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Summary of reviewsHotel Nice Riviera finds favor among guests primarily due to its exceptional location in the heart of Nice. Guests consistently highlight the centrality of the hotel, which provides easy access to prominent attractions, public transport and key tourist points like the Promenade des Anglais and Old Nice. The convenience of exploring Nice on foot from the hotel, combined with nearby amenities such as shops, restaurants and cafes, adds to the hotel's allure. This prime location, along with friendly staff and comfortable accommodations, makes Hotel Nice Riviera a preferred choice for travelers.

The hotel's breakfast service receives mixed reviews. While guests appreciate the variety and richness of the breakfast buffet, including gluten-free options, some feel that the quality of the food and the dining environment do not meet 4-star standards. Despite the well-organized service and friendly staff, improvements in food quality and freshness, along with a more comfortable dining area, could enhance the breakfast experience.

While the hotel does not offer a full dining option, its proximity to numerous highly-rated restaurants and cafes compensates for this shortfall. Guests value the ability to enjoy excellent culinary experiences within walking distance. However, an expansion in the hotel's own dining options, including lunch and dinner, might improve guest satisfaction.

The rooms at Hotel Nice Riviera are a mixed bag. Positively, many guests find the rooms spacious, comfortable and well-equipped with modern amenities. Conversely, some rooms need renovation and better maintenance with common complaints about outdated decor, cleanliness issues and insufficient housekeeping. Prospective visitors should set their expectations accordingly and perhaps request recently renovated rooms.

Cleanliness across the hotel is generally good with rooms and common areas clean and well-maintained. However, inconsistencies in cleaning practices occasionally lead to issues such as dust, stains and leftover hair from previous occupants, indicating a need for more rigorous cleaning standards.

The hotel's staff receives praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, particularly from the reception and housekeeping teams. However, there are multiple reports of unprofessional and occasionally rude behavior from certain staff members, suggesting inconsistencies in service quality.

The Wi-Fi service at Hotel Nice Riviera is a major area needing improvement with many guests reporting poor connectivity and unreliable service, particularly in the rooms. Enhanced Wi-Fi infrastructure and clearer usage instructions are needed to meet guest expectations.

The hotel's indoor pool and sauna are appreciated for their cleanliness and modernity. However, the pool's small size, inconsistent heating and additional access fee detract from the overall experience. Improvements in these areas could make the pool a more attractive feature.

For beach enthusiasts, the hotel's proximity to the Promenade des Anglais and Nice's beaches is a significant advantage. Guests enjoy the easy access to both the beach and the city center, blending coastal relaxation with urban exploration.

The parking facility is secure and convenient, albeit at a premium price. Guests value the private underground parking despite some issues with access and cost. This facility remains a strong point for those prioritizing vehicle safety.

Finally, Hotel Nice Riviera proves to be family-friendly with well-equipped rooms designed to accommodate families, attentive staff and amenities geared toward children. Although some family rooms feel a bit cramped, the overall family-oriented service and activities make it a favorable option for family vacations.

Overall, Hotel Nice Riviera offers a comfortable and convenient stay with room for improvement in certain areas to fully meet its 4-star promise.
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Room Types
Classic Double Room - with 1h free Swimming Pool and Sauna access 20m² rooms with en suite bathroom, toileteries, TV, minibar, tea and coffee facilities.

Executive Double Room with Terrace - with 1h free Swimming Pool and Sauna access Situated on the top floor, these spacious rooms feature a furnished terrace facing the city, an espresso machine, and free internet access.

Comfort Double Room - with 1h free Swimming Pool and Sauna access This 25m² room features a private bathroom with free toiletries, a hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers for even more comfort.

Family Room - with 1h free Swimming Pool and Sauna access This 25m² rooms are ideal for families travelling together. It includes a double bed and sofa bed, a private bathroom with hairdryer and free toiletries.

Classic Double Room with Free Breakfast Featuring free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bath and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned twin/double room features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as city views. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Nice Riviera boasts an exceptional location in the heart of Nice, making it an ideal base for exploring the city. Guests consistently praise its central position, which offers easy access to various attractions, transport options and key points of interest. The hotel is conveniently situated just a short walk from the Promenade des Anglais, the beach and Old Nice, ensuring that guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture and charming sites.

Public transportation is close at hand with bus and tram stops nearby, making it easy to reach destinations such as the Matisse and Chagall museums, Phoenix Park and the main train station. Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to Jean Medecin Avenue, while food lovers can enjoy the variety of nearby restaurants and cafes. The hotel is also within walking distance to Place Massena and several pedestrian streets, perfect for leisurely strolls and discovering hidden gems.

The strategic location of Hotel Nice Riviera allows visitors to explore Nice on foot, reducing the need for a car or extensive use of public transport. Proximity to local amenities, including shops, grocery stores and tourist attractions, further enhances the convenience of staying at this well-situated hotel.

Overall, the hotel's prime location, combined with friendly staff and comfortable accommodations, makes it a preferred choice for travelers looking to experience the best of Nice.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Nice Riviera seems to offer a mixed bag with both commendable aspects and areas needing improvement. Guests appreciated the well-organized breakfast service and the friendly and attentive staff. The variety and richness of options available at the breakfast buffet were frequently highlighted, offering choices that could cater to varied tastes, including gluten-free options. Some found the breakfast particularly hearty, delicious and satisfying, describing it as fresh and well-taken care of, claiming it provided good value given its range of choices.

However, several guests felt that the breakfast did not meet the standards expected from a 4-star hotel. Criticisms often mentioned the quality of certain items, such as poor industrial fruit juices, mediocre pastries and subpar machine-made coffee. The breakfast room itself was sometimes described as noisy, overcrowded and unwelcoming with practical issues like limited seating and occasionally broken equipment. Furthermore, the price of the breakfast, at approximately €18 per person, was deemed too high by many, especially given the perceived shortcomings in variety and quality.

In summary, while the breakfast at Hotel Nice Riviera pleases some for its variety and hearty options, others feel it falls short of 4-star expectations, particularly in terms of quality and pricing. The overall experience might benefit from improvements in food quality, fresher ingredients and a more inviting dining environment.

Hotel Nice Riviera is conveniently nestled in a vibrant area teeming with excellent dining options, making it an ideal choice for food enthusiasts. Guests appreciate that shopping and top-rated restaurants are just around the corner, allowing for an enjoyable culinary experience without having to venture far. Despite the abundance of nearby eateries, some guests felt that the hotel could enhance its offerings by providing lunch or dinner options, as the current choices in the small lounge bar and dining room seemed limited and frequently crowded. While the hotel offers a dinner buffet, the variety could be improved and the availability of popular spirits like whiskey and cognac was an issue, especially notable during peak times like New Year's Eve. Nevertheless, the hotel's prime location near numerous good restaurants provides guests with plenty of alternatives for memorable dining experiences.

The reviews for Hotel Nice Riviera highlight a mix of positive and negative aspects regarding the rooms. On the positive side, many guests find the rooms to be spacious, comfortable and clean with especially large beds and modern bathrooms. The decor in some rooms is praised as elegant and nicely done and the availability of amenities such as coffee machines, kettles and terraces with scenic views add to the appeal. Guests also appreciate the quiet and peaceful environment, along with the convenience of features like large closets, good bedding and reliable air conditioning.

However, several recurring issues detract from the overall experience. Many reviews mention that some rooms are small, outdated and in need of renovation. Common complaints include poor cleanliness, insufficient housekeeping, damaged furniture and inadequate air conditioning. Problems with sewer smells, broken amenities and old bedding are noted as well. Additionally, there are reports of inadequate soundproofing, insufficient lighting and inconvenient room layouts.

Overall, the rooms at Hotel Nice Riviera can be a hit or miss, offering comfort and spaciousness in some cases, but revealing significant maintenance and cleanliness issues in others. Potential visitors might want to set expectations accordingly and perhaps seek more modern or recently renovated options within the hotel.

The reviews of Hotel Nice Riviera's beds are generally positive with many guests highlighting the comfort and quality of the bedding. Numerous mentions of comfortable beds point to a pleasant sleeping experience with comments specifically praising the large, king-size and spacious beds. The bedding and mattresses are often described as good quality, clean and very comfortable with some guests even noting exemplary cleanliness.

However, there are a few scattered mentions of discomfort, particularly pointing to hard or uneven mattresses, as well as issues with pillows and occasional cleanliness concerns. Several reviews also note that some rooms have separate beds pushed together rather than a single king-size bed, which may not be ideal for everyone.

Overall, despite a few mixed opinions, the majority of guests seem to enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep experience at Hotel Nice Riviera. The bedding is consistently praised for its high quality and comfort, contributing significantly to the overall positive impression of the accommodations.

Hotel Nice Riviera offers a mixed experience when it comes to cleanliness. The reviews largely highlight that the rooms and the hotel itself are clean, comfortable and well-maintained. Many guests frequently mention the rooms being spacious, tidy and serviced daily, making their stays pleasant and cozy. The common areas and bathrooms are generally described as clean, contributing to an overall well-sanitized environment.

However, there are several recurring issues that need attention. Some guests reported insufficient cleaning with dust, dirt, hair and stains occasionally found in rooms and bathrooms. Specific complaints include dirty floors, dusty furniture and remnants of previous occupants like hair in the shower and bed. Moreover, the cleanliness of certain amenities like towels, bed sheets and carpets has sometimes been below expectations with old or stained items mentioned. Instances of neglected areas, such as outdoor terraces and corridors, further marred the experience for some visitors.

Despite these challenges, the hotel is praised for its attentive and polite cleaning staff, although there are mentions of inconsistent cleaning practices and the need for better supervision. The overall impression suggests that while Hotel Nice Riviera generally maintains a clean atmosphere, there is room for improvement, especially in ensuring more consistent and thorough cleaning standards to enhance guest satisfaction.

The reviews of 'Hotel Nice Riviera' present a mixed picture of the staff's performance. On the positive side, many guests praised the hotel staff for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. The reception team, including individuals like Isa, Audrey and Raphael, received specific mentions for their courteous and attentive service. Housekeeping staff were often noted for their efficiency and pleasant demeanor with some guests appreciating their friendliness and punctual service.

However, there were also substantial criticisms. Several guests encountered rude and unhelpful behaviors, particularly from certain reception staff. Instances of poor communication, distant attitudes and even impoliteness were mentioned multiple times, indicating inconsistency in the service quality. Some reviewers felt the staff's behavior did not meet the standards expected of a 4-star hotel and there were occasional remarks about certain employees' ageist or dismissive attitudes.

In summary, while many guests had positive experiences with the warm and supportive staff at Hotel Nice Riviera, others faced challenges with unprofessional and rude service, highlighting significant variability in staff interactions.

The Wi-Fi experience at Hotel Nice Riviera has been a subject of much concern among guests. Many reviews consistently describe the internet connection as poor, unreliable and often non-existent. Guests have reported weak and unstable signals in rooms, particularly on the upper floors and frequent connectivity issues. Despite some reports of good or decent Wi-Fi in certain areas like the lobby and hallways, these positive aspects are overshadowed by the overall dissatisfaction with the hotel's internet service. The Wi-Fi instructions were also noted as unclear, adding to the frustration of many visitors. Overall, improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity are highly needed to enhance guest satisfaction.

Hotel Nice Riviera's pool consistently receives mixed feedback from guests. On the bright side, many guests appreciate the pool's clean and modern facilities, describing it as a lovely and relaxing spot, particularly highlighting the heated pool and sauna. The indoor pool's heating, when operational, adds to the comfort, offering a pleasant experience, especially after a session in the sauna. Several visitors also commend the cleanliness and maintenance of the pool area, making it an inviting feature of the hotel.

However, there are notable downsides. Guests frequently comment on the pool's small size, which limits its usability for swimming, especially when crowded. There are also frustrations about the pool being cold with multiple mentions of it not being heated as advertised. The cleanliness and maintenance sometimes fall short with reports of dirty water, slippery floors and cracked ceilings.

A significant point of contention is the cost associated with pool access. Many guests express dissatisfaction with the additional fee of 10 euros per hour per person, feeling it is excessive and should be included in the room rate. This charge is seen as a deterrent with some guests feeling it is not worth the added expense given the pool's issues.

Overall, while the pool at Hotel Nice Riviera has its perks, including a heated, clean environment suitable for a brief dip, the extra costs and occasional maintenance problems may detract from the overall experience for some guests.

Hotel Nice Riviera boasts an enviable location for beach lovers, being just a short walk away from the stunning Promenade des Anglais and the inviting shoreline of Nice. Guests have consistently highlighted the ease and convenience of accessing the beach, making it an ideal spot for those eager to enjoy some sun and sea without the hassle of long commutes. The hotel's proximity to both the beach and the city center places visitors in the heart of the action with access to public attractions, shops and the charming old town just minutes away. The beach's close vicinity not only enhances the overall guest experience but also offers the perfect blend of coastal relaxation and urban exploration. Whether it's a leisurely stroll to the beach or quick access to the vibrant city life, Hotel Nice Riviera's strategic location provides guests with a seamless and enjoyable stay.

The parking situation at Hotel Nice Riviera offers a blend of convenience and secure options, albeit at a premium price. Guests appreciate the availability of private underground parking with direct access to the hotel, ensuring their vehicles are secure. The parking is seen as very convenient and essential for many travelers. However, the cost of parking, ranging from 22 to 28 euros per night, is frequently mentioned as expensive. While the parking is generally adequate and helpful, some guests have encountered issues such as difficult access, narrow and shabby garage conditions and additional fees that add to their expenses. Despite these inconveniences, the secure on-site parking remains a significant advantage for those prioritizing safety and convenience over cost.

Hotel Nice Riviera has garnered considerable praise for its family-friendly ambiance, making it a popular choice for family vacations. The hotel's rooms, particularly the family rooms, come well-equipped and reportedly cater to various family needs. Guests frequently appreciate the size and features of these rooms – many note that they include king beds, adequate seating and options for larger suites that offer more space.

The hotel staff is frequently commended for their friendliness and attentiveness toward children, contributing to a welcoming environment. Service is characterized as particularly family-oriented with staff going out of their way to assist and engage with younger guests. Many families specifically highlight the swimming pool and game nights as appealing activities that kept their children entertained.

Breakfast options have been tailored to suit families with children, another plus point according to the reviews. The hotel's facilities are designed with children in mind, offering amenities such as baby beds and non-smoking family rooms. However, some reviews mention that the family rooms can feel cramped and there have been occasional complaints about dust.

Despite the overall positive feedback, a few guests experienced challenges due to noise from other families and children, which sometimes disrupted the otherwise tranquil setting. Specifically, the spa was noted to be less enjoyable due to the presence of noisy children on some occasions.

In summary, Hotel Nice Riviera stands out as a solid choice for family-oriented stays, providing valuable amenities and a welcoming environment for guests with children. While there are a few drawbacks, such as occasional noise and room size, the hotel generally offers a pleasant experience for families looking to enjoy a hospitable and accommodating stay.

Hotel Nice Riviera is ideally situated for those looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife of the area. The hotel's central location and proximity to the old town make it an excellent base for exploring a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. With plenty of interesting and lively options nearby, guests will find no shortage of excellent nightlife venues. The area offers a really good buzz with many shops and eateries located conveniently close by. However, it's important to note that the vibrant atmosphere can come with some nighttime noise, which may disrupt sleep for some guests. There were also mentions of construction noise outside. Despite these issues, the hotel's strategic position in the heart of the city ensures easy access to an exciting array of nighttime activities, making it a prime choice for those eager to experience the city's dynamic social scene.

4 Star
Hotel Nice Riviera gathers mixed sentiments from its guests regarding its four-star rating and the provided facilities and services. While the hotel exhibits a boutique four-star experience with a classy appearance, many guests felt it does not live up to the four-star standards. Key areas of concern include the quality and limited variety of the breakfast, which several reviewers found disappointing and the overall condition of rooms with issues like damaged parquet flooring and insufficient sockets.

Many guests highlighted the lack of amenities typically expected of a four-star establishment, such as a coffee maker, roller shutters to block the sun and adequate courtesy accessories. The cleaning standards also came under scrutiny, as they did not align with four-star expectations. Additionally, the service quality was frequently described as not matching four-star levels with instances like a child's bed not being ready upon arrival further contributing to the dissatisfaction.

Price-wise, the hotel appears to be on the higher side, leading guests to expect better quality and service for the rates charged. Several visitors remarked that the hotel did not feel like a true four-star and suggested that its rating should be revisited or adjusted to better reflect its offerings.

Overall, while Hotel Nice Riviera maintains some charm and accessibility, it seems to fall short in several areas crucial to maintaining its four-star rating, leaving many guests underwhelmed by their stay.

Hotel Nice Riviera offers a well-maintained and clean environment, tailored for those on business trips. The establishment is equipped with amenities suitable for business needs, including meeting rooms and free wifi. Its prime location close to shops and restaurants further enhances its convenience for business travelers. Despite some minor criticisms regarding the business center and a sense that it may not fully align with four-star standards, many guests find the hotel comfortable enough for their professional requirements. Overall, it provides a good balance of functionality and accessibility for business purposes.

Hotel Nice Riviera boasts excellent accessibility, being situated within walking distance to many key attractions and central areas of interest. Guests appreciate the ease of access to public transportation and the convenience of a nearby train station. The hotel's buildings and parking facilities are accessible with elevators available to assist in mobility.

While the hotel offers accessible rooms and facilities, some reviews note that the accessible room amenities could be better equipped for guests with disabilities. However, the overall accessibility of the hotel is generally praised with many guests highlighting its suitability for those with disabilities.

The staff receive commendations for their friendliness and proficiency in English, which adds to the positive experience for guests requiring additional assistance. Although there are some challenges for wheelchair users, the hotel's efforts to cater to accessibility are recognized and appreciated by many.

Heated Pool
The heated pool at Hotel Nice Riviera receives mixed feedback from guests. Many visitors appreciate that it is nicely heated, offering a comfortable and relaxing experience. The presence of an indoor pool and a relaxation area, along with additional facilities like a sauna, adds to the appeal. However, some reviews point out inconsistencies in the pool's temperature with complaints about it being too cold despite being advertised as heated. Accessibility issues and additional charges for pool use have also been mentioned. Overall, while the heated pool is a notable comfort for many, there are areas that could benefit from improvement.

Indoor Pool
Hotel Nice Riviera offers an indoor pool as part of its amenities, often mentioned alongside the spa and sauna facilities. Despite its small size, the heated pool provides a refreshing experience for guests with some mentioning the pool's maximum privacy. The pool contributes to the hotel's relaxation area, which also includes a gym. However, guests should be aware that access to the indoor pool incurs an additional charge. The temperature of the pool has received mixed feedback with some finding it pleasant while others noted it could be icy. A few reviews highlighted maintenance issues, such as a cracked ceiling and cloudy water. Overall, the indoor pool at Hotel Nice Riviera is a notable feature, adding to the spa experience, though with some room for improvement in facilities and clarity around additional charges.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Nice Riviera offers a welcoming environment for pets, making it a great choice for travelers with dogs. The pet-friendly facilities and services are well-received by guests, who appreciate the dog-friendly atmosphere. The hotel clearly allows pets and creates a comfortable space for both owners and their furry companions. While specifics such as pet-related taxes are not detailed, the overall sentiment highlights Hotel Nice Riviera as a suitable accommodation for dog owners looking for a hospitable place to stay.

Yes, Hotel Nice Riviera has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Nice Riviera.

Yes, Hotel Nice Riviera welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Nice Riviera.

No, Hotel Nice Riviera doesn't have a gym.

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