooms without it. The bathrooms are modern and well-maintained, contributing to the overall positive impression.

Although some rooms are spacious, others are noted to be on the smaller side. In some cases, guests mentioned undesirable aspects such as dampness and impractical bathroom layouts. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the decor and the comfortable bedding generally meet guest expectations.

The peaceful ambiance, coupled with the charm of the late 19th-century building, adds to the appeal. Guests also commend the hearty breakfast, highlighting the pleasant experience of dining outdoors. Despite some minor drawbacks, the establishment manages to offer a reassuring and charming stay for its visitors.

Auberge La Folie offers its guests a range of bedding experiences, generally leaning towards the positive spectrum. Many reviews highlight the bedding as comfortable with some noting it as excellent, clean and well kept. Guests also appreciate the spaciousness of the beds, often describing them as very good and comfy. However, opinions on mattress firmness vary; some felt the mattresses were too soft, while others found them too firm. Despite minor inconsistencies, the overall consensus suggests that the beds at Auberge La Folie contribute to a pleasant stay for most visitors.

Auberge La Folie has received high praise for its cleanliness with guests consistently noting the immaculate condition of both the rooms and the overall establishment. The rooms are not only described as very clean and well-maintained but also functional and tastefully furnished, providing a comfortable stay. The addition of air conditioning in many rooms contributes to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The inn's commitment to maintaining excellent cleanliness standards is frequently highlighted with several reviews mentioning impeccable hygiene and a satisfactory level of tidiness. Guests appreciate the neat and cozy environment, making it a recommended choice for those who prioritize cleanliness during their travels.

Auberge La Folie has garnered high praise for its remarkable hospitality and attentive service. The staff at this charming establishment are frequently described as extremely kind, welcoming and helpful. Guests consistently highlight the warm and friendly nature of the owners, noting their particular attention to each guest's needs.

The welcoming atmosphere is palpable with the hostess being especially noted for her pleasant demeanor and helpfulness. Guests appreciate the owner’s flexibility regarding check-in and check-out times, as well as quick and effective communication.

The quality of service extends to the dining experience with guests lauding the delicious meals provided by the inn and singling out the cook for special commendation. Whether it's for the friendliness of the people on site or the exceptional reception, the kindness and attentiveness of the entire team contribute substantially to a memorable stay at this cozy hotel.

Auberge La Folie receives commendations for its parking facilities, which guests consistently praise for their convenience and accessibility. The hotel offers large and private parking lots, ensuring ample space for all visitors. Guests appreciate the easy-to-access and free parking options with parking lots conveniently situated in front of the inn and next to the rooms. The addition of green areas around the private parking lots enhances the overall experience. Overall, the parking at Auberge La Folie is highlighted as one of its standout features, providing hassle-free and generous accommodations for guests' vehicles.

No, Auberge La Folie doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Auberge La Folie.

Yes, Auberge La Folie welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Auberge La Folie.

No, Auberge La Folie doesn't have a gym.

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