Luccombe Hall Hotel
Hotel in Shanklin
Very Good
From $110
From $110
Hotel with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tubSummary of reviews related to the 'Rooms with Jacuzzi / Hot-Tub' categoryThe jacuzzi and hot tub offerings at Luccombe Hall Hotel have received mixed reviews from guests. While some were pleasantly surprised by the addition of a jacuzzi in their room, others were disappointed by the quality of the pool hot tub and the lack of warmth in the indoor hot tub. Despite these drawbacks, many guests still appreciated the opportunity to relax in the hot tub after a long day, but some felt it could have been a few degrees warmer or deeper. Maintenance issues were reported with one guest noting that the hot water was switched off on a Saturday morning without warning, impacting their ability to use the hot tub and shower. Overall, while there were some criticisms, many guests still loved the jacuzzi and hot tub experiences at Luccombe Hall Hotel with one family room even being called "amazing".
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The Lakes Rookley
Holiday Park in Rookley
From $66
From $66
Holiday Park with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tubSummary of reviews related to the 'Rooms with Jacuzzi / Hot-Tub' categoryThe Lakes Rookley is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday with amazing facilities. Many guests have raved about the chalets with one guest expressing their amazement at the hot tub. However, on arrival, one guest noted that their hot tub wasn't hot enough, but this was quickly resolved. Unfortunately, not all rooms have a jacuzzi or hot tub, but guests who upgraded to one really enjoyed it. Some guests did note that privacy could be an issue with people walking past and looking over the fence. Despite some minor issues, many guests loved the jacuzzi and found it incredibly relaxing with one guest even describing it as crystal-clean. In addition, some guests even received complimentary Prosecco. Overall, The Lakes Rookley is a great choice for those looking for a relaxing holiday with great facilities.
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The Bay Colwell
Resort in Freshwater
Very Good
From $80
From $80
Resort with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tubSummary of reviews related to the 'Rooms with Jacuzzi / Hot-Tub' categoryGuests at The Bay Colwell have shared their thoughts on the hot tubs and jacuzzis available at the accommodation. The majority of reviewers were extremely satisfied, describing the hot tub as amazing and brilliant and well worth paying for. Some reviewers noted that the hot tub was clean and easy to use, while others mentioned that it was preheated for them and ready to use on arrival. Guests who stayed in bungalows or cottages featuring a private hot tub praised the addition with one reviewer stating that it was fantastic and got used a lot. However, a few guests reported that the hot tub was not as described or pictured in the sales literature and some experienced issues with the hot tub being cold on arrival or taking a long time to heat up. Additionally, a few reviewers noted that the noise from the hot tub could be a disturbance, while others found the hot tub area to be uninviting. Despite these minor negatives, the hot tub was generally regarded as an enjoyable and relaxing extra, making it a real plus point for those seeking a luxurious break on the Isle of Wight.
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St Helens Coastal Resort
Holiday Park in Saint Helens
From $90
From $90
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Holiday Park with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tub

Dog Friendly Holiday Park

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Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park
Campground in Bembridge
Info Categories
Campground with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tub

Dog Friendly Campground

Campground with Swimming Pool

Indoor Pool    Outdoor Pool  

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