Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotels
Hotel in Guiguinto
Malolos City
Very Good
From $48
From $48
Hotel with Wave Pool
Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotels, the newest addition to the vibrant world of waterparks, is situated in Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan. A mere 30-minute drive from the bustling city of Manila, families can delight in an unforgettable experience at this resort, offering a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, tranquil ambiance, and world-class amenities.

Klir Waterpark Resort presents four distinct pools, each boasting its own unique function and design. However, the true gem of this establishment lies in the largest wave pool in Luzon, spanning an impressive expanse of 3,500 square meters. Guests can immerse themselves in the embrace of thrilling waves, providing an invigorating experience for water enthusiasts of all ages. Whether seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a serene retreat by the water, Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotels promises an unforgettable aquatic escapade.
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