Oneida Hotel
Hotel in Green Bay WI
Very Good
From $133
From $133
Casino HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Casino' categoryThe Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay offers a fun and convenient casino experience. Despite the pricy drinks and occasional rude behavior of the security guards, guests love the casino as a plus to their stay. The hotel is attached to the casino with easy access despite potentially long walks from certain rooms. The outdoor beer garden provides a relaxing atmosphere and guests have enjoyed delicious food options available late at night. Some guests wish for better pricing and incentive to stay at the hotel, but overall the casino is a bonus to the clean and modernly decorated accommodations. Additionally, some guests have received autographs from old Packers players at the casino or enjoyed nearby features such as a bingo hall.
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Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
Hotel in Milwaukee WI
From $206
From $206
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Casino Hotel

Luxury Hotel

Hotel with Free Wi-Fi

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Legendary Waters Resort & Casino
Hotel in Bayfield WI
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Casino Hotel

Hotel with Rooms With Fireplace

Hotel for Honeymoon

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  •     Casino (3)
  •     Accessible (2)
  •     Family (2)
  •     Free Wi-Fi (2)
  •     Honeymoon (2)
  •     Indoor Pool (2)
  •     Parking (2)
  •     Pool (2)
  •     Business (1)
  •     Rooms with Fireplace (1)
  •     4 Star (1)
  •     Gym (1)
  •     Heated Pool (1)
  •     Luxury (1)
  •     3 Star (1)
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