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Summary of reviewsGran Hotel Suances offers a generally positive experience with several aspects standing out, especially for guests who value a good location, cleanliness and friendly staff.

The hotel is conveniently positioned near La Concha beach, various restaurants and scenic viewpoints, making it an ideal option for those wishing to explore the local area on foot. Many guests appreciated the stunning sea views and the peaceful setting, though some found the uphill walk to the beach slightly challenging. Despite this, the central location and free parking were considered major pluses.

Breakfast received mixed feedback with many commending the variety and quality of offerings, particularly the pastries. However, some found the selection limited and not up to the standards expected from a four-star hotel with noted issues like dry pastries and limited fruit options.

Dinner reviews were also varied. Positives included good buffet food quality and attentive dining staff, but the menu was often described as limited and repetitive. Some guests found the options basic and not reflective of a four-star dining experience.

Rooms were largely praised for their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfortable beds, often featuring beautiful sea views. However, there were some concerns about smaller attic rooms, noise issues and occasional maintenance problems.

Cleanliness in general was a strong point with most guests finding the hotel and their rooms very clean. While isolated incidents of musty smells and inadequate cleaning were mentioned, they were not the norm.

Staff interactions were predominantly positive, highlighting friendly and attentive service, especially at the reception and breakfast areas. A few guests experienced less favorable interactions, but these were in the minority.

The free and generally stable wifi was appreciated, although there were a few complaints about connectivity issues.

The pool, though small, was praised for being clean and well-maintained, adding a pleasant touch to the stay despite occasional overcrowding.

Beach access was convenient, albeit involving a steep hill which could be challenging for some. Lastly, the free parking was a valued amenity, though sometimes difficult to secure during peak times.

In summary, Gran Hotel Suances presents a comfortable and well-located option for travelers with standout positives in location, cleanliness and staff friendliness. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in dining variety and some amenities, the overall guest experience is favorable.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Offering pool, garden or sea views, these stylish, heated rooms come with a flat-screen TV, phone and work desk. There is a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer. Please note sea views are subject to availability and have a supplement.

Double Room with Extra Bed Offering pool, garden or sea views, these stylish, heated rooms come with a flat-screen TV, phone and work desk. There is a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer. Please note that the extra bed is 80 cm wide. Please note sea views are subject to availability and have a supplement.

Double Room with Lounge Featuring free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bath and a bidet. Boasting a patio, this twin/double room also features air conditioning, a seating area and a flat-screen TV.

Deluxe Double Room with Extra Bed This double room has a tile/marble floor, a flat-screen TV, and an extra bed. The bathroom comes with free toiletries, bath or shower, and hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Gran Hotel Suances boasts a prime location in Suances, a charming Spanish seaside resort. Visitors frequently highlight the hotel’s proximity to notable attractions, including La Concha beach, various restaurants and scenic viewpoints. The hotel is situated walking distance to both the beach and the town center, making it convenient for guests who wish to explore the local surroundings on foot.

Many reviews appreciate the stunning sea views and describe the location as offering tranquility despite being well-connected to various points of interest. The hotel is positioned on a hill, which some guests mention can make the walk to the beach and town slightly challenging. Nonetheless, the strategic placement between the beach and town center combines convenience with a degree of seclusion, providing guests with a peaceful retreat.

The hotel’s architecture and cleanliness also receive commendations, alongside the helpfulness of the staff. Free parking facilities and well-maintained rooms further add to the guests' comfort. While some reviews note that the hotel is not as close to the beach as they expected, the overall sentiment is positive with the location described as excellent.

Visitors particularly praise the easy accessibility to beaches, restaurants and shops, emphasizing the benefits of free parking and quiet surroundings. Despite minor critiques regarding distance and uphill walks, the central location facilitating beach and town access, along with the beautiful sea views, leaves a favorable impression on guests.

The breakfast experience at Gran Hotel Suances garners mixed reviews from guests with both positive and negative aspects highlighted. On the positive side, many guests find the breakfast to be very good with several mentioning its variety and quality. The buffet offers a range of salty and sweet options with high-quality products such as pastries that are particularly praised. Some guests describe the breakfast as 'fantastic', 'magnificent' and 'very delicious', appreciating the plentiful and well-organized setup. The friendly dining staff and a good overall ambiance contribute to a pleasant dining experience.

However, numerous reviews indicate areas for improvement. Common criticisms include a lack of variety and freshness of the food. Certain items like fruit, bread and coffee are noted as lacking in quality. Some guests are disappointed by the breakfast being not up to the standards of a 4-star hotel with specific mentions of dry pastries, limited fruit options and an absence of typical breakfast comforts like freshly squeezed juice. The breakfast is also considered overly expensive for what is offered and issues like scarcity of items late in the breakfast service and disorganization are frequently mentioned.

In summary, while the breakfast at Gran Hotel Suances is appreciated for its good quality and variety by many, others feel it falls short of expectations, citing issues with selection, freshness and overall value.

The dinner experience at the Gran Hotel Suances has received a wide array of feedback from guests. While there are some positive remarks about the quality of the food and the buffet options, many reviews highlight limitations in variety and freshness. The dinner menu is described as being small and not very varied with repetitive daily options and an overall basic selection that includes a meat dish and a fish dish.

Guests have also noted that dinner service ends relatively early at 10 PM and that there's no dinner service available after 2 PM, which could be inconvenient for some. Additionally, there are comments about the dining environment, pointing out that the dining room can be noisy and appears outdated.

Although there are praises for the buffet, such as its quality and the attention from the staff, these are often overshadowed by mentions of poor food quality, particularly concerning pre-cooked and reheated dishes. There are additional complaints about the lack of options and the fact that dinner is described as scarce and meager. Drinks are not included in the half-board package and have to be purchased separately, which some guests found disappointing.

In conclusion, while the dinner at Gran Hotel Suances has some commendable aspects, the overall sentiment suggests that improvements in variety and freshness could significantly enhance the dining experience.

Gran Hotel Suances offers guests a mixed experience with its rooms, predominantly highlighting their spaciousness and cleanliness. The majority of the rooms are notably big, comfortable and well-maintained, often providing beautiful views of the sea or town. Many guests praised the modern and recently renovated decor, which complements the cozy ambiance. The rooms typically include both bathtubs and showers, contributing to an overall sense of comfort.

However, there are occasional issues with room size and insulation, particularly in attic rooms and those on the fifth floor, which tend to be smaller and nosier. The lack of sufficient heating and some isolated incidents of inadequate cleaning detract from the otherwise positive stay. Some rooms suffer from maintenance issues like broken furniture, unpleasant odors and uncomfortable pillows.

Despite these drawbacks, the spacious, well-decorated and clean rooms with exceptional views make Gran Hotel Suances a largely pleasant place to stay. The overall comfort of the rooms, along with modern amenities and attentive service, ensures a satisfactory experience for guests, though addressing the few persistent issues would greatly enhance their stay.

Gran Hotel Suances receives mixed reviews about its beds with a significant number of guests emphasizing their comfort. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable with some highlighting that beds were also spacious and the mattresses firm. Reviews often praised the overall comfort of both the beds and pillows and some guests noted that the bedding was clean and well-arranged.

However, a recurring issue was the inconsistency in bed types and comfort levels. Some guests were dissatisfied with being provided two single beds instead of a double bed and others found the mattresses either too soft or uncomfortable. Several reviews mentioned discomfort with the bedding quality, including wet sheets, unchanged bed linens and worn-out sheets.

A few guests encountered maintenance issues, such as broken bed bases and unstable beds. Despite these problems, the consensus leans towards a generally comfortable sleeping experience, although there is room for improvement in terms of bed type allocation and consistent bedding quality.

Gran Hotel Suances excels in terms of cleanliness, offering very clean and comfortable rooms which many guests found pleasant. The general cleanliness of the hotel and its surroundings has been highly noted and many visitors were satisfied with the clean public areas and facilities. Numerous reviews praise the hotel's cleanliness and comfortable beds, contributing to the overall positive impression of their stays.

However, some guests have experienced shortcomings in housekeeping, reporting issues like musty smells, unclean bathrooms and finding used items left by previous visitors. Although some rooms were spotless and well-maintained, inconsistency in cleanliness practices was observed with specific criticisms pointing to unclean floors and leftover hair.

Despite these occasional lapses, the hotel maintains an overall good standard of cleanliness with attentive cleaning in common areas and many rooms. The hotel staff's friendliness and helpfulness also received appreciation, further enhancing the guests' experiences. The gran hotel's commitment to cleanliness is evident, though it appears there's room for improvement to ensure more uniformity in their housekeeping services.

Gran Hotel Suances has garnered mixed feedback regarding its staff with many guests highlighting positive interactions. Numerous reviewers noted the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff with phrases like "very friendly staff," "attentive and friendly," and "polite and friendly" frequently appearing in reviews. The reception team was often praised for their quick attention, prompt assistance and effective resolution of issues, while the breakfast staff also received commendations for their service.

However, some experiences indicated room for improvement. A few guests felt the staff were unwelcoming or indifferent with comments pointing out instances of rudeness or lack of empathy. There were occasional mentions of poor service and insufficient communication, suggesting inconsistencies in guest treatment.

Despite these discrepancies, the overall sentiment leaned towards positive experiences with particular staff members. Guests appreciated the supportive and helpful demeanor of certain employees, which contributed to the hotel's favorable reputation. In summary, while there are areas needing enhancement, many visitors enjoyed cordial and efficient service from the Gran Hotel Suances staff.

Gran Hotel Suances offers free wifi for its guests with several reviews noting that the wifi is stable and good. Although some guests mentioned that a password was not provided, others found the connection to be particularly decent and functional. There were isolated complaints about the wifi not working or being poor. It's worth noting that the hotel's features did not explicitly mention wifi availability in the rooms. Overall, the wifi at Gran Hotel Suances is generally positive, but with a few areas for improvement.

The pool at Gran Hotel Suances receives mixed reviews. Many guests praise the pool for being clean, well-maintained and great for a refreshing dip, highlighting its extended hours and the pleasant bar nearby, known as Pedro's bar. However, several reviewers note that the pool is quite small with comments describing it as tiny and potentially crowded, especially during peak times. There were issues of miscommunication regarding the pool's availability with some guests expressing disappointment about it being closed or not operational during their stay. Despite its limited size, the pool is generally considered a pleasant addition to the hotel, though it lacks certain services like a lifeguard or towel provision. Shared with an adjacent hotel, the space around the pool is sometimes cramped, which has been a point of frustration for some visitors. Overall, while the pool has its drawbacks, it remains a positive feature of Gran Hotel Suances for many guests.

Gran Hotel Suances offers convenient proximity to several beautiful beaches, including Playa Concha and Playa Los Locos. Guests frequently appreciate that the beaches are relatively close with some mentioning it’s just a five-minute walk or drive to get there. Many enjoy the short walk to the nearby magnificent beach, highlighting that the hotel provides good access for a relaxed seaside experience. However, it's also important to note that reaching the beach involves navigating a steep hill, which can be challenging, particularly for families with strollers or those with mobility issues. Despite the mixed reviews about the ease of access, the overall sentiment indicates that the beaches near the hotel remain a noteworthy and pleasing feature, making it an attractive option for beach lovers.

Gran Hotel Suances offers the convenience of free parking to its guests, which is widely appreciated. The parking area provides good views and is user-friendly with several positive mentions about the ease of parking cars and the practicality it offers. However, the availability of parking spots can be problematic, especially during peak periods.

Guests often find the parking lot filled to capacity, necessitating parking further away or arriving earlier in the day to secure a spot. The limited number of spaces does sometimes result in a chaotic situation, particularly in the late afternoons or busy seasons. Despite these challenges, many have found the parking useful and sufficient for their needs.

While some reviews highlight that the parking is tight for the hotel's capacity and often full, others still commend the presence of free parking as a significant benefit. Parking can be difficult due to the small size and limited spaces, making it less ideal for all guests, but the overall sentiment remains positive for those who manage to find a spot.

Gran Hotel Suances appears to be a mixed bag when it comes to family and kid-friendly accommodations. The hotel is acknowledged for having a good location for families and is appreciated for being generally clean. There are positive notes on the kids' playground and the attentive and affectionate attitude of the staff towards children.

However, several guests have pointed out challenges when traveling with young ones. There are issues with the limited availability of baby chairs and difficulties maneuvering strollers through the property. Despite being advertised otherwise, some reviews mentioned the unavailability of family rooms, which caused inconvenience. Another drawback is the low capacity of the pool, which may not cater well to larger family groups during peak times.

While the hotel makes efforts to include entire families in various activities and accommodate parents and children when possible, the overall family-friendliness could use some improvement. The absence of family promotions was also noted. Despite these concerns, many families still found their stay nice, indicating that the Gran Hotel Suances has its strengths, especially for those who prioritize good location and responsive staff.

4 Star
Gran Hotel Suances, advertised with a four-star rating, has invoked mixed to negative reviews concerning its class and services. Numerous guests have expressed disappointment, noting that the hotel does not meet the expected standards of a four-star establishment. There are observations about the regular state of cleanliness, inadequately maintained facilities and the limited variety in breakfast options, such as only offering one type of bread. Moreover, the absence of certain amenities, like spa facilities and the limited size of the swimming pool have garnered critique. Many reviews suggest that the quality of the rooms and overall service felt closer to that of a three-star hotel. Visitors have also remarked on the misleading nature of the four-star claim with the general consensus being that the hotel falls short of this rating, both in terms of facility upkeep and service quality. Despite some guests finding aspects of their stay enjoyable, there's a clear sentiment that Gran Hotel Suances does not provide the value or experience expected from a four-star hotel.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Gran Hotel Suances is praised for its cleanliness and its pleasant ambiance, making it a hit, especially among kids. Although the pool is not very large and has a relatively small capacity, it is appreciated for its nice design and the ample space around it, providing plenty of room for pool chairs. However, there are some concerns about the pool not always being cleaned properly with mentions of dirty walls. The pool is shared between two hotels, which might impact its accessibility and space. Overall, the pool is considered a positive feature but with room for improvement in terms of maintenance and capacity.

Yes, Gran Hotel Suances has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Gran Hotel Suances.

No, Gran Hotel Suances doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Gran Hotel Suances.

No, Gran Hotel Suances doesn't have a gym.

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