Fairmont Banff Springs
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From $460
Historic Resort
In 1887 William Cornelius Van Horne wanted to build an impressive hotel in the Canadian Rockies. The hotel was undergoing continuous renovations until the fire of 1926 where its wooden foundations were burnt down. A few years later, the hotel was rebuilt into a bigger castle and with a much more resilient structure. During the Great Depression, the hotel closed for 3 years and was reopened but struggled to reclaim travellers due to its location and the economic crisis. By the '70s, the hotel regained its glory thanks to the increasing influx of travellers in Banff. Today it is known as the prestigious "Castle in the Rockies".
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Summary of reviews related to the 'Historic' categoryWelcome to the Fairmont Banff Springs, an amazing historic hotel with incredible historical architecture that looks like a fairytale castle nestled in Canada's mountains. This ancient castle-inspired hotel is filled with legacy, character and history that goes back to the colonial age. The hotel is Canada's castle and its restaurants are part of the heritage hall, making it a historic and legendary place that you don't want to miss. The staff are the epitome of professionalism, hospitality and caring service and they take care of the property with great attention to detail. Staying here feels like being transported back in time and living in a unique 1180's castle-like hotel, while enjoying luxury, comfort and a sense of humor of the friendly staff. While the building may be vintage and a bit dated, the feeling of the hotel is historic, luxurious and memorable.
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Three Peaks Banff
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From $811
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