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Summary of reviewsHotel U Lišky, nestled in a picturesque and serene town, offers a tranquil retreat ideal for families and travelers. Its central location in Hošťka provides easy access to main excursion points like Melnik and Prague and it is conveniently close to the Elbe cycle path, making it a perfect starting point for cycling trips. The hotel’s peaceful atmosphere and pleasant surroundings add charm and convenience to stays with proximity to local restaurants further enhancing the experience.

The breakfast at Hotel U Lišky elicits high praise from guests, noted for its excellent selection, freshness and quality. The abundant buffet caters to varied tastes, featuring fresh pastries, fruits, vegetables and more, all enjoyed in a pleasant and clean environment. The breakfast setting with scenic views of a small lake, adds to the overall delightful experience.

Diners at Hotel U Lišky experience a satisfying meal with well-prepared dishes in a historical inn ambiance. The restaurant's cuisine, featuring unique items like quail and lamb, is consistently praised for its taste, quality and reasonable prices. Despite some minor critiques on service speed in the evenings, the friendly and efficient staff receive commendations for enhancing the meal experience.

The accommodations at Hotel U Lišky are spacious and clean with modern amenities and comfortable settings. Some rooms could benefit from updates due to their age, but overall, they are well-kept, providing good value. The cleanliness across the hotel is frequently highlighted, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant stay despite occasional remarks about outdated decor.

The staff at Hotel U Lišky significantly contribute to the hotel's positive reputation, appreciated for their friendliness, professionalism and readiness to assist. The check-in process is smooth and the staff's multilingual abilities and courteous service enhance the overall guest experience. The restaurant staff, noted for their warm and attentive service, also receive high praise, although there are rare mentions of individual unfriendly experiences.

WiFi at Hotel U Lišky garners mixed reviews. While some guests report reliable and free connections, others struggle with inconsistent service, indicating room for improvement in the hotel's internet offerings.

Guests enjoy hassle-free parking at Hotel U Lišky with ample and free parking available close to the hotel, ensuring convenience and ease.

The bedding at Hotel U Lišky elicits mixed feedback. Some guests appreciate the high-quality and beautiful beds, while others find issues with comfort, citing hard, squeaky or sagging mattresses and pillows. Addressing these concerns could further enhance the guest experience.

Overall, Hotel U Lišky stands out for its peaceful location, excellent breakfast, satisfying dining, clean and spacious rooms and exceptionally friendly staff, offering a pleasant and enjoyable stay for all its visitors.
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Nestled in a beautiful and peaceful town, Hotel U Lišky offers a serene getaway ideal for families and travelers alike. The hotel is located conveniently close to the Elbe cycle path, making it a great starting point for cycling trips and those looking to explore nearby sights. Its proximity to main excursion destinations like Melnik and Prague makes it perfect for tourists planning day trips. The peaceful atmosphere and pleasant surroundings contribute to a tranquil stay, while the easy access to local restaurants and the hotel’s placement in the center of Hošťka add to its charm. The beautiful, calm environment and quiet, central location underscore why guests find the hotel's setting both convenient and delightful.

Hotel U Lišky offers a breakfast experience that leaves guests thoroughly impressed. The overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the great selection with fresh ingredients consistently mentioned. Guests have praised the breakfast as excellent, tasty and rich with a wide variety of options available. The buffet setup is frequently described as abundant, offering something for everyone, from fresh pastries to fruit and vegetables. Numerous reviews emphasize the freshness and quality of the food and many note the extensive selection that meets and exceeds expectations.

The pleasant environment, including the scenic view of a small lake with fish, adds to the overall experience. Guests also commend the cleanliness and attention to detail, which enhances the appeal of starting the day at Hotel U Lišky's breakfast buffet. Whether opting for a hearty breakfast or enjoying a lighter meal, visitors consistently find the dining experience here delightful and satisfying.

Hotel U Lišky offers a satisfying dining experience with its down-to-earth, historical inn ambiance and a variety of well-prepared dishes that impress guests. The restaurant consistently earns praise for its tasty, well-arranged and delicious cuisine. Diners highlight the food’s excellent quality and the reasonable prices, making it an appealing option for both lunch and dinner. The menu is versatile, featuring unique items like quail and lamb and changing daily to keep choices fresh and exciting.

The portions are generous, adding to the restaurant's value for money. Despite occasional remarks about sluggish evening service and lukewarm meals, the overall feedback remains highly positive. The staff receives commendations for being friendly and efficient, contributing to a pleasant dining atmosphere. For those staying at the hotel or visiting the area, enjoying a meal at the Hotel U Lišky’s restaurant is a recommended experience, consistently delivering excellent food and good service.

Hotel U Lišky offers a variety of accommodations that guests have found to be both spacious and clean. Many have highlighted the large and well-kept rooms, noting that they are comfortable and equipped with modern amenities. The bathrooms are often mentioned as being particularly nice with some featuring whirlpool bathtubs.

Despite the overall positive feedback, there are recurrent mentions of rooms in need of refurbishment and some being deemed very old. Nonetheless, the cleanliness and readiness of the rooms are unanimously praised and the accommodation is described as great across several reviews. Some rooms are modestly equipped, but they still deliver value for the money with some apartments offering additional conveniences like well-equipped kitchens.

Overall, while there are areas that could benefit from updates, the hotel provides a pleasant and clean accommodation option with spacious rooms and satisfactory amenities.

Hotel U Lišky presents a mixed experience when it comes to its bedding. Guests have praised the hotel for providing high-quality and beautiful beds, signaling an effort to ensure a good night's sleep with new and good quality mattresses. However, feedback on comfort is varied with some guests finding the beds comfortable, while others have reported discomfort due to hard, squeaky or sagging mattresses and pillows. The presence of older, non-refurbished beds and foam mattresses has also been noted. Despite the beauty and quality of some beds, improvements in mattress comfort and pillow quality could enhance the overall sleeping experience.

Hotel U Lišky consistently receives praise for its cleanliness from guests. The rooms, although older and somewhat outdated, are described as clean and spacious. Many guests highlight the modern aspects of the accommodations, noting that everything is clean and cozy. The environment throughout the hotel is well-maintained with several reviews emphasizing the cleanliness of the entire area. Despite a few mentions of outdated decor and an isolated report of dirty bedding, the overall consensus is that the hotel maintains a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness, providing a pleasant and comfortable stay for its guests.

Hotel U Lišky boasts an impressive record of customer satisfaction, particularly when it comes to their staff. Guest reviews consistently highlight the hotel’s helpful, friendly and courteous employees. Many visitors appreciated the staff's readiness to fulfill every wish and their willingness to go above and beyond. The check-in process is noted as easy with many local staff members who are hardworking and attentive. Exceptional service is a recurring theme and the reception staff, in particular, received praise for their professionalism and multilingual abilities.

Guests also found the restaurant staff to be exceptionally courteous. The warmth and efficiency of the service extended to all areas with waitstaff being described as smiling, relaxed and accommodating—even for early breakfast requests or guests with pets. Management’s helpfulness and the young, pleasant nature of the team made a significant impact on the overall experience.

While there are isolated mentions of tiredness among the staff or individual unfriendly experiences, the overwhelming sentiment is positive. Reviewers express gratitude for the pleasant ambiance created by the dedicated team and many are happy to recommend and return to the hotel in the future.

Hotel U Lišky stands out for its exceptional ambiance and outstanding staff, known for their friendliness and helpfulness. This attention to creating a welcoming environment is often praised by guests. The internet, however, presents a mixed experience. While some reviews highlight reliable connections and free WiFi as a positive note, others mention inconsistent service with some guests struggling with poor connectivity or having to deal with pricey and unreliable access. Although the hotel excels in service and hospitality, improvements in WiFi quality could further enhance the overall guest experience.

Hotel U Lišky offers ample and free parking, providing a hassle-free experience for guests. Public parking spaces are sufficient and conveniently located around the hotel, making it easy to park outside. There is a free parking lot available on the nearby square as well. While some guests were shown specific parking spots, an occasional need to move the car was noted. Overall, parking at the hotel is fine and trouble-free, adding to the convenience of staying at this location.

No, Hotel U Lišky doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel U Lišky.

Yes, Hotel U Lišky welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel U Lišky.

No, Hotel U Lišky doesn't have a gym.

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