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Summary of reviewsHotel Can Blanc is highly praised for its idyllic, serene location nestled in a lush forest, offering direct access to hiking trails and proximity to Olot town center and local attractions like La Fageda. The serene environment, breathtaking views and charming rustic architecture render it an excellent retreat for nature enthusiasts and those seeking peace. The beautiful forested surroundings and garden add to the hotel's charm, making it not only a place to stay but an integral part of the relaxation and adventure experience.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Can Blanc receives positive feedback, featuring delicious Catalan specialties, high-quality local products and a buffet-style presentation. Guests appreciate the cozy and flexible breakfast arrangements, though some suggest that the variety could be expanded. Despite these few suggestions, the overall sentiment is that breakfast is hearty and satisfying.

While the hotel does not offer in-house dinner service, it is well-positioned near several excellent dining options. Guests can enjoy delightful meals at nearby restaurants like La Deu, which receive high praise. The hotel also allows the convenience of ordering food for delivery, using its dining facilities. This proximity to quality dining establishments compensates well for the lack of an in-house dinner service.

Rooms at Hotel Can Blanc are spacious, comfortable and oftentimes include small living areas and private terraces. Guests enjoy the coziness and old-world charm of the accommodations, although many note that the rooms are outdated and would benefit from modern upgrades. Cleanliness is generally well-maintained, though there are occasional comments about minor areas that could improve.

The hotel staff are exceptionally friendly, attentive and courteous, consistently delivering excellent customer service. Their welcoming nature significantly enhances the guest experience, although occasional language barriers are noted.

The outdoor pool area is appreciated for its relaxation potential during the warmer months, even though it sometimes faces maintenance challenges. Additionally, the pool's unavailability during certain private events and the restriction on children swimming limit its use for some guests.

Parking facilities at Hotel Can Blanc receive high praise for being ample, convenient and secure, catering well to both car and motorcycle travelers. Free electric vehicle charging stations further add to the convenience.

Family-friendly amenities make Hotel Can Blanc a great choice for those traveling with children with staff going the extra mile to ensure comfort and entertainment for younger guests. The hotel offers numerous games, a pool and a lovely environment that families find enjoyable.

The comfort of beds at the hotel garners mixed reviews with some guests finding them super comfortable while others note that they are old and in need of updating. Overall, despite the mixed feedback, the beds are generally considered manageable for a pleasant stay.

As for its three-star rating, Hotel Can Blanc provides a functional stay with basic amenities, though some guests feel it could benefit from updates to better align with modern expectations. Despite the absence of luxury elements, it offers an overall satisfactory experience for those with modest expectations, anchored by its exceptional location, friendly staff and family-friendly atmosphere.
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Room Types
Queen Room This air-conditioned/heated room comes with a double bed or 2 single beds. It provides a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom with bath tub.

Triple Room This air-conditioned/heated room provides a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom with bath tub.

Single Room This air-conditioned single room has a desk, a patio, garden views and a private bathroom. The unit has 1 bed.

Twin Room This air-conditioned twin room has a desk, a patio, garden views and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Can Blanc boasts an exceptional, serene location that has garnered tremendous praise from its guests. Nestled in the middle of a lush forest, this hotel provides direct access to hiking trails, making it an ideal base for nature enthusiasts and hikers. The astonishingly peaceful surroundings offer an idyllic retreat, perfect for those looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Despite its tranquil setting, the hotel is conveniently close to Olot town center with guests noting it to be just a short walk or a quick drive away. The proximity to top attractions like La Fageda and several highly-regarded restaurants adds to the convenience without compromising the quiet, countryside charm.

The environment around Hotel Can Blanc is described as beautiful, spectacular and serene with breathtaking views of the Moixina wetland and the green, tranquil park that surrounds it. The location is ideal for both relaxation and adventure, offering a peaceful atmosphere for resting after a day of exploring the Garrotxa region.

Guests highlight the exceptional natural landscape, the beautiful forested area and the wonderful garden within the hotel premises. The serene environment and charming rustic architecture of the hotel building make it not just a place to stay but an integral part of the experience itself.

In summary, Hotel Can Blanc's superb location offers the best of both worlds: a tranquil, nature-immersed retreat while being conveniently close to Olot, making it an excellent choice for those seeking peace and natural beauty.

Hotel Can Blanc offers a breakfast experience that has garnered generally positive feedback from its guests. The meals frequently highlight Catalan specialties and are often described as delicious, varied and complete. Many guests appreciated the use of local products, including cured meats and pastries, adding a touch of regional flair to their morning meals. The buffet-style presentation provides a good variety of both sweet and savory options, although some found the breakfast offerings to be somewhat limited or scanty in variety.

The ambiance of the breakfast area itself also earns high marks with some mentioning the cozy setting near the fireplace or the possibility of enjoying breakfast outdoors without crowds. High-quality ingredients are a common theme, contributing to a hearty and satisfying start to the day.

There are occasional mentions of breakfast being somewhat fair or correct with a handful pointing out that the variety could be improved. However, the overall sentiment leans towards a very good, if not excellent, breakfast experience that is both generous and well-curated. Guests have also positively noted the flexible breakfast arrangements and the kindness of the hotel staff.

Hotel Can Blanc is strategically positioned near several excellent dining options, making it a convenient choice for guests eager to explore local cuisine. One highlight is the nearby restaurant, La Deu, which receives high praise for its delicious offerings. Additionally, other restaurants within walking distance also provide delightful meals, ensuring guests have multiple top-notch choices for dinner.

While the hotel itself does not serve dinner, it compensates with its strong recommendations for nearby eateries and even allows guests to order food for delivery, using the hotel's dining facilities. Guests repeatedly mention having had delicious meals at these affiliated restaurants, underscoring a generally positive dining experience despite the lack of in-house dinner service.

However, a few guests have noted that some improvements could enhance the overall experience. Suggestions include the addition of light snacks or tapas directly at the hotel, better path lighting to the restaurant La Deu and general updates to certain hotel facilities, particularly the bathrooms.

Overall, although the absence of an in-house dinner service is noted, the proximity and quality of nearby restaurants more than make up for it, making Hotel Can Blanc a wonderful spot for travelers looking to enjoy delectable local cuisine without straying far from their accommodation.

Hotel Can Blanc offers rooms that are notably spacious and comfortable, often featuring additional amenities like small living areas and private terraces. Many guests appreciated the coziness of the accommodations, which range from large rooms with access to mini gardens to ground-floor units with cute terraces. These details highlight the charm and comfort found in many of the hotel's rooms.

However, a common observation from guests concerns the outdated nature of the rooms and their furnishings. Reviewers frequently mentioned that the rooms, while spacious and generally well-maintained, could benefit from significant updates, including the bathrooms and entertainment equipment like TVs. The décor and overall room facilities have been described as old-fashioned and basic, not quite aligning with modern expectations or the hotel's three-star rating.

Despite these concerns, the rooms were often praised for their cleanliness and the comfort provided by the beds. The hotel does exhibit some old-world charm that may appeal to guests looking for a more traditional experience, though it’s evident that some modern renovations would enhance the overall stay. Small areas such as better lighting and updated furniture could significantly improve the perception of the rooms.

In essence, Hotel Can Blanc provides a comfortable and cozy stay with ample space and thoughtful touches, but an infusion of modern upgrades is needed to meet the contemporary standards travelers might expect.

Hotel Can Blanc offers guests an array of beds that range from very comfortable to quite old and in need of updating. Many visitors appreciated the large and soft beds, describing them as super comfortable. However, the experience with mattresses and pillows varied with some guests finding them hard, neglected or saggy. The bedding, although clean, was often described as old and outdated. The presence of some small beds also came up frequently among reviews. While many found the beds cozy and preferable, others could feel the springs or found the sizes too small, detracting from comfort. Despite mixed reviews, the overall sentiment leans towards the beds being manageable for a pleasant stay, though improvements could enhance the guest experience.

The cleanliness of Hotel Can Blanc receives generally positive remarks from guests. Many highlight the hotel and its surroundings as wonderful with guests frequently describing the rooms as clean and comfortable. The facilities and the house itself are noted for being well-maintained. Most guests found their accommodations to be neat and very clean with particular praise for the cleanliness of the floors and the attentiveness of the staff in maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Some guests did mention areas for improvement—specifically, occasional dust in the corners noticeable for those with dust allergies and a few felt that room cleanliness could be improved. However, these comments were in the minority and overall, the accommodation was described as clean and functional. It appears that while cleanliness may vary slightly from room to room, the general impression is one of a well-kept and pleasant environment.

Hotel Can Blanc boasts a team of exceptionally friendly, courteous and attentive staff. Reviews frequently highlight their fantastic service, underscoring the combination of helpfulness and welcoming nature offered by individuals like Montse and Gladis. The hotel staff consistently receive praise for their kindness, pleasant demeanor and eagerness to assist guests, ensuring a memorable stay.

Despite these commendable aspects, it is noted that the staff's language skills in Catalan and English are limited, which may occasionally create communication challenges. Nevertheless, the positive attitudes and diligent service practices of the staff largely mitigate these linguistic barriers.

Overall, the staff at Hotel Can Blanc is recognized for delivering excellent customer service, characterized by friendliness, attentiveness and a courteous approach that resonates well with guests, making the hotel ideal for rest and relaxation.

Hotel Can Blanc offers a pleasant outdoor pool experience predominantly geared towards summer use. The pool area is often described as a lovely, relaxing spot, ideal for unwinding by the water with a designated area for lounging and enjoying meals. However, the pool has some limitations. While generally appreciated for its cleanliness, there have been occasional issues with maintenance, including reports of an unclean pool and wet ground in the vicinity. Guests should note that the pool can sometimes be unavailable due to private ceremonies and children are not permitted to swim, which might limit familial activities. Additionally, the pool is on the smaller side, which could be a consideration for those looking to swim extensively. Overall, when maintained well, the pool provides a tranquil escape for adult guests looking to relax during the warmer months.

Hotel Can Blanc offers ample parking facilities that impress guests with their convenience and security. Visitors can leave their cars in a safe and secure environment with sufficient parking spaces both inside the hotel and directly in front of the house. The presence of a parking lot, including private and free options, ensures easy parking access for all guests.

The hotel stands out for its amenities catering to electric vehicle owners, providing free charging stations and a dedicated charger. Motorcyclists also benefit from secure parking options. Overall, the on-site parking at Hotel Can Blanc receives high marks for being safe, easy and accommodating for various vehicle types.

Hotel Can Blanc offers a welcoming and family-friendly environment, making it an ideal destination for those traveling with children. Families can expect a warm reception with staff being particularly attentive and friendly towards younger guests. The hotel goes the extra mile to ensure children's comfort, such as by providing additional beds upon request.

The property stands out as an excellent choice for a family getaway, boasting various accommodations, including family suites and a unique attic room that children particularly enjoy. There are numerous games available to keep the little ones entertained and they can also delight in the outdoor pool and explore the surrounding forest environment.

Although the pool may require some attention, the overall amenities and atmosphere make Hotel Can Blanc a recommended spot for families looking to connect and create memorable experiences.

3 Star
Hotel Can Blanc receives mixed reviews regarding its three-star rating and facilities. Guests often mention that the hotel is not luxurious with rooms described as small and somewhat aged. The TV screens in the rooms are small and some visitors feel that the overall room standard does not meet three-star expectations. Additionally, the hotel lacks a bar and the service is sometimes noted as scarce. Despite these points, some reviews acknowledge that the hotel is good for its level, offering a satisfactory experience for those with modest expectations. Overall, while Hotel Can Blanc may not offer luxury, it provides a basic and functional stay.

Yes, Hotel Can Blanc has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Can Blanc.

No, Hotel Can Blanc doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Can Blanc.

No, Hotel Can Blanc doesn't have a gym.

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