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Hotel with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tubSummary of reviews related to the 'Rooms with Jacuzzi / Hot-Tub' categoryGuildford Manor Hotel & Spa offers a variety of jacuzzi options, including indoor and outdoor jacuzzis with massage jets. However, some guests reported issues with the outside jacuzzi, which was out of order during their stay. The indoor jacuzzi near the swimming pool received positive feedback, but one guest found grit inside the jacuzzi after use. The outdoor jacuzzi area is a highlight of the hotel with drink service available and the lovely garden providing a relaxing backdrop for the whirlpool and massage jets. Additionally, the hotel offers a small gym, pool and sauna, as well as a nice pool area with a jacuzzi for use. Guests should be aware that spa robes have an additional fee. Despite some minor issues, overall, the jacuzzi and hot tub facilities are great and are a highlight of the hotel.
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